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We can't forget about Houston and Miami as well, who have had a fair share of artists spring up to reach massive heights over the course of the past ten years. Artists like The Underachievers, Pro Era, and FlatbushZombies have been making the case that New York's hip hop scene is as healthy as ever.

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With a few mixtapes, an EP, and some sick features, the group is putting New York back on the map for modern hip hop. In the latest edition of The Red Hand Files online question-and-answer forum The Bad Seeds' frontman responded to one fan’s question about the politics of artist merchandising but took a detour to note that he once linked up with Zombies to create a “wild and fucked-up piece of hip-hop” that neither has released.

Cave also details some of his other favorite merch in the post, which includes an ancient Sonic Youth Goo T-shirt, a David Tibet tote bag, a suspected Beyoncé bootleg shirt and his “most treasured” item, an original Elvis Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite tee. Last week in another Red Hand Files post, Cave hinted that his old band Grinder man might be returning with a new album.

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Chance the Rapper) · By Action Bronson (Official Music Video) Sometimes the YouTube ads come through with a promoted video that somehow just matches my music taste.

And it is just a random banger that apparently not a lot of people know about. Check out this severely underrated track by Milo called “Keep Up Jimmy”.

In order to actually keep up with Milo you can follow her on social media in all the other usual places. The boys from Disclosure are back with a new hit song featuring Khalid.

So keep on eye out on this website right here to stay up to date on all their work. Started by rapper Ghost, this group's second mixtape Don't Panic made its way to number 36 on the UK Albums Chart without the help of a studio.

Pink Ladies Grease Quotes | Read Sources I love box braids, FAQ. Obviously it’s not outright proof that. Ask team free, H o me ask box is open all opinions expressed here are that of the artist.

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Real man: I want to fuck her ass. Me: I wish I had her dress, I wish I ... | Read Sources Slang Clothes | Read Sources Report Image to: mbahganyong1@gmail.com The closer two names are, the greater the probability people will like both artists.

On the other hand, rappers who showed no signs of glossing over their most controversial material at this year's Reading Festival were Brixton Hill rap crew and former street gang 67. Their lines about mind-forged manacles and blood down Palace walls are probably a world away from the London most people at Reading are familiar with, yet an honest portrait of gang life is sublime, terrifying and amazing at the same time.

Their revealing lyrics were sung back with an enthusiasm and pulsing accuracy unmatched by any other crowd so far this weekend, and as UK rap is now pretty overrun with egos and solo acts it was genuinely enthralling to see a collective exchanging such visceral energy on stage. Elsewhere, Brooklyn’s FlatbushZombies, whose 2016 debut album has brought an eccentric comic book wit to the wordplay and Hollywood references of fellow East Coast groups like Public Enemy, headlined the 1 Extra Stage.

From their bizarre costumes to their garish animated visuals, FlatbushZombies have already crafted an inimitable aesthetic off the back of a single studio album, so the crowd was no less ecstatic to hear some “unreleased shit” than they were for hit songs like Bounce and New Phone, Who This? He’s so invested in what he’s singing about, and so buoyed by the heavy punk and wild, effect-laden solos from the genius guitarist Omar Rodriguez, Lopez that he seemed in a trance like state, fearlessly climbing amps and throwing microphones.

Such was the band's ability to appear at the moment yet on another planet, the show was like a dose of Athabasca without the subsequent shit and vomit the mystical jungle vine induces. Then playing the feedback heavy Fluffy and Giant Peach rather than the more lachrymose singles from their debut album was an inspired move for the band’s short surprise gig.

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It was enough to re-assert that Wolf Alice are Sofia Coppola in musical form, masterfully ordering the anger, sense and sensibility of girlhood into art, and above all making frustration sound like a hell of a lot of fun. But emerging from the subterranean buzz of the capital’s pubs and into the epileptic light show of Reading’s Festival Republic Stage seemed to take this band to newer and glorious heights.

Whilst so many ill-read and amateur guitarists have swindled far bigger stages and audiences this festival weekend, Shame came to remind their dedicated contingent of fans how it’s really done. Although the crowd was small anyone who sees the coverage on the BBC will wish that they were there; Tiger cub are, quite simply, one of the very best rock bands in the UK at the moment in no danger of ever sounding pastiche.

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