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• Saturday, 16 January, 2021
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Agony corrupted my Soul, Pain turned my heart into a black Hole, Then my anger rose to the Surface, Mybestfriend did this on Purpose. In an explosion of rage I challenged him to a Fight, But in the end I could not stand up to his Might, He broke my body beyond Repair, As I lay bleeding I knew life wasn't Fair.

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A mere half hour later, she's giving her phone number to Mr. Handsome and the two of them schedule a date for next Friday.

Even though your girlfriend broke the girl code by taking off with a guy you clearly like, he left on his own accord. If he wanted to stay, a horde of naked courtesans could not pry him away from you.

Plus, blaming and confronting the guy may worsen the already ugly situation and push him to leave (if he were not already prepared to do so). And being on your best behavior and promising your sweetest, nicest, and most loving attitude as his girlfriend might change his mind to stay.

It just so happens that he left you for a woman you called friend, ” which hurts more. The best thing you can do in such a situation is walk away with dignity.

No matter what, don't complain to anyone (even your BFF) that “the bitch” stole your man. She chose to discount your friendship to make a move on the guy.

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Don’t arrange to 'accidentally' bump into them hoping to shame them as a couple in person. Don’t show up in his office or watering hole hoping for an explanation.

If he hasn’t presented you with one when he left, doing so on his turf will only get ugly. And whatever you do ... DO NOT WRITE TO HIM (that includes text, email, or other electronic messaging means) or send him a VIDEO of yourself reminding him what a good couple you were and how 'perfect' your relationship was.

In the best case scenario, he'll just sigh and delete the text. He'll show it to a bunch of his buddies and/or his new girlfriend during happy hour as a means to entertain the crowd and justify leaving you.

My boyfriend and I were friends for over a year before we started dating. We've been together for over a year now and plan on getting married someday.

Besides if she was a good friend in the first place she would not have treated you badly. Well it is girl code to not “steal” your best friends boyfriend.

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But as you said you guys are no longer friends so do you even care what she thinks? I f you still were close then it would make things really uncomfortable.

It's understandable but keep in mind that he could be on the rebound, so go out with him, get to know him better but try not to get too emotionally involved. I know my best friend stole my boyfriend and now I don't ever tell her about any guy that I like because she is constantly trying to compete with me.

It's not worth it, remember girl code whether it's your ex bf for not. Very understandable, it's her loss for acting like a complete Witch, and if she really cared for either one of you, she could have switched schools and still have been with him and been the best friend you could have had.

Dont feel bad for her stupidity, you did the right thing and hope everything works out in your favor I regretted everything, from the money to the borrowing of clothes, to simple things like helping around the house because it was all nothing but wasted time.

I thought to myself that you told her lies that would make me hate me. I wanted mybestfriend back in my life and doing things with me such as makeovers, going on trips, double dates, shopping together, things that normal best friends did, but I couldn't because she chose to be with you.

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She chose to not be my friend after you decided to run your mouth and tell petty little lies. She must not have been a true friend if, in her eyes, she could up and leave with no real reasoning behind it or an explanation.

Human beings are made to feel wanted, which that is not it. Make sure you're there to talk to her when she's having doubts about college or her family is nagging at her.

Make sure you're there for her makeover session, shopping sprees, or just movie nights. Hold her when she cries over Beauty and the Beast.

Hold her hair as she's throwing up, not just when she's drunk, but when she's just sick. I'm always going to treasure our friendship, even though things just weren't meant to be.

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