Best Garage Door Surge Protector

Earl Hamilton
• Saturday, 14 November, 2020
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A quality surge protector is an easy way to avoid this problem and protect your garage door opener. A good surge protector will have a high joule rating, long warranty, and meet or exceed all relevant safety standards.

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PreviewProductKey Features Trip Lite 1 Outlet Portable SurgeProtector Power Strip, Direct Plug in, Timer, & $5,000... ON THE GO PROTECTION! SINGLE-OUTLET SURGE PROTECTOR WITH VARIABLE TIMER: Enjoy powerful surge protection to one standard AC outlet and a built-in timer selection switch that lets you provide AC power to a connected device for 1, 3 or 6 hours.

CHECK PRICELiftmaster 990LM Garaged Opener SurgeProtector Chamberlain CLSS1 Safely protects the entire garage door opener system Protects the ac power line, control panel and the protector system safety sensors Made to withstand most power surges and lightning strikes The joule rating describes how much energy your garage door opener surge protector can absorb.

A unit with approximately 1000 joules of surge protection suffices for small electronic devices. A surge protector with 1000 to 2000 joules will offer sufficient protection for workplace equipment and power tools.

Not just for the obvious factor that if something fails, you’ll have the ability to make a claim, but for the signal that a long warranty suggests about the quality of the garage door opener surge protector (or rather, the confidence the provider has for the garage door opener surge protector). So you want to long for longer service warranties and high insurance coverage payments on your garage door opener surge protector (from a business that has been around for more than 5 years).

There are a lot of different safety standards by a bunch of various companies and companies– so which of these is applicable to garage door opener surge protectors?. For proper garage door opener surge protection, you primarily wish to be looking at the UL 1449 security standard.

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For instance, a garage door opener surge protector might restrict a 6,000 V surges so that only 600V is ‘noticeable’ to the load. This is because specific EMI/RFI emissions will not interfere with the efficiency frequencies of various electric and electronic gadgets.

So the objective of EMI/RFI is noise filtering is to remove electromagnetic and radiofrequency disturbance that will hinder the garage door opener surge protection. I’ll admit, I didn’t start out looking for a surge protector for my garage door opener.

When they built my house they added a single receptacle outlet, which essentially makes it so my garage door opener is on a dedicated circuit. Mini thought this would be a great time to look at some single-receptacle surge protectors and some that were specifically designed to work with your garage door.

These three surge protectors were very highly rated, both on Amazon and by garage door opener installers. Pin I’ve been a fan of Tripartite surge protectors for a long time.

It also increases the weight considerably, which is why they include an additional bracket to secure the surge protector to your outlet. The slightly more expensive ULTRABOOK adds an integrated 15 amp circuit breakers and a black metal housing.

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Both surge protectors have an incredibly high 1410 joule rating and a low 140 volt clamping voltage. Both are easily the best by far in this comparison. PinT he SOLO has three warning lights that quickly give you a status update.

Both Lift Master and Chamberlain are owned by the same parent company and share almost everything between the two brands. Pin The Lift Master 990LM is unique because it allows you to plug the wires for your garage door sensors into the surge protector to cover them as well.

However, adding new wiring for all of my sensors was more effort than I wanted, so I skipped that part. The Lift Master 990LM is only rated to protect against a surge of 761 joules, which is around half of the Tripartite’s capacity.

PinT he Lift Master 990LM doesn’t offer as much protection at the Tripartite and isn’t as durable as the Tripartite, which cost it points in my comparison. Still, if you want to take the time to protect your garage door opener’s sensors or just need a single receptacle surge protector that doesn’t take up a lot of space, then this is a good option.

To be fair, it’s a single receptacle surge protector that’s designed for your appliances, not your garage door opener. Of course, because I didn’t read the instructions, that led to a few minutes of me wondering if I did something wrong.

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PinT he Nippon Protect-RF was the cheapest surge protector that I tested, and it showed. The two most important things to look for when buying a surge protector are the joule rating and the clamping voltage.

A floor lamp would be fine on a surge protector with 600 joules of protection. However, a corded power drill would need something closer to the 1800 joule range.

A garage door opener has an electric motor driving a belt or chain, so the surge protector should fall somewhere in between. The joule rating is what’s heavily advertised on the packaging, however I’ve always thought that the clamping voltage was more important.

This is how quickly the surge protector can realize that the surge has occurred and shut things down. The more it varies from what our normal power supply is, the more likely that a surge will slip through and damage whatever’s plugged into it.

That leads to the obvious question of whether you can (or should) plug a garage door opener into a surge protector. Most single receptacle surge protectors will work great for your garage door opener.

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So when I needed to replace my surge protector, I thought it would be a great opportunity to run some head-to-head tests and see what the bestgaragesurgeprotector was, so I could share it with you. A surge protector (like the one on the right), as its name suggests, adds a circuit to help protect against electrical surges.

In theory, any surge will trip the circuit and blow out your surge protector instead of whatever is plugged into it. Sensitive electronics like TV’s or stereos should be connected to surge protectors with much higher joule ratings than inexpensive components like lamps.

The second big thing to look for is the load rating of the surge protector. Both are independent labs that make sure the product meets minimum safety standards (link to PDF white paper).

Many devices have extra-large power bricks or AC adapters that get in the way of the outlets next to them. Manufacturers do not recommend plugging a surge protector into an extension cord.

Make sure you buy a surge protector that has a long enough cord to get to where you need it. While there’s no hard-and-fast rule to say how long a surge protector is supposed to last, most experts agree that the average lifespan is around two to three years.

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The trouble is that those components degrade over time, lessening your surge protection with each use until they finally (and catastrophically) fail. PinT he US Consumer Product Safety Commission found that about 4,000 injuries are treated in US hospital emergency rooms due to electric extension cords and surge protectors.

Some devices, like garage heaters, microwave, or soldering irons should never be plugged into a surge protector. Additionally, each surge protector, power strip and extension cord will have maximum wattage and amperage ratings that you need to stay below.

Pinyin my garage, three of my most commonly used devices could overload a small garagesurgeprotector by themselves. My Air King fan has a draw of 2.2 amps at high speed.

If there’s no clear-cut best product” for whatever I’m shopping for, I like to buy a couple of the top contenders and have my own head-to-head comparison. I looked at all the heavy-duty surge protectors that I could find on Amazon, picked what I considered the top four candidates and then bought them all, so I could see what the bestgaragesurgeprotector was.

The Yellow Jacket 5138 is easily my favorite garagesurgeprotector for the price. PinT here’s a green “Protected” light showing that the surge suppression is working correctly and a lighted power switch that has a good, solid feel when you flip it off and on.

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Joule Rating1440 JoulesMaximum Line Current15 Amp/1800 Watts# of Outlets6 (4 + 2)Cord Length15Weight2 lbs, 4 ozMaterialSteel\PlasticCertificationULInsuranceNoI really can’t say enough good things about the Yellow Jacket 5138. Pin Pound for pound, the Yellow Jacket 5138 is better than the BETTER Workshop SurgeProtector.

The plastic caps are notched, so you can wrap the 9 cord around the entire length of the unit. The only drawback is that the plug itself doesn’t have a clip on the back, so it can easily snap on to the cord.

Joule Rating600 JoulesMaximum Line Current15 Amp/ 1875 Watts# of Outlets7 (6 + 1)Cord Length9Weight1 lb, 11 ozMaterialMetal\PlasticCertificationETLInsuranceNoOverall, the BETTER Workshop SurgeProtector is decent enough quality, but it pales in comparison to the similarly priced Yellow Jacket. The BETTER is a good option a) if you can get it on sale for under $20 and b) you need something that is designed for portability.

PinT he Tripartite TLP76MSG isn’t really designed for garages, but it’s got some really cool features which earn it a spot on this list. There’s one master switch at the top, right above the surge protection warning light.

Tripartite estimates this would save approximately $75 in energy costs over the three-year lifespan of this surge protector. PinPinThat’s a really cool feature so you don’t have “energy vampires” increasing your electric bill unnecessarily.

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Joule Rating1080 JoulesMaximum Line Current15 Amp/1800 Watts# of Outlets6 (5 + 1)Cord Length6Weight1 lb, 9 ozMaterialPlasticCertificationULInsurance$25,000 My one and only complaint with this surge protector is that it’s only a plastic casing instead of a metal one. In my experience, they’ve always had really high build quality and were worth every penny.

The casing is completely made of metal except for the black plastic caps. Like the BETTER surge protector, the caps serve as a built-in way to wrap the cord without it getting in the way.

The ten outlets are arranged in a 90 degree pattern, five on each side of the rectangular casing. Similar to most of the surge protectors on this list, there are no debris shields on the outlets themselves.

Joule Rating2800Maximum Line Current15 Amp/1875 Watts# of Outlets10Cord Length15Weight3 lbs, 4 oz. MaterialMetalCertificationETLInsuranceNoFor my needs, I can’t justify the extra cost because I try to only have a few things plugged in to an outlet at one time. If you have a ton of regular-sized plugs that you need to have all connected at the same time then the CAST LTS-10TS is a great heavy-duty surge protector.

The moment you need to plug in large AC adapters, it starts to lose some of its luster. Of all the garage surge protectors that I tested, my favorite is the Yellow Jacket 5138, which also happens to be one of the cheapest.

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PinT he Yellow Jacket has a lot of going for it: steel case, debris shields on each outlet and the longest length cord of all four models I tested.

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