Best Food For Red Wiggler Worms

Elaine Sutton
• Monday, 11 January, 2021
• 7 min read

We’ve tried a bunch of foods in our bins at home and have a nice list for you to keep things simple. It’s easy to make worms happy if you feed your red worms a variety of foods they love.

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Vegetable scraps: apple cores, peels, carrot tops and wilted lettuce or trimmings. Drastically limit citrus or eliminate all together to avoid fruit flies and to keep the bin clean smelling and easy to work with.

Onions Spicy peppers Twigs Meat Daily Oily foods Plastic Metal Glass Animal feces FINICKY EATERS: If after a week you notice food hasn’t been touched, they may not be too fond of it.

EASY TO PLEASE: If they are happy with the food, temperature and moisture level, they will stay put in the bin even with the top off! SPOIL ‘EM ROTTEN: If you really want to make brats out of your worms, chop up their food.

Your bin may be completed in record time by making it easier for the worms to break down the scraps. You can also store chopped up food in the frig until ready to feed if you end up with extra.

PUT THAT FOOD TO BED: Because we keep our worms inside our garage, it’s important to us that the bin not call fruit flies, mice or get over-run with ants. Folks that dump food on top increase the chance of fruit flies or yukky smells. The best method is to make layers of food and bedding with a big layer of bedding on top.

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Find out how to mix up homemade nutrients and soil amendments for specific vegetables and fruit! Click on the image to learn more about the e-book or add the .PDF version to your shopping cart now.

We make our own fertilizers and have info on this site and more comprehensive e-book with tons of great recipes. It's a misconception that red wigglers will eat just about any food scraps you choose to give to them.

One thing you'll note about the worm foods on this list is that most are moist, soft, and/or low in acidity. As a general rule, you should feed worms a mix of equal parts “brown” and “green” foods.

And in the case of meats, fats, and grease, these foods attract insects and can stink up a worm bin or garden in short order. If you're using a bin, make sure to cover the food with bedding to help minimize attention from flies or other critters and to reduce odors.

Remember, worms can eat up to half their weight in food each day if they are in a fully established vermicomposter. By keeping these tips in mind, you'll have a healthy, happy worm bin and better soil for a better garden.

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We put our heads together here at The Squirm Firm, and we’ve come up with this amazing infographic to help you answer the question, “What can redwigglerworms eat?” Their diet consists mostly of vegetables and fruits, no meat, dairy or anything greasy.

Of course, red wigglers also enjoy materials not in a healthy human diet. These items include shredded newspapers, crushed eggshells, coffee grounds, tea bags (without the staple), and paper egg cartons.

Imagine you just finished with breakfast, and are about to rush out the door to go to work. You want to make sure you are feeding your worms a nutritious diet, but you don’t have the time to go research online.

If you found this infographic useful, and would like more great worm composting tips, tricks, and how-to’s, sign up for our newsletter using the bar at the top of this page. You’ll just have to feed them decomposing organic wastes, that have been cut or chopped into smaller pieces already; and are then buried under the ground (to sway away from unwanted visits from pests and to also avoid odor build-ups).

Moving forward, the best thing that you can feed your red wigglers is animal manure. Only feed them something that has been days old already; and have been produced by vegetable eating animals, like rabbits for example (manure from pets are not as healthy especially for worm consumption).

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The acid content will definitely aid in lowering the pH level of the worm bin. Raw eggshells with some egg white’s still stuck inside (it’s best to clean these before using them for your worms, as these may carry diseases that can harm your compost pals).

Make it a point to take in these considerations on what to feed red wigglers, before you put in any kind of organic waste inside their bin. A primary reason to worm compost at home is to responsibly dispose of your food waste instead of placing in your garbage and subsequently to landfill.

Worms eat miniscule, invisible, bacteria that graze on the food you add to your vermicomposting box. The wigglers likewise snack the nutrient scraps and bin bedding.

You can therefore give your composting wigglers any vegetable menu scraps even coffee grounds and eggshells. Reed wigglers favor some vegetable scraps over others: They cherish sweetened foods such as melon rinds.

I have often placed small quantities of such foods in my composting bin without having experienced a problem. Significant amounts of citrus can burn a worm’s sensitive surface.

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Dryer lint- Mostly comprises fibers from your clothes eggshells- although breaking down takes a very long time. In small quantities it works well but in big amounts hair can easily clump together causing it to be harder for the worms to break it down.

So, they will be able to eat approximately half a pound of scraps daily subject to having ideal bin conditions present. If you would like your wigglers to ingest more quickly, chop the menu scraps into small portions before needed and pop them into the freezer overnight.

Chopping, and/or blending will add to the surface area of each segment of food ensuring that it becomes easier for the red wigglers and the bacteria to feed. Hence, they have to wait until the food scraps start to go rotten and get soft and mushy.

If you maintain your worm composting indoors you will need to manage it somewhat more carefully to ensure that you avoid fruit flies or foul-smelling odors. A feeding schedule for your outdoor composting red wigglers should be about once every two or three weeks.

Decomposing food can entice fruit flies and cause bad odors. Another way to deter flies and prevent odor is to be sure to always bury your food scraps under the bedding.

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