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However, as Empire your most immediate rivals, Vampires, Norse and even Green skins, all field scary units with regeneration and/or weakness to fire and for your purposes that gives the Bright Wizard the edge in my book. He'll be about as effective as any other high damage mage in most cases, but when he's burning his way through the dangerous monstrous units you are likely to run into like Skin wolves or Var gulfs or Trolls, he's going to have an edge that the other wizards can't match.

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In the long term, your opponents' weaknesses to fire means he ends up being capable of doing the most damage. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title.

They dedicate many long years, sometimes decades, to studying arcane tomes and mystical scrolls, but only a fool would mistake their frail, scholarly appearance for weakness. Battle Wizards can hurl bolts of fire and lightning at their foes, confound them with terrifying illusions or snuff out their life-force like a man blowing out a candle.

For our good and in respect to Sigma’s Word, these foul creatures are kept locked in the bowels of their College buildings, only to be released under the strictest controls and supervision in those times when the pure steel and honest sweat of Sigma’s chosen people face the Powers of the Old Dark. No sane inhabitant of the Empire courts their attention without great need, for wizards are notoriously unpredictable and dangerous.

The fates of those fools who have provoked their ire range from the lucky ones, who were cursed with permanent cases of the hiccups, to the less fortunate, who were transformed into warty toads, or worse. As such, the citizens of the Empire tend to make superstitious gestures behind their hacks when in the presence of a wizard to ward away any evil influences.

A misplaced syllable could result in a wizard accidentally immolating himself, along with any unfortunates who happen to be standing in his vicinity at the time. Randolph Kuhlpeper, Lecturer of Recent History, University of Anaheim After the Great War Against Chaos, Magnus the Pious lifted the ancient laws against the practice of wizardry and founded the eight Colleges of Magic in Waldorf.

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Ever since, when the Emperor and his Elector Counts muster their armies to war, they will call upon the Colleges of Magic for aid, and Battle Wizards will be provided as needed. The services of a Battle Wizard are much sought after by the Elector Counts, as many of their enemies employ potent shamans or fell sorcerers.

As a result, wizards from different colleges have their own distinct groceries, traditions and secret rituals, reflecting the nature of the magical energy they wield. Some are the dedicated Battle Ministers who are exceedingly powerful but appear to be regarded as somewhat unreliable by their peers, perhaps in the sense that they may have short tempers.

They learn how to become a “force multiplier” for the men on the ground, assisting ordinary soldiers in their combat duties and offering magical support where required. More senior and skilled Ministers who have studied the secrets of battle magic more extensively are often expected to regularly serve with the Empire’s military.

Exceptionally powerful, they can cast spells that evoke terrible windstorms, rain fire on armies, and some say even call down stars from the sky to destroy the Empire’s enemies. Developed to answer the Empire’s need for improved support against the Chaos incursions, the art of Battle Magic are some of the most closely guarded secrets in the Old World.

Battle Wizards occupy a special place within the Colleges of Magic and are rarely permitted to interact with Imperial society. Rumors abound about how Battle Wizards are mad and incredibly dangerous, held in lead-lined rooms until such time they are needed.

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The kingdoms of Estonia and Tiles are similar to the Empire culturally and politically, even if not as powerful economically. The lawless lands of the Border Princes are ruled by a coalition of warlords and petty prince lings whose armies hold the frontier against the marauding Orcs tribes of the Badlands.

A bleak, snow-swept land, Kislev is populated by fierce nomadic tribes ruled by Tears (or Czarinas). Humans are by far the most populous of the races in the Empire and form the ruling nobility and dominate politics and trade as well.

Dwarves can be found as artisans and engineers in the larger towns where their skills are much in demand. While the Dwarves are still dominant in the dwarf holds of the World's Edge Mountains, their numbers have been reduced considerably over the last few centuries.

Many ancient dwarf holds have been overrun and lost to the Goblins over the centuries and the once flourishing Dwarves Realm is slowly shrinking. It is prudent to note that the Dwarves and Elves have an ancient feud and many conflicts have erupted in the past between them.

Privately, most Dwarves bear a deep distrust and this colors their attitudes towards Elves. The Empire maintains a body of armed men called Road wardens whose duty is to keep the roads safe for travelers.

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These men and women can be likened to roaming lawmen who patrol the roads and trails of the Empire. The rich cargoes being ferried attract pirates and other miscreants, and river travel can be occasionally hazardous.

Apart from pirates, smugglers also ply their trade by landing goods and contraband on lonely shores. This body of armed boatmen is equipped with a small fleet of fast river craft and represent the waterborne counterparts to the Road wardens.

These nobles form a Council of Rulers and decide all major issues facing the Empire such as election of a new Emperor to the Imperial throne. The Imperial Electors have almost absolute power over their respective holdings, and it is a very brave or foolish mortal who would cross them.

The counties or districts within a province are typically governed by minor nobles who are responsible first to the relevant provincial Elector and secondly to the Emperor. These minor nobles jostle for power and engage in political intrigues to increase their spheres of influence.

Naturally, all noble families greater and lesser have great influence over the powers of law in the Empire. These Templar's are trained to high levels of martial skill and are renown throughout the Old World.

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Note that the High Priests of Sigma and Uric are Imperial Electors as well as being heads of their religious orders. The Grand Theologist of Sigma, Sorry XV is considered by many as the most powerful man in the Empire.

In most cities, guilds have a virtual monopoly of the trade they support and unrepentant non-members can be dealt with harshly. Independent groups also exist such as the Council of Druids, mercenary bands, and high level wizards.

While smaller than the other factions mentioned, such groups often have individuals of renown whose support can easily swing the balance of any conflict. Their presence tends to make the Imperial authorities nervous as they have no formal allegiances.

The strongest orders are that of Sigma, Uric, Tail, Canaan, Shall ya, Vienna, and Ronald. While relations between the cult of Sigma and Uric are sometimes strained, in general the rival orders show respect for each other and adventurers would do well-to-do the same.

Members of the clergy are typically required to surrender their possessions to their orders on becoming ordained as Initiates. In the wild areas of the Empire, the populace practice the Old Faith, whose origins are shrouded in the mists of prehistory and are older than the present-day pantheon of deities.

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These include Chain the Lord of Murder, and the Gods of Chaos (Horne, Burgle, Clannish, and Teeth). Despite this, the number of Chaos cults in the Empire have continued to grow despite having to conduct their activities in great secrecy.

Imperial Witch Hunters have exposed cult members among the nobility of the Empire which may be why they continue to flourish. Beast men and worse lurk in the dark forests awaiting their chance to rise and sweep all before them.

In the north, black armored Chaos Warriors lead their foul war bands to remote villages, killing and slaying in the name of their dark gods. For the heroic adventurer, Chaos provides many savage foes from lowly beast men to the awesome greater daemons.

Favored Chaos Warriors carry daemon weapons which slay with even the slightest wound. Chaos sorcerers employ powerful spells which have no equal in the Battle Magic practiced by the wizards of the Empire.

They hunt in packs called Chaos war bands and hide in the dark forests of the Empire where they prey on travelers and remote villages. These warriors are awesome foes and epic battles have been fought in the past against them by famous heroes of the Empire.

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Daemons are Chaos energy given material form and their powers far exceed those of mere mortals. Throughout the 2500 years of recorded history, only a handful of mortals has bested a Greater Daemon in combat.

Among them are the Even Prince Tyrion of Than, the Dwarves Troll Slayer Groin Fire beard, and the Norse hero Erin on the Fell-Handed. While no significant incursions have occurred since then, there are occasional skirmishes in the north between the Kislev ite border patrols and the forces of Chaos.

In the Empire, Chaos war bands have been responsible for savage attacks on remote villages far from the towns and cities. Of late, these attacks have grown in frequency and intensity, leading some to belief that another great Chaos incursion is imminent.

Except for the most omnipotent individuals, most adventurers journey in groups for mutual protection and benefit. Having a good mix of professions and specialities is a vital ingredient for a successful adventuring group.

Warriors and Rangers make excellent fighters and these are present in virtually every wandering band of meddling do-gooders worth their salt. These fighting men and women provide the offensive punch, soak up enemy attacks, and defend the softer-skinned members of the group.

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These individuals provide the group with much-needed wisdom and deal with offensive and defensive magic. Such light-fingered individuals can provide a more stealthy solution to problems of locked doors or empty pockets.

Very often the strongest (and loudest) fighter takes up the leader's mantle but in other groups a powerful spell caster can do just as well. Such a group has more than sufficient physical power in the form of the Mercenary and Troll Slayer.

The Wizard's Apprentice provides the magical firepower and the thief handles all larcenous tasks. The legendary founder of the Empire, Sigma Heldenhammer wielded a great two-handed hammer in his battles.

More exotic weapons include whips, flails, and morning stars which require special instruction to wield effectively. Less common are longbows and repeating crossbows which require specialist instruction to employ effectively.

The Elves of the Old World craft superb Elf Bows which far surpass those of Human manufacture and are highly prized by the archers of the Empire. Some experienced fighters with special training also carry throwing knives and axes.

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Gunpowder weapons are also available for the rich but are noisy, slow to reload, and prone to misfires (sometimes injuring the shooter as well). Add the scarcity of gunpowder in the wilds, and you have four excellent reasons not to carry firearms.

Monstrosities like blunderbusses, pole arms, and two-handed weapons would be frowned upon except in the most lawless of places. Adventurers are advised to keep such items at inns to avoid attention and possible confiscation by the Town Watch.

In addition to offensive power, defensive self-protection is a required attribute of any adventuring band. While thicker armor affords better protection, this should be balanced against the greater weight which hampers movement.

In general, full plate armor is unsuitable for any activity other than a mass battle in open fields. Chain mail suits are the most popular among adventuring warriors as they offer a good balance between mobility and protection.

Note that falling overboard from a boat in full plate armor is one of the surest ways to end an adventuring career. Magic-using professions by necessity disregard armor as it interferes with their spell casting and increases the risk of spell failure or misfire.

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As for weapons, full armor tends to draw the attention of the watch in large towns and cities. The sole exception are the members of the Knightly orders who are allowed to wear their full plate armor in public.

While it is much better to solve problems with rational thought, combat is an accepted fact of adventuring and in some cases, the only means of survival. Note that combat is extremely dangerous; even poor fighters can deal grievous hurt with a lucky blow.

Repeated ambushes from hidden cover with missile weapons or magic can whittle away numerical superiority. Concentrating attacks on the key individuals can finish them off faster, bringing the combat to a swift conclusion.

Even if the concentrated attack does not kill them, they will be forced to defend themselves thus lessening their contribution to the fight. Note that the death of leaders tend to have a negative effect on the enemy's morale and may cause some to flee.

The warriors and rangers should be in the thick of the melee action as they can take more wounds and have better attributes than the other classes in hand-to-hand fighting. These classes should attempt to protect the more fragile members of the party from the main fighting.

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Academics and rogues should retreat to the rear and look for opportunities to use their particular skills to aid in the battle. A proper spell at the correct moment can swing the odds in favor of the group.

Drawing weapons or using magic in haste can bring the wrath of the law on the group. The watch would probably be lenient with the occasional bar-room brawl (an accepted occurrence in most cities and towns) with fists.

Magic permeates the War hammer world from its origins in the Chaos Wastes at either pole. Most magic-users would prefer not to be reminded of the origins of their spell energies, given the healthy abhorrence of the populace for Chaos.

It is acknowledged that the Royal Colleges of Magic in Waldorf trains the best wizards in the Old World. Apart from wizards, clerics of the major faiths also have the power to cast spells granted by their respective deities.

The type of spells granted to clerics are always in accordance with the spheres of control of their patron deities. Warlike deities such as Myrmidon and Uric grant awesome Battle Magic to shatter foes.

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In the wilder regions of the Empire, Druid Priests of the Old Faith defend the natural order with spells not unlike those of the Elementals. The evil nature of their craft is generally abhorred by normal folk and these two professions are outlawed in the Empire.

Each magic point spent reduces the chances of successfully resisting the spell. Each magic point spent improves the chances of successfully resisting the spell.

Of all the magic items in history, none are as famous as Ghal-Maraz, the Dwarves Rune hammer of Sigma Heldenhammer, founder of the Empire. Other items of note include the Staff of Vol ans carried by the Supreme Patriarch of the Colleges of Magic, and the Rune fangs of the Imperial Electors.

The Elves and Dwarves craft and employ magic items as well, all imbued with their own unique powers. Our allies the Dwarves employ a unique method of creating magical items which involves inscribing secret symbols of power (called runes) onto items to create rune weapons or armor.

Dwarves rune weapons are highly prized by warriors of the Old World and countless expeditions to the ruins of ancient dwarf holds have been mounted in the hope of obtaining such treasures. Careers in the Warrior class all involve physical combat and their skills and advancements are all geared to produce fighting men.

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Veteran warriors are respected for their military prowess and are often found leading units or regiments either in the Emperor's service or in the many mercenary bands that roam the Empire. Their skills and abilities make them uniquely suited for expeditions or campaigns in the more remote regions of the Empire.

Careers in the Academic class all involve the acquisition of wisdom and knowledge and the skills that contribute to it. Rogue careers involve trickery, deception, and the acquisition of profit through possibly illegal means.

While frowned upon by the Imperial authorities, rogues provide stealth and cunning to any adventuring group. Once a career class has been chosen, there are no restrictions with regard to the type of profession an individual may take up, given enough experience and a suitable tutor.

Nothing prohibits a Wizard's Apprentice from taking up arms and armor as a Mercenary, although it would cost him a lot of experience to train. Cross-training is recommended for long campaigns with plenty of time for characters to hone their skills.

There are few sweeter surprises than foot pads attempting to waylay an academic only to find out that the “victim” had previously served many years as a hardened mercenary. Similarly, most skills can be learned by all career classes if a suitable tutor can be found.

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While the Royal Colleges of Magic in Waldorf offers such training, its graduates are required to serve the Empire for a number of years in return. Naturally, the more powerful or renown the mentor or patron, the wider the circle of influence that they can access.

Most citizens in the Empire take particular care to remain friendly with wizards and such a mentor would be able to provide introductions to many people of influence. Powerful wizards would now people in the upper ranks of nobility, perhaps even the noble houses of the Imperial Electors or the Emperor.

In addition, all the high level wizards of the Empire are known to each other and would generally help each other if their interests or alignments are in harmony. In general, the orders of approved religions are respected by all citizens of the Empire, noble and common.

The noble families of the Empire control many spheres, including trade, politics, and the military. In addition, money is seldom a problem for noble adventurers, and they can also depend on their families to get them and their friends out of minor scrapes with the law.

Members of the Thieves Guild can gain access to many useful snippets of information as well as obtain items not available through legal means. In most cases, non-guild members can always obtain service from a guild provided they have enough money to pay for it.

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Fighting men in mercenary or militia service may have high ranking officers as their mentors. Such people would be known to the military men of the Empire and can provide introductions to commanders of the Emperor's armies and regiments.

The Elves of Loren are the descendants of those who choose to stay rather than return to Than during the reign of the Phoenix King Caramel more than 1000 years before the founding of the Empire. Here, Sigma's armies and their Dwarves allies routed the Goblins and drove them from the lands which were to become the Empire.

The Border Princes are ruled by a disorganized collection of minor nobles and warlords whose fighting men defend the Empire from the many Goblin tribes which often pour out of the Badlands. Hardened veterans of the Border Princes are sought after as unit leaders in the Empire's armies.

Caraz-a-Carak : An underground fortress of awesome size and the ancestral capital of the Dwarves Realm. The current ruler of Caraz-a-Carak (and by extension, all Dwarves in the Old World) is High King Thor grim Grudge Bearer.

This forbidding edifice has been largely deserted since the demise of Drachenfels at the hands of Sigma. Colleges of Magic : Founded by Magnus the Pious in Waldorf with the aid of the High Even wizards Tells and Linear.

The horde is eventually defeated by the combined armies of the Dwarves and the Empire, led by the legendary Magnus the Pious in 2303. The Great Enchanter was responsible for many terrible deeds until his defeat at the hands of another figure of legend, Sigma Heldenhammer.

There are 15 Imperial Electors, each either a ruler of one the Empire's provinces or a high-ranking member of the orders of Sigma and Uric. The Electors form a council which decides on all important issues which affect the Empire, such as the election of a new Emperor.

Erin on the Fell-Handed : A Norse warrior of legend who lived and fought during the age of Magnus the Pious. Linear : One of the three Even wizards of Than who aided Magnus the Pious in the battles against the Chaos Incursion of 2302.

Ghal-Maraz : Magical Dwarves two-handed rune hammer of Sigma Heldenhammer given to him by Dwarf King Kagan Iron beard. Led a huge horde of Orcs and Goblins into the Empire, destroying Overland, Holland, Null, and the Moot.

Forbade was badly wounded at the battle of Grubber and his army broke up and fled back to the Dark lands, leaving the eastern half of the Empire in ruins. Razed Null to the ground and besieged Waldorf before disappearing over the sea to invade Than in the largest armada ever built.

Site of the great battle between the combined Imperial and Dwarf armies and the undead legions of the Vampire Count Manfred von Capstan in 2145. This magic draws from the savage winters of Kislev and is concerned with the manipulation of chill, frost and biting winds.

Ornate champions are fighting machines whose sole purpose is to reap souls and skulls for their dark master. Magnus the Pious : Legendary Null nobleman who roused the people of the Empire to unite, fight and turn back the Chaos Incursion in 2303.

While his battle prowess could not equal that of Sigma, he possessed great charisma and tactical genius. Hildesheim : Fortress city built atop a sheer-sided pinnacle of rock north of Drywall Forest.

Also known as the City of the White Wolf with respect to its status as the center of worship for the order of Uric. Created by Irish Shamans, the axe is said to possess great powers of destruction.

Believed to dwell in Nagashizzar, deep within the Desolation of Na gash on the shores of the Sour Sea. Norse : A bleak, snow-swept land north of the Sea of Claws and homeland of the Norse barbarians.

The Norse mount occasional raids in longships against the coastal towns and villages in the northern Empire and Kislev. Null : City astride the Ran and the focus of the entire economy of the southern Oakland.

Eastward : An elite order of knights which form the personal army and bodyguard of the Emperor. Road wardens : A body of law enforcers whose duty is to keep the roads of the Empire safe for travelers.

Rune fangs : Twelve magical rune swords forged by the Dwarf rune smith Alaric the Mad as payment for Sigma's aid in freeing Hubbard. Since there are now only 10 Elector Counts, the Drywall and Holland swords are held by the Emperor and reside in the Imperial Armory in Waldorf.

This staff is the badge of rank of the Supreme Patriarch of the Royal Colleges of Magic. Armies of Undead marched from this region in many campaigns against the Empire during the Wars of the Vampire Counts.

Tells : Leader of the three Even wizards who fought for the Empire alongside Magnus the Pious against the Chaos Incursion in 2302. Troll slayers : The Dwarves are a proud people and do not cope well with failure or loss of honor.

They forsake their homes and kin to wander the wilder regions of the Old World, seeking death in unequal combat against monsters. Thymus Gorman : Bright wizard and the current Supreme Patriarch of the Colleges of Magic.

It is rumored that worshipers of Teeth have infiltrated the highest levels of Imperial society. Worship of Uric is popular among warriors and people in the Northern provinces of the Empire and Kislev.

Than : The ancient island homeland of the High Elves far west of the Old World, over the Great Sea. Vampire Counts : The infamous on Capstans who ruled Sylvia for centuries.

Vlad von Capstan began the Wars of the Vampire Counts which continued until the last of the Vampire Counts, Manfred von Capstan was killed in an epic battle in the marshes of HEL Penn in 2145. Returned from the dead many times but was finally slain in the siege of Waldorf in 2051 by the Grand Theologist Wilhelm III.

Vol ans took part in many battles during the Great War against Chaos and is considered to be the greatest Human wizard of his time. Werner Bock : Current Grand Marshall of the Empire and commander of the Emperor's armies.

Witch Hunters : A body of law enforcers whose duty is to root out, expose, and punish mutants and the worshipers of Chaos Gods. Myrtle : One of the three Even wizards of Than who aided Magnus the Pious in the battles against the Chaos Incursion of 2302.

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