Best Friend Stole My Idea

Paul Gonzalez
• Thursday, 05 November, 2020
• 11 min read

I suggest that you take copies of the e-mails and consult a WA business lawyer about whether you might have a reasonable chance in court. Disclaimer” This answer is for informational purposes only under the AVVO system, its terms and conditions.

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Early on in my solopreneurs journey, I was on either end of the spectrum when it came to sharing, brainstorming and asking for help. I would either overshare with too many people, or hold things so closely to my chest that I never sanity checked anything.

In one of my over-sharing moments, I told a trusted friend and fellow entrepreneur about a business idea that I had. It was to create a course on a very specific topic with various moving pieces and reach.

During the Launch Plan Challenge, many people emailed me saying they were nervous to participate in the social media aspect of the challenge in case someone stole their idea. Unless what you are creating is truly a first-time every thing or dramatic shift in the marketplace, there aren’t many “unique” ideas out there.

There are millions of money experts out there from many backgrounds and areas of expertise. What makes people listen, is the approach the money expert takes when they do discuss issues.

Don’t move forward with an idea without sharing it with a trusted person… because it will likely fail. Or we lose sight of the end result and stay too far inside our own perspective.

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I’d recommend setting up your own circle of trusted advisors and share accordingly. For example, I’m still friendly with the person I mentioned above… and while I’m happy to talk about my business with her, I don’t share any upcoming ideas or breakthroughs with her.

I have another person for those types of conversations… who happens to be in a completely different area of business than me. And honestly, if someone stealing your idea is the biggest thing you are worrying about right now, then you need to get to work and start creating and delivering on your thought.

The best way to sidestep this concern is to actually move from idea into action. I regretted everything, from the money to the borrowing of clothes, to simple things like helping around the house because it was all nothing but wasted time.

I thought to myself that you told her lies that would make me hate me. I wanted mybestfriend back in my life and doing things with me such as makeovers, going on trips, double dates, shopping together, things that normal best friends did, but I couldn't because she chose to be with you.

She chose to not be my friend after you decided to run your mouth and tell petty little lies. She must not have been a true friend if, in her eyes, she could up and leave with no real reasoning behind it or an explanation.

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Human beings are made to feel wanted, which that is not it. Make sure you're there to talk to her when she's having doubts about college or her family is nagging at her.

Make sure you're there for her makeover session, shopping sprees, or just movie nights. Hold her when she cries over Beauty and the Beast.

Hold her hair as she's throwing up, not just when she's drunk, but when she's just sick. I'm always going to treasure our friendship, even though things just weren't meant to be.

You think you’re getting a date, when your cute blond friend swoops in like a hurricane and starts yakking it up with him without bothering to assess the situation. A mere half hour later, she's giving her phone number to Mr.

You start to envision a white picket fence with 2.5 kids, a golden retriever and kind (but non-meddling) in-laws. He asks if you can introduce him to your friends, so you arrange a party.

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If he wanted to stay, a horde of naked courtesans could not pry him away from you. Plus, blaming and confronting the guy may worsen the already ugly situation and push him to leave (if he were not already prepared to do so).

And being on your best behavior and promising your sweetest, nicest, and most loving attitude as his girlfriend might change his mind to stay. It just so happens that he left you for a woman you called friend, ” which hurts more.

No matter what, don't complain to anyone (even your BFF) that “the bitch” stole your man. Don’t call the other woman to confront her about it.

She chose to discount your friendship to make a move on the guy. Don’t arrange to 'accidentally' bump into them hoping to shame them as a couple in person.

Don’t show up in his office or watering hole hoping for an explanation. If he hasn’t presented you with one when he left, doing so on his turf will only get ugly.

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And whatever you do ... DO NOT WRITE TO HIM (that includes text, email, or other electronic messaging means) or send him a VIDEO of yourself reminding him what a good couple you were and how 'perfect' your relationship was. In the best case scenario, he'll just sigh and delete the text.

We can afford it but we both suffer from mental health issues & are on benefits so its pretty difficult stability wise. My friend has been copying a lot of things I've been doing lately… even down to the way I take photographs (I take a lot of nature). Down to things I say. Etc etc and went down to where we stayed not long ago (which didn't bother me). But now she's on about moving there & she's doing all this travelling everywhere which is also something I keep going on about that I want to do.

I cried all afternoon yesterday because i feel my dreams being stolen from me. Shes been bitter with me at times which shows her jealousy at times & yes, I admit I am at the moment. Im honest and I feel so bad because she is mybestfriend and i don't want to be feeling this way. She can easily get a job, she has friends with cars that can take her anywhere & I feel so stuck.

I love her to pieces but I always get a string of bad luck and I'm never like that to people. She even expresses a lot of negativity which I help her with what I have applied and learned over the past year.

She will quickly discover that listening to nothing but screeching hawks and looking at God’s majesty ~ in the cold ~ ISN’T NECESSARILY FOR HER!! Also, I view her as a psychic vampire, an emotionally lost soul.

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First, something’s wrong with this picture if you’re calling a person a best friend, but your friendship doesn’t sound like it. My advice would be to slowly start detaching from this person and see how that might improve your own thoughts and self-esteem.

What one thing can you do today to take a step closer to your vision? Keep asking this question every morning, and take one small step every day.

Although she's having it handed to her on a plate, and she gets a lot of things paid for her despite the fact she has a couple of jobs. I would rather work for it. I'd feels terrible and don't want to come across as using others, plus the satisfaction would be a lot more self-fulfilling.

I don't feel I need to prove to the world I'm a good person, I just do my thing for me and not for show and approval for others. (I have Hypersensitivity disorder & bipolar II) I wish I could just up and go, be spontaneous like I used to be and just reach for the stars… just up and go. And return ‘home’.

Its a shame we can't have these experiences together… but lately seems like her and her family are more about getting drunk and saying what there bosses got them than holding a good conversation with me and my mum. This reply was modified 5 years, 6 months ago by Danielle.

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Wouldn’t you know it, they were actively building a chicken coop a week later!! I couldn’t take it anymore, watching them toil in the sun and said, “We changed our minds, chickens are a pain in the AZZ.” Got a very interesting dirty look.

Inky Sometimes I feel like you provide the real advice, and I’m the comedy relief! This reply was modified 5 years, 6 months ago by Inky.

Anita Dear Inky: For me, to read the comic reliefs you provide is like listening to Jenny and the Tomcats, a country music like group you never heard about and probably never will. Jenny has the voice and the singing performance as great as any internationally known artist, more talented than many known ones.

And yet, she sings in this small town many call “the middle of nowhere.” Back to Best of Inky’s- putting together the best of your posts could make an excellent, worthy to be on the coffee table in millions of houses across the globe. Even on messenger she won't talk to me as much anymore & is more focused on people who can do what she wants for her.

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