Best Friend Stole My Boyfriend

Earl Hamilton
• Wednesday, 13 January, 2021
• 10 min read

A mere half hour later, she's giving her phone number to Mr. Handsome and the two of them schedule a date for next Friday.

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All you know is that another woman, you're so-called friend, stole “your” boyfriend. Even though your girlfriend broke the girl code by taking off with a guy you clearly like, he left on his own accord.

If he wanted to stay, a horde of naked courtesans could not pry him away from you. Plus, blaming and confronting the guy may worsen the already ugly situation and push him to leave (if he were not already prepared to do so).

And being on your best behavior and promising your sweetest, nicest, and most loving attitude as his girlfriend might change his mind to stay. It just so happens that he left you for a woman you called friend, ” which hurts more.

No matter what, don't complain to anyone (even your BFF) that “the bitch” stole your man. She chose to discount your friendship to make a move on the guy.

Don’t arrange to 'accidentally' bump into them hoping to shame them as a couple in person. Don’t show up in his office or watering hole hoping for an explanation.

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If he hasn’t presented you with one when he left, doing so on his turf will only get ugly. And whatever you do ... DO NOT WRITE TO HIM (that includes text, email, or other electronic messaging means) or send him a VIDEO of yourself reminding him what a good couple you were and how 'perfect' your relationship was.

In the best case scenario, he'll just sigh and delete the text. He'll show it to a bunch of his buddies and/or his new girlfriend during happy hour as a means to entertain the crowd and justify leaving you.

If you have a relationship/dating question I can help answer, you can send me your letters at (be sure to read these guidelines first). Recently, I found out that mybestfriend, “Kate,” (she’s more like my sister) has been sneaking around behind my back with my ex- boyfriend and lying to me about whom she’s with.

To backtrack a little, I met this guy, “Rob,” at college about six months ago and instantly had a connection and attraction to him. Recently, Rob and I reconciled after he told me he missed me and wanted to try it again.

Kate and Rob hit it off and everything was great–until I caught her texting him the day she was supposed to leave. I got into a huge fight with her and ignored my boyfriend for a week because I was so hurt.

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She told him about our argument, and now, three weeks later, he has ghosted me and I come to find out that he has been hanging out with Kate! And Kate’s acting like it’s no big deal that she lied to your face about moving in on your boyfriend when you were still with him and… regardless of how rocky or short your relationship with him might have been, that’s super uncool and shady of Kate.

If they truly liked each other and had any respect for you, they’d be doing more to ease tension with you, paving the way for all three of you to get along ok and for you to eventually accept them together. Kate’s acting like you’re crazy, and Rob didn’t even have the decency to have a proper breakup with you.

Rob will ghost Kate in a few weeks (a few months, tops), just like he’s ghosted you, and then you’ll have a choice: Take Kate back and work though this betrayal in your friendship when both of you fell victim to the “charms” of Rob. And it’s going to be experiences like these that give you the perspective you’ll need to make mature decisions.

You can shift the nature of your friendship and think of this as a “trial period” to see how her relationship with your ex- boyfriend impacts things. Maybe you’ll decide you cannot accept it and you no longer want Kate in your life.

Listen to your gut, and prioritize your heart’s desires over your ego’s needs. The very tricky part is to balance all of this with appropriate boundary-setting and not letting yourself be taken advantage of and walked all over.

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And I bet at that point it won’t be guys like Rob catching your attention anymore. Agony corrupted my Soul, Pain turned my heart into a black Hole, Then my anger rose to the Surface, Mybestfriend did this on Purpose.

In an explosion of rage I challenged him to a Fight, But in the end I could not stand up to his Might, He broke my body beyond Repair, As I lay bleeding I knew life wasn't Fair. If there were two people on earth that would not want to see you hurt, there would be your sweet best friend and your loving boyfriend.

But here are a few things to ponder that will help calm your nerves and guide you to what the best next steps you can take. There is a joke that says that the best revenge you can do if a woman steals your man is by letting her keep him.

So in a way it is true that the best revenge is to let your ex best friend have him and who knows one day he will leave her too for someone else. Be thankful that you can get rid of the wolves in sheep skins from your life.

That girl is obviously not your best friend and that guy is obviously not the love of your life. As hurt as it may be, it is far better to discover that now rather than down the track when you get more comfortable in the relationship and find it harder and more painful to deal with.

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If it is impossible to forgive them, at least don't put any more negative feelings on them. You may for some reason want to get back together with your ex, for example if you know you have done something terrible that drove him away, and that you could have done differently, so he would not leave you.

In that case there is strong chance that your ex still loves you and he left only because there are unsolvable problems in your relationship. Keep your emotion fully at check though as this is very critical, and you don't want to blow your chances.

Now if you are seriously considering stealing him back from your so called best friend, you have one shot, and you cannot afford to make mistakes. It is not the time for trial and error, you need the one proven method that can significantly boost your chance of getting back together.

He didn't want to miss me any second, and he told me he had finally found his soulmate. But only a month before he was due to relocate back home we fought and broke up.

One wind 3wks eight he had come back, he didn't turn up to an appointment and when I asked him where he was he couldn't explain. So while we were broken up, his ex that he dated for a few months 3 years ago, has been in the picture.

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She was my high school friend and this guy had no idea we were in contact. She told me that this guy cheated on her while they were dating 3yrs ago, so he can't be trusted.

You won't be happy about it now, but you will feel stronger and better later, a woman who deserves respect and doesn't waste her time with flakes like these. Gracefully cut contact and find someone who respects your values and heart. It doesn't matter anymore what he said, or she says, they are not making you happy, so that's all you need to remember.

But what actually happened is when I had already started dating this guy, he mentioned that he had dated this girl about 3 years back, and it had only lasted a few months. So when I broke up with this guy last Sunday, this ex girl texted me the Monday after (p.s I had last spoken to her more than a month ago) asking how my relationship was.

That's when she said this guy had called her and told her we broke up a long time ago, and he now wanted her back. She started telling me every nitty-gritty detail of how he is calling her, texting her, and how he really wants to see her.

She also said she asked him how he felt about me, and he said he was just compromising in our relationship, and it wasn't working. She secretly recorded some of her conversations with him and I actually heard him say some staff.

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Another thing, I never even asked for all this info from this girl she just used to empty it on me! Then after about 3 days of this going on, she sent a last text saying I am getting out of your lives now, hope you two patch things up.

I haven't contacted him to ask what was going on with his ex or anything ever since the Sunday we broke up. Well u know she didn't force him to say bad stuff about u because u heard the recorded conversation.

She wanted to double-check with u to see if he wasn't cheating that y she was asking u. I think she is good friend because she let u know. Sorry meant to say he asked the girl to call me and find out if we had really broken up.

I'm sure your boyfriend probably was upset that you are still a virgin, and it's possible he decided to see his ex because she was willing to have *** with him. She sounds like a troublemaker and a conniver to me.

A girl whom I thought was my friend started corresponding with my boyfriend while he and I were having problems. After a while, she started I'm'ING myboyfriend, and he was flattered by all the attention she paid him, even though she was really awful looking and nasty.

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One day, my boyfriend brought this woman over to my house and convinced me to have a *** with him and her. The experience was so degrading to me, especially since he ignored me the whole time and since she made it very clear that she wanted him.

Because of this “incident”, my boyfriend and I started arguing all the time. I finally told him that he proved to me that he didn't have enough with me and that I was going to find someone else who could love me.

I blocked her from my FB page and I told him that I met someone else because I wasn't enough for him. She had the nerve to tell me I was “acting like a child” because I was still in love with my ex.

I also think you should tell your boyfriend that you heard what he said about you on tape and that you want an explanation. Every time I hear from him, I'm afraid he is going to mention her name and that I will explode.

I just feel it in my bones that, even though he told her that he would rather be with me, he realizes I'm married now, so he probably does see her from time to time and that makes me sick. I'm glad you realize that his ex is bad news, and I'm curious to find out what he will say when you confront him about what he said about you.

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