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When C all Duty: World At War first launched, no one could have imagined the Zombies Mode would have become what it is today. While many players pick up the newest title in the franchise each year for its online competitive multiplayer, the Zombies Mode has built itself a dedicated fan base who purchases the titles solely to fight endless waves of the undead.

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Originally released in the second DLC pack of Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Mob Of The Dead has players control four new protagonists in the series Finn O'Leary, Albert Arlington, Salvatore Delta, and Billy Handsome. This time visiting Alcatraz, players take control of the Black Ops Zombies main cast: Dempsey, Nikolai Babinski, Take Masai, and Edward Richthofen.

Although Infinite Warfare was not loved by fans, their Zombies Mode was actually quite fun. In this map, players control four aspiring actors fighting in Space land Theme Park, United States of America.

What makes this '80s movie-themed map memorable, however, is the inclusion of '80s icon David Hasselhoff as the theme park DJ. Changing the tone of the iconic mode was a risk that paid off immensely.

If you were to ask many fans of Zombies what the worst map is, there is a good chance they will say The Tortured Path from Call of Duty: WW2. Throughout the serie's run Zombies has been a continuous wave-based mode, however, The Tortured Path tried to change the status quo.

While players still face enemies in waves, they are also forced to complete small missions during several rounds. When it comes to Call Of Duty Zombies, Trey arch has made some incredible maps.

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Set in a fictional 1940s More City, which was based on Chicago, players are forced to fight off endless waves of the undead after the Shadow man sends the characters to a supernatural realm. Although Trey arch has crafted some of the most amazing Zombies maps, Transit proves that the studio is not perfect.

One of the best maps Call Of Duty has ever released for the Zombies Mode is Origins. In this map, players control of younger versions of the Black Ops Zombies characters Dempsey, Nikolai, Richthofen, and Take.

Economies was a mode that had players and zombies traverse the maps in the highly controversial advanced movement suits. What is even more frustrating, however, are the several survivors that players need to protect throughout the match and the Emus that shut off the Ex suit abilities.

Descent (Ex Zombies) But the final map in the series, Descent, not only ties the season’s story arc together with a satisfying climax, but it's also just a ton of fun to play.

Highlights include a challenging boss battle against a combined John Markovic, and the opportunity to obliterate your enemies with the powerful blunderbuss weapon. Set in the fictional More City, though clearly inspired by 1940s New Orleans, Shadows of Evil presents a nice change-up from the bleak color palettes that typically adorn each Zombies map.

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The elevator traversal system not only leads to many close shaves as you rush to shut the doors before the undead overwhelm you, but it’s also a tool for cruel-hearted hilarity as you mercilessly leave your friends behind to fend for themselves. From the return of the Tommy gun to the hidden Johnny Cash song, Alcatraz is a perfect fit for the dark comedy that often pervades the Zombies universe.

Additionally, Mob of the Dead boasts an engaging psychological thriller of a story that players are able to uncover progressively, with a payoff that’s well worth the effort to discover. Space monkeys, black hole grenades, explosive dolphin dives and an awesome getaway vehicle in the form of a lunar lander; there’s something for everyone in this abandoned Soviet commodore.

At the time, this map was much larger than anything fans had been used to, but the new Stamina perk empowered players with increased movement speed to stay on top of things. Not only this, but the father of zombie movies himself, George A. Romero, features as an imposing undead boss who charges at players wielding a giant stage light.

The level is a fantastic mix of outdoor open areas and tight indoor environments, which adds plenty of variety when it comes to choosing a plan of attack. King has fallen under criticism in the past for being too easy, but the sense of empowerment offered to players represents a large part of its appeal.

The circular geometry of the map makes it easy to round up huge trains of zombies at once and, if you’re lucky enough to have picked up the thunder gun, blow them all sky-high to hilarious effect. The teleport er also made a celebrated return in King, acting as the last resort for any final stands and allowing you to rain down dozens of grenades upon the zombie hordes from atop the safety of the projection room.

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Hidden away as a surprise mini-game that was unlocked once players completed World at War’s main campaign, Yacht Her Unto ten is Zombies in its purest form. The bare bones mechanics and complete lack of story make this first installment a chilling and tense experience, but even this tiny map was enough to leave fans aching for more; a testament to the replay value of the classic wave-based formula that remains the beating heart of the mode to this day.

The new elemental staves add a fresh dimension to the combat, and the giant robots that lumber across the landscape forces players to keep an eye on the sky to avoid being squashed in their path. Her Raise set the bar for what we now expect from a great Zombies map : smart level design, upgradable weapons, cryptic storytelling, and unique puzzle-solving mechanics.

In the pre-rendered cutscene, the surviving player character escapes, and jumps aboard a War bird. Gideon, who is present on the War bird, checks on the survivor, but gets attacked by an Ex Zombie and is presumably killed.

In addition, there is a random 3D Printer that features changing weapon holograms (the equivalent to the Mystery Box). Zombies deal lower damage, so players can take more hits before going down.

Orbital Care Packages are also dropped on occasion, offering score streaks such as the Remote Turret or bonus credits. They have 60 seconds to reach a decontamination unit, or they will become a zombie in co-op or downed when playing alone, with every additional hit from a Host speeds up the countdown in the meantime.

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When playing alone, the player will be downed if Ex Medic is active or simply dies, ending the game. Main article: Outbreak Atlas's new pet broke out of the lab and infested an entire compound.

This map takes place in an Atlas facility that has been overrun by zombies. In Outbreak, the player first starts out with no ex suit, an Atlas 45, and four frag grenades.

Most areas of the map have a power switch that needs to be activated in order to turn on the Ex Upgrade stations, which are similar to Perk-a-Colas from Trey arch's Zombie mode. The starting area features a Bulldog and MK14 printer for 500 credits each, similar to the starting weapons in Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

This map takes place in a Burger Town restaurant now turned into an Atlas Command Center with other businesses acting as supply rooms. New features include an objective round where players have to rescue civilians and lead them to extraction, toxic zones that can contaminate players during certain rounds, and new zombie types such as the Goliath Ex Zombie.

This is the first ExoZombiesmap that features dual spawn points, similar to Verruca. Main article: Descent (Economies) The hunt for Oz leads to a climatic showdown in Atlas's underwater city.

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Following a failed attempt to contain a riot at a prison in New Baghdad, Atlas releases the Manticore bioweapon in order to quell the uprising. Three platoons are sent in to cage the undead forces, but only one survives, and the others are brought back to an Atlas research facility for further studies.

However, they are rescued by Atlas forces, who then take them to an urban facility, for medical treatment. When the four survivors recover, they are thrown into another battle against the infected, ensuring the survival of not only themselves but also innocent citizens trapped in the vicinity.

Eventually, the group is rescued by Sentinel Task Force operatives, but their leader, Captain Lennox (Bruce Campbell), claims that Oz is the source of the zombie infection. Lennox executes Oz and has Lilith, Decker and Khan injected with anesthetic.

Sentinel tracks them down, leading them to an Atlas aircraft carrier in the middle of the ocean. Lennox reveals to the other three that Oz was once part of Sentinel, and that he was present at the prison when Atlas released the Manticore bomb, making him one of the very first victims of the infection.

He also claims that Oz was planted in Khan's facility by Atlas in order to start the zombie outbreak. The group decides to sink the carrier to the bottom of the ocean, in order to prevent the infection from spreading.

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They set the ship to self-destruct, but before they can extract in an emergency pod, they briefly encounter Oz, now fully combined while retaining his intelligence. The group escapes and decides that Oz must be eliminated, and head to a nearby Atlas underwater survival facility, the Trident Retreat.

The group bands together for one final battle against the undead horde, including Oz himself. Having finished all of Oz's challenges, the group finally confronts him and discovers he has mutated into a monstrous figure.

After a long fight, Oz is finally killed, and the group proceeds to burn his mutated corpse, vowing vengeance against Atlas. In the aftermath of the incident, Lennox is promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, and he helps Decker enlist in Sentinel as a full-fledged soldier; Khan files a lawsuit against Atlas, with the help of Lilith, who now works as a hacktivist.

Unbeknownst to the group, Atlas has already created clones of Oz, all kept hidden under the Trident facility. Unlike Zombies, the secondary or tactical launcher will also regenerate one projectile per round.

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