Best Friend Stole My Crush

Elaine Sutton
• Sunday, 17 January, 2021
• 9 min read

Giants owner: I wasn't aware of Robert's QAnon support I would never believe that I would ask the internet for help, on the other hand I would neither believe that mybestfriend would do this too me.

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I have had this Huge crush on a boy in my school for a long time. They started spending most of there time in school together, but she of course still talked to me.

Today I saw her hand the boy a piece of paper and then saying “What is your answer?” Me and my brother (Who is the boys best friend) Started talking to the boy on the bus to know what mybestfriend wrote on the paper.

We eventually got him to tell us that she had asked him if he wanted to be her girlfriend, and he said yes. But the thing that hurts most is that she said I could “have” him, but then goes and asks him if he wants to be her boyfriend.

I mean I know it's hard, but you kinda have to be the bigger person and not stoop down to her level. If she's coming over in 2 days ask her about it, ask her why she did that knowing you liked the guy first, she could've at least let you know, so you don't feel awful.

You rarely ever end up with happily ever after if you met in high school so don't be sad over this guy. There will come a time when you laugh about what you just wrote because you met the most amazing guy that rocks your world.

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I know how you feel because I've gone through a similar situation, my best friend once tried to flirt with the guy I liked, but he didn't follow. I suggest you do what you feel is right with maturity, spreading rumors will only cause more problems.

Right, so, I've known this guy for 8 months (school) but saw him everyday, so it seems longer :P, and I've liked him since I first saw him. He's exactly like me :D but the conversations mostly started when I got moved by him.

Everyone knew I liked him even though I would never admit it :P everyone used to shout * my name* loves *his name* or *his name* loves * my name* :P. Everything was going really well, and he called me his favorite girl, then mybestfriend started talking to him a lot. Like me and him would always have poke fights and that's what she was starting to do with him :(But I didn't get jealous.

I finally admitted that I liked him, and she was happy. And now they are really close like we used to be, and she has invited him over and everything.

If she doesn't listen then to be honest, she's not a real friend. I had a similar situation, but I talked with my friend, and we resolved it.

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Considering she hasn't backed off even though she knows how much you like him, my guesses are that she's the b****, not you. I know it's scary but if you want him bad enough you have to take a risk.

Just try and pick up where you left off and then admit how you feel. Your friend may just be jealous of you and therefore is trying to get the guy you like in order to prove something.

If she cared about you and your feelings for that guy she would back off. Look you are having a communication problem Go out on dinner or lunch with her OR go out shopping with her OR go out alone somewhere with her and start a good conversation with her there you may ask her different question like what's your greatest wish and then ask her what she likes in you or like about your friendship OR what you can do to strengthen your friendship and when she explains how you can... then and there you could tell her that how much you are into that guy and figure out what you can do But, important is don't lose her friendship because loosing her is not in your favor so far... if you will stick dating her ex she would surely don't listen your heart or even bother You are teasing her, it won't help for sure Try to win her favor with positive attitude and stays positive in life.

Stop talking to that friend and start talking more to the boy, start hanging out with him, text him, smile when he talks to you (even if its through text messages (:) You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer.

Flirt with him a bit and give subtle hints. Also talk to your friend about how you feel and explain how you backed off and how you think she should do the same.

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I feel like your friend is jealous of you and if she was a real friend she would have not done that to you, If you talk about him to her then she really not your friend, and if I were u I would confront her about that be because something is not right about was she's doing, or maybe confront him about u really felt about him maybe he felt the same about u far as being a crush if ya spent time together.it's time to come out that shell and start speaking up to people who take advantage of u like taking your kindness for weakness. Mybestfriend said to him, she liked him back, even though I'd talk about how amazing he is every single day .

We were in town, and it was freezing cold in the rain, but I paced the street while they were talking. Honestly, I don't think I'm ugly, but I'm not very pretty in my opinion XD.

Me and the girl aren't friends now because of it . Now we hate each other, and she called me ___ so I really want to win him back. It is sad how selfish & inconsiderate people are these days.

What I've been trying to do is instead of winning him back, find another guy who is decent & you wouldn't mind going out with. After that, they're relationship probably won't last too long & when they brake up, breakup wit your bf & ***** your crush up before any other girl can.

I know this may sound a bit like a player move & it may sound like your using the guy but hey, all is fair in love & war! Also, if you really start to developed real feelings for the guy you used to make your crush jealous, you can always stay with him & forget the plan.

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This is no way to get the guy you like but fighting over him (gives him proper ego and love the attention aka super *****) Girls I'm 21 and remember this age well what advice I'm bout to give you is the advice I wish I was given when I was your age .........guys that age love the chase the idea that you are hard to get if you fight with your friends over guys you like they won't notice you it's better if you just ignore them when you caught wind they like your friends more than you reaction is to ignore them more get your super **** on and act like you don't give a **** and hang with your friends after school, and they will come a running to your guys hate perfectness and neediness and the stuff your doing really makes em think yes I got her attention but i she's not cool she's so needy and waste of time but just having them know u like em gives em proper ego power to act like they the hottest dudes in school...

There are more sexy men with better attitudes that us women can find. Us females got to stick together even though we don't know each other.

When I told her that I had known, she didn't really want to open up to me about it because she knew I had really liked him for two years, and she had absolutely no interest in him until now, plus she knows how much of a crush I had on him so how does she think it would go away just like that. I felt so saddened that this had happened but I tried my best to help them out and was glad he never knew I had liked him.

Every day I'm reminded of them two because he hangs out with our little group ever lunchtime, they are always holdings hands and everyone stares at them because they are a cute couple. Though it ***** when she would say “you'll find your knight in shining armor one day” or joke about her stealing my crush, it was like a punch to the stomach but I guess I should just get over its aye.

My BFF and my crush started chat on Facebook .he knew that I love him, but he asked her out anyways. I was so mad but then I was just cool about it because I know they'll never meet anyways.

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But they went out and I had never felt so hurt in my life because I thought wow my own BFF steals the person I've loved for more than a year. Here's the things Because you guys were never bf and GF, he technically is not at fault for wanting to be with the other girl.

I'm so sorry this happened to you, but one thing to think about is: do you really want a guy whose eyes aren't ONLY on you? Also, I think a guy (like Noah from the movie called The Notebook) who is hopelessly in love with you, would make you much happier.

Well I'm having the same problem right now and I felt really love sick after was my friend said to my crush. The same thing happened to me in the beginning of the school year I met this guy and I liked him then I told my friend and now a few months has passed, and she tells me she likes him but I act like I'm over him but I still love him very much and she's prettier than me but i don't think I'm that ugly.

I actually don't want to be her friend because she did this on purpose after we got into a fight she lies and she's snotty I've now her for my entire life but she's making me be her friend by blackmailing me because I USED TO watch *****. Tommorows the Valentine's Day dance and I have a dress that's really sexy which will get everyone's attention, but she wants to borrow it and if i don't give it to her she'll tell everyone that I watch *****.

Mycrush used to like the popular girl but I think he secretly liked me to but my friends the popular girls friend and now I think my crush likes my friend and not be besides she always tried to kiss him after I told her I like him but a few days ago she kissed this other guy I'm 12 and my friends 11 i don't know was to do can someone give me advice please I'm sew sad I could cry the hole day and then suicide help me. Guys like a girl who can stay cool in uncomfortable situations, just don't turn into a showoff and NEVER have feelings.

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Right now I like my friends crush and i ally still want to be her friend and if I lose her I also lose someone i've known way longer because apparently she likes the other girl soon much better than me. And lives to short, trying to win him back will probably cause more problems and everyone will b against u.

My advice is try to make up with this friend of URS and forget it ever happened Because think about it, say you went out with this boy then broke up with him- he will be out of your life, but your friend would probably still be there to comfort you.

I can say from experience that my best friend is very beautiful, so she has always won the boys' hearts as we grew up together. I would suggest talking to a school counselor or someone you trust about it that can help because she is bullying you by making these threats.

Mybestfriend always tries to make me only love her. I am 13 and so is my best mate and my crush. She always steals my crush and this time I let her have him. Now she only has time for him and thinks she's too good for us/me. When you go to school, just be all smiles and friendly with everyone, see how that works, after a short while, lots of persons are going to want to be your friend, just try this for 2 weeks and see how it goes, then come back on here and report...remember every day to ... and be cool...

Can any1 tell me how to get over the problem it's been 2 days since that happened an I'm so sad I cry more than usual (I'm not a crybaby I just have really strong emotions) I don't know how to get over his m. Please someone tells me how to get over him.

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