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• Sunday, 22 November, 2020
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Call of Duty series has featured a number of Zombie game modes where the player has to survive in the fictional world. First in our list is the Ultimate Ragnarök DG-4 which was featured in the Zombies map Her Eisendrache and The Revelation.

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It is a Specialist Weapon which can be planted in the ground creating a force field of tapping zombies. The spikes from the gun can be tossed to the ground to create a lighting trap and zap the nearby zombies.

The Wrath of the Ancients is the Her Eisendrache Map exclusive in Black Ops 3. A Common and easily obtainable weapon in Call of Duty Black Ops is the Thunder gun.

For the more improved shot, you can try holding the trigger and then shoot, this will make the Zombies explode who steps on the liquid. All you need to do is Use the Pack-a-Punch machine and the red light will turn into blue after taking down the first zombie.

If you like high damage and close combat, then I recommend the Stakeout. I've been playing zombies in King Her Token for a long time and (in my opinion) I would have to say the Stakeout and the AK74u.

Lets face it those are the only decent guns that are good out all the other weapons on the walls. Knife everybody until round 3, and then you should definitely have an M14 and grab some headshots while you save up money.

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Then, depending on which way you go, you should end up buying an MP40 near the theater or an AK74u in the back alleys. Id would suggest using knife until level 5 then open door, then get that machine gun, forgot what its called, the submachine gun, then fully upgrade that it's the best one fully upgraded then just get what ever you want out of the box to replace you pistol.

You will unlock the Call of Duty: Black Ops “Five” Zombie map once you have completed story. It’s the pentagon level, where you play as one of the four famous presidents ‘Richard Nixon, John F. Kennedy, Robert McNamara, and Fidel Castro’ in the history of mankind.

The bottom floor, AKA ‘The Lab’, contains The Operational Component, which can be found in a room to your left when the doors of the big elevator open. When you buy this door, you will find the component on a cabinet next to the Bowie Knife on the wall.

As we have discussed previously in our KinoDerToten Strategy Guide, you need to turn on the power to be able to use Perk Machine, Teleport er, Mystery Box, Traps and specific to this map “The Def Con”. Read our General Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Guide for tips.

Now that you have activated the power switch, you can use teleworkers covering each corner of the map to move back and forth. So, make sure you use them when there aren’t many zombies following you, or you will end up dead meat.

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Activate all the switches in the first floor war room to get to Def-Con Level 5. While someone is getting the Pack-A-Punch, the other teammates must pay attention to the windows to avoid zombies barging in.

It gets difficult in the later stages, so your best shot is getting this guy in the early phase of the game. You would need to accumulate a lot of points so that you can open the area and activate the tech round.

Anyway, what you need to kill this guy; good aim, fully loaded weapons, grenades or claymores. The most useful weapons against him are the Ray Gun, Mustang and Sally and Winter’s Howl.

Don’t give up till you are last standing, he may grab weapons of a few of your teammates, and try to get yours. If he reaches that room, he will vanish, leaving behind max ammo, but not your weapons.

If you chase him and kill him, you will be rewarded with Fire Sale ‘Every mystery box weapon cost is reduced to 10’. If you kill him before he grabs any of your weapons, you will be rewarded with Bonfire Sale ‘Pack-a-Punch cost is reduced to 1000’ and Mystery Box weapon cost is reduced to 10, like in case of Fire Sale, and it also opens a portal.

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You can break the windows with melee and rebuild to earn points, but it does count towards your building cap. He will spawn with minimum hit points during the initial phase of the game so your best shot is to kill him in early rounds.

Round 1–5 Accumulate points, knife zombies, headshots, and another good strategy is to get them to walk past the barricade and kill them inside. Shoot the zombie six times and then melee for maximum points.

Around round 3, you will be forced to open the first of doors, buy MPL now, and take the headshots. You can take three shots on zombie’s torso and then melee them for maximum points.

Go outside and peak inside rooms through glass windows to figure out its location. Defend yourself with your back at the elevator door; keep the barricades on the windows to your left, and right.

Don’t wait too long, or the pentagon tech would become too powerful to kill solo. If you didn’t have enough points to buy Claymores; use your machine gun and grenades to kill the tech before he runs away.

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Killing Pentagon tech rewards you Fire Sale; every weapon in Mystery Box can be purchased for 10 points; you get to use it thrice so hurry. If you get a good weapon which is entire luck, conserve ammo, and keep running.

Save 7-8k points each, before you move on to unlock everything and get to the Lab, top floor. Turn on the power, and try to get Winter’s Howl, a special weapon used to freeze zombies only available in Five.

Leave one person behind before you go to the Lab, that person should teleport to the DEFCON room, and activate all the DEFCON switches before taking the elevator down to the lab. Camp at the elevator down the hall; that way you only need to cover your front, and behind is teleport er as an emergency exit in case you get overwhelmed.

Winter Howl here would be very helpful as zombies will come in numbers once you have opened this room, and it can clear them easily. If you get teleported to the DEFCON level, make your way to the lab, and then back to where you started the round, and again hold there as long as you can.

If two of your teammates get teleported to the DEFCON level, you can either run to the elevator or hold it there as long as you can. Leave one zombie preferably crawling at the end of round 8 and open everything.

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At around round 10, activate the pack a punch machine and put your best gun into an upgrade. You can run away easily being solo, so be quick, and don’t get caught in the cluster of zombies, or you are done.

If the person with the Ballistic Knives is alive he will pull them out while the other teammate covers, preferably with the Ray Gun. Pull out your gun and cover the guy who is to revive the downed teammate.

Throw a monkey, man covering window can do this but don’t leave to revive unless you are only one alive. If something goes wrong, or you just get overwhelmed as a last resort you can open the door and run.

Using your gun to break the glass is a complete waste of ammunition. It’s advised to stay in this room until you and your teammates gain around 8000 points, so you can buy Speed Cola, Jiggering and Quick Revive.

First Floor If you have 4 teammates, do not break the barricade right away; instead, camp on the catwalk and try to accumulate as many points as possible. Turning on these switches may serve as a massive clutch in the later game since it will give your team enough time to reload your weapons or even revive a fallen teammate.

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After the initial barricade which takes you to the war room, the other debris should be cleared. Buy a lot of claymores and place them in the area where the zombies enter.

To not get cornered next to the elevator, run away as soon as you call it and then come back when it arrives. Mustang and Sally This couple fires very powerful grenades which help clear out crowds of zombies.

The second shot traps them into a block of ice which then shatters, killing them. It is similar to the Monkey Bomb as you can use it to avoid being cornered and get away from the zombies.

Tell us how far you have gone in the “Five” map, in Black Ops Zombies Mode and share the strategy you used to reach that level.

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