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Christina Perez
• Monday, 02 November, 2020
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While plenty of professional football players opt to slam the ball into the ground and jump around excitedly with their teammates, others put a bit more thought into their endzonecelebrations. Some teams have even developed a signature way to recognize scoring a touchdown.

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Others still, have come up with highly entertaining ways of expressing their elation on the fly. Source: Icon Sports wire/Getty It was during the 2015 Super Bowl that Doug Baldwin pretended to poop out a football onto the end zone.

Ezekiel Elliott was so overcome with emotion after scoring a touchdown, that he kept running forward and jumped into an oversized Salvation Army Bucket. Because after scoring a touchdown he ran over to a fan, grabbed their bag of popcorn, and dumped it over his opened mouth.

From proposing to a cheerleader, to taking over a TV camera, to doing a river dance, and more, Chopin was always doing something wild after scoring a touchdown. Seeing a bunch of giant, padded professional football players sit in a circle and start playing “Duck, Duck, Goose” after their team scores was certainly a sight to behold.

Because I don't know about you, but getting a glimpse of professional football players' goofy side is endlessly entertaining. Though Costs may find the end zone expressions of Stevie J and his ilk to be icky, I disagree.

Over 50,000 of you viewed that page, with many of you taking to the comment section to provide your own thoughts on the greatest endzonecelebrations in NFL history. In this post, I have taken your suggestions, mixed it why my own personal end zone dance biases, and come up with the definitive list of the 10 greatest endzonecelebrations …ever.

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Dropped to one knee and “proposed” to a Bengals' cheerleader after scoring a touchdown. Some of you are going to disagree with the placement of David Nelson’s recent TD celebration on this list, but I’m fully prepared to defend it.

If you had a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader as a girlfriend, don’t you think dealing with a little of ribbing from your teammates and fans would be worth making her feel special? I’ll grant you that perhaps there is something inappropriate about a Bills player making nice with a Cowboys' cheerleader during a game…but I say whatever.

I, like many of you, loved The Fresh Prince ; and few moments of the show remain more memorable than Alfonso Ribeiro’s “Carlton Dance” to the tune of Tom Jones’ classic ode to things that are usual (or not unusual, as the case may be.) Still, it doesn’t diminish the historical impact of Billy “White Shoes”.

He was one of the first true showmen in NFL history, and you can thank him for paving the way for all the other celebrations on this list. Well, when Al Gore created the Internet, that’s why he included comment sections.

With news coming out of the NFL owners' meetings that the league will relax its penalties against endzonecelebrations, players have likely begun preparing some unique end zone dances to try and stand out. There have already been many great end zone performances in years past, however, many of which earned fines for the players involved.

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Here is a look at the top 10 NFL unique end zone dances of all time. These are the ones that were not repeated more than once or turned into signature celebrations, like the Gonk Spike or the Jimmy Graham dunk (which can be found further down the page).

He stops short inside the end zone and effortlessly wiggles his way on the ground. But if one were to pick one Antonio Brown celebration, perhaps it was him hugging the field goal post after a punt return touchdown that takes the cake.

The sheer momentum he had as he hugged the goal post was enough to possibly hurt a normal man, but he gets right back up to continue dancing. Still, pulling off this celebration in the middle of the Super Bowl takes some guts, so we'll give him credit for that.

Steve Smith, like Antonio Brown, has had his fair share of memorable celebrations He pretended he changed the football's diaper once, and imitated a buccaneer sword fight another time. After scoring a touchdown against the Minnesota Vikings, Smith jumped into the end zone and paddled his way forward.

For this one, he grabbed the pylon and hit a relatively accurate putt, finishing it off with a Tiger Woods fist pump. He danced with the cheerleaders, signed a football and gave it to a fan mid-game, and even ran 50 yards to celebrate in the middle of the Dallas Cowboys star.

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Owens ran over to the crowd after scoring a touchdown, taking a fan's popcorn and dumping it all over his face. After the NFL outlawed having props on your body due to Owens' sharpie stunt, Joe Horn found a way around it.

The former Saints wide receiver hid a phone under the padding on the goal post, picking it up and making a call after he scored a touchdown. Considering Horn scored a touchdown on the right side of the field to make the call, this was a wildly impressive celebration.

Ezekiel Elliott was turning heads even before he entered the league, when he wore a crop top shirt to the draft. Elliott ran over to the bucket after the touchdown and jumped in, where he pretended to hide before coming out and celebrating with his teammates.

While it was not the first time this celebration has been done (Terrell Owens did it 10 years earlier), Elliott did a great job pulling it off and even donated $21,000 to the charity later on. Buck called Randy Moss' celebration a “disgusting act” before apologizing for having it on the air on Fox.

Buck's reaction to the Moss moon helps elevate it higher up the list. He faked a moon toward the Green Bay Packers crowd in the middle of a rivalry game after scoring a touchdown, and was fined $10,000 for the act.

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In a career of wild moments, this was probably Moss' best, and it tops this list of the greatest NFL celebrations of all time. Players like Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson, who did a new celebration every time, do not make a list like this.

While these celebrations often do not have the ridiculous creativity that the previous list has, they have a certain swagger and style that make them memorable. The simple raw power he generates by throwing the ball against the ground is enough to make Boston get wild.

It is not a creative enough celebration to be moved any higher up the list, but its own regional phenomenon is enough to put it at No. Like the Gonk Spike, the Mile High Salute is a simple one to execute.

It began in the Terrell Davis Denver Broncos days, and was a military salute that was directed at his teammates, the crowd, etc. The salute has withstood the wear of time as well, however, with Mike Anderson, Peyton Hills and others have used it in recent years.

The Ukrainian Tomlinson ball flick might be a bit overrated on this list, but it was a smooth and simple way to finish off his touchdowns. And LT didn't have time to add anything longer into his arsenal, as he spent nearly all the 2006 season celebrating touchdowns.

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Sanders liked to “high step” his way into the end zone on touchdowns, letting his opponents know that he was barely trying, and he could still score on them. Celebrating too early can sometimes cause problems (see here), but Sanders made sure he actually scored when he threw some style in there.

The raised motionless arms combined with the wiggling legs makes for a hilarious scene in the end zone in the middle of a football game. It doesn't take a lot of effort to do it, but “White Shoes” is as smooth as they come and earned more fame for his dancing than his playing ability.

There is nothing more impressive than making a GEICO commercial entertaining, but that's just what Mickey Woods did. The “Mickey Shuffle” swept through the league like an odd, off-balance storm in the late 1980s.

The fullback did not have a long career in the league, only lasting through 1991 after a tremendous rookie season. The Lam beau Leap is a signature dance for more than just a single player, it's for an entire organization.

Leroy Butler made it popular in 1993, jumping into the crowd after Reggie White recovered a fumble, and the rest is history. Opposing players have tried to replicate the leap as a way of taunting in recent years, whether it was Chad Johnson, Ryan Griffin or Fred Shoot.

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