Best Indoor Windowsill Plants

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Too much sun will cause their leaves to fade, but just the right amount of indirect light will keep these charming, colorful plants happy. Shop Most varieties of spider wort family plants commonly referred to with this name are highly adaptable and easy to grow, with most preferring moderate to bright indirect light.

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Choose a spot out of direct sun, keeping in mind that wandering Jew plants with more light will be more likely to produce flowers. Shop For your monster plant to get the signature slashes and perforations in its leaves, you’ll need a spot with lots of bright, indirect light to display it in.

Shop The ever-adaptable, easygoing snake plant can grow in a variety of conditions from low light to full sun, giving you lots of flexibility with where you display them. However, the ideal is somewhere in the middle, so it’s best to put this low-maintenance plant in a window with lots of bright, indirect light.

Shop Good light is a must to successfully grow this cute, trendy houseplant, making it the perfect candidate to display in a brightly-lit window. Since its leaves will naturally gravitate towards the light, it’s a good idea to rotate your pile peperomioides occasionally to help it grow evenly.

Written by Jamie McIntosh Reviewed by Debra LaGattuta Many houseplants come from jungle regions where the tree canopy constantly filters sunlight. However, some plants, especially those native to South Africa and Australia, need ample sunshine to thrive.

You can transform a bright room with a pretty planter and one of these houseplants that crave the sun's rays. Add to your first aid arsenal with a low maintenance aloe Vera plant.

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The sap provides ready relief for minor cuts and burns, and plants are easy to propagate by repotting the pups. Plant your aloe Vera in a heavy terracotta pot that will both support the top-heavy growth, and encourage air circulation.

With its sturdy stems and interesting, fleshy leaves, jade plants have endured as a popular houseplant for those with sunny windowsills or bright conservatories. Keep your jade plant moist by watering it when the soil surface is dry to prevent shedding leaves.

It produces no flowers and rarely sheds its leaves, making it a tidy choice for the bright bedroom or living room. Although not a cactus, this succulent does grow sharp spines that can make repotting a challenge.

The African milk bush is strictly a tropical plant, and if you give it a summer vacation outdoors be sure to bring it back in before temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are lucky, your snake plant might even reward you with a flush of fragrant white flowers.

The same plant the Egyptians used to build boats and make paper also happens to be an interesting houseplant specimen for sunny spots. The key to growing a happy papyrus plant is to give it constant moisture.

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Do not overwater your proton plants ; only water when the soil surface feels dry. The swollen trunk and frizzy foliage of the ponytail palm make it a fun accent plant for the sunny kitchen or family room.

A site with strong light is essential to achieving blooms when growing the hibiscus indoors. Pinch your plants monthly to keep them compact and branching and feed them regularly with a potassium-rich houseplant fertilizer.

To keep your hibiscus healthy, provide regular, even moisture and avoid soggy soil. The area palm is a grand specimen for entryways or living areas with vaulted ceilings.

Gardeners covet jasmine vines for their highly fragrant flowers that appear in late winter. White jasmine blooms are simple but plentiful, and a few cut stems make any flower arrangement special.

They need humid conditions, and a summer vacation outdoors will increase their longevity and performance. Seneca Orleans plants are a fun conversation piece tumbling over the edge of a container or hanging basket.

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The succulents like bright indirect light, sandy soil, and infrequent watering. Many houseplants will thrive on a windowsill, but there are a few important points to consider before making your choice.

Cacti and succulents are the obvious choice for east- and south-facing windowsills, as most need several hours of direct sun to thrive. The low light levels of a north-facing windowsill are perfect for shade-loving houseplants, such as streptococcus.

Bear in mind that day and night temperatures on your windowsill can vary dramatically and can drop significantly in winter. Some houseplants that are happy in summer may need moving to a warmer spot in autumn, even if it gets less light.

Work out which direction your window faces and how much, or little sun it gets, and choose your houseplants based on their light requirements. Measure the windowsill and choose your pots or planters based on what will fit.

‘Polly’ is a compact avoid cultivar with glossy, veined leaves with attractive margins. It thrives in bright, warm conditions, with high levels of humidity.

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Low-growing and tolerant of a range of light levels, many succulents, such as aloes, agave, Cheerios and capsules, are perfect for growing on windowsills. Plant your cacti in porous terracotta containers in a gritty compost, to provide them with adequate drainage and reduce the chances of them rotting.

Grow Venus fly trap, Dionne muscular, on a sunny windowsill, ideally in a bathroom, as the humid conditions will mimic its native subtropical habitat. While pelargoniums are usually grown outside in summer, they’re not hardy and benefit from being moved indoors for winter.

They make perfect houseplants, often continuing to flower well into autumn. The glorious large, white, star-shaped flowers blushed with pink of this magnolia are a spectacular sight in March and April and signal the arrival of spring.

Your garden will brim with color from March to October with this all season collection of clematis. This tropical plant likes warmth and humidity, so keep it in a sunny spot and make sure the top inch of soil stays moist.

It's also a good idea to rotate them every few weeks, especially if you notice the plant leaning one way, or you see that some leaves are changing color. This gift worthy set from Blooms cape includes a leafy philodendron in a minimalist planter along with a terrazzo-speckled propagation vase.

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And its included LED lighting system means that you don't have to clear your windowsills to make room for it. Keep the bottom chamber filled with water and watch your progress via the app each day.

Lively Root amazon.comic you have a super sunny space, your place was made for a bird of paradise plant. These leafy, long-stemmed greens are incredibly hardy, as they're able to thrive in low light without frequent watering.

Arrange them with other plants inside a terrarium, or alone in any decorative container to add a little low-maintenance greenery to your workspace. About once a month, soak your air plants in water for 10 minutes to rehydrate, and then let it completely dry out in a sunny spot before returning it to its planter.

Costa Farms amazon.combative to desert climates, aloe Vera plants thrive in sunny, dry atmospheres and only need to be watered about once a week. In case of a small kitchen burn, just break off the tip of the plant and rub its cooling goop on your skin.

Costa Farms amazon.commonly trees have a distinctive twisted trunk and lots of feathery green leaves. This tree is a good one to place in the bathroom, as it thrives in warm, humid indoor climates and only needs a little water (not a drenching) every 10 days, along with a turn of the planter so that all sides get sun.

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