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Offering a Deal Request a Quote Accepts Credit Cards Virtual Consultations Have a smooth move to Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville or any other city in the state of Tennessee.

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Fill the free moving quote for Tennessee movers cost estimate and discount relocation rates. MyMovingReviews is the number one moving companies reviews source online.

Naturally actual prices may vary significantly if you get in contact with Tennessee movers, since our average is calculated based on the reviews and not by the moving companies themselves. Home size distance between the pickup and delivery locations the dates of the move supplemental services like packing, assembly, storage etc.

Cash & John worked so quickly, efficiently, and with care for all of my belongings.” In 12 reviews. “ Larry and his crew moved our 4000 sq' home from Hendersonville to Nashville 2 weeks ago.” In 6 reviews.

“I have used Bellhops many times, and they are the best in terms of carefulness, promptness, and efficiency when making a local move.” In 2 reviews. “I also 100% intend to recommend Green Truck Movers to anyone we know or hear about who is moving and share our about our experience with them!” In 7 reviews.

443 McNally Dr, Nashville, TN “The two young men doing the work took their time and thought a plan of execution that would not harm the new couch or damage walls.” In 2 reviews.

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“I requested my quote through Yelp and was immediately contacted by Tommy (who I think is the company manager).” In 4 reviews. “I will definitely use these guys with a future move and have already recommended them to several people.” In 3 reviews.

“We've just used this company for a local move for our daughter who is attending school in Nashville.” In 2 reviews. “I cannot believe the knowledge and expertise needed to fit so much furniture and so many boxes into our storage unit.” In 2 reviews.

410 Central Ave, Ste 202, Nashville, TN “ Brandon and his team were prompt, efficient, friendly, and everything arrived in one piece.” In 5 reviews.

“Thank you, Eric, for hiring wonderful team members and thank you for running a great company. “ Allied (Ted R Sanders) came in with the lowest bid, which for me, wasn't something that I was focused on.” In 3 reviews.

“ Viktor and Marco moved us in the rain (Day 1) and snow (Day 2), all while keeping a positive attitude and generous demeanor.” In 2 reviews. “What can I say, great customer service all the way around from the call center and helping me find the best option for the best price to the drivers who came and dropped off and picked up the PODS.” In 2 reviews.

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The first step to planning long distance relocation is to determine your most practical moving options and to choose the right one for you. By providing you with a comprehensive overview about long distance moving and options, we are confident you can make the best choice for your relocation.

Majority of movers classify a move beyond 150 miles as long distance, even if it is within the same state. The most frequently moved to states included Florida, Texas, Oregon, Colorado, North Carolina, and Washington.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration monitors interstate moves. There are very specific rules for long distance moving such as having a US DOT number.

Any long distance mover must meet federal regulations to ensure the safety of your move. An intrastate move (within the state) will also be charged based on distance and weight of your cargo.

This type of move is more complex and challenging as you will be complying with customs requirements at the border. They have the experience, skills, and qualifications to plan a move, deliver professional packing services, and transport household items; deal with customs regulations, and have adequate insurance cover in the event of loss or damage.

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Depending on what type of move you are making, you will encounter common challenges along the way. If not handled properly, you could run into problems that could easily become your worst nightmare.

There’s no easier way to say it; a long distance move could cost you thousands of dollars, depending on where you are headed and how much of your stuff you are taking with you. Many individuals have tried to avoid paying high moving costs by just hiring a U-Haul truck or a cheap mover.

As you are moving your lifelong possessions, valuables, and memories, it is important to ensure you choose a reliable and safe mover to do it for you. If you are moving a 3 or 4 bedroom home, you’ll have a lot of belongings to get ready.

It is also not always easy to disassemble furniture, wrap them up for protection and load stuff to the moving vehicle. But for those with a limited budget, many companies also offer moving labor only at hourly rates to help with the heavy lifting.

Moving requires expertise in packing, loading and unloading, and driving long distance. It is possible to have an easier and smooth move even on a limited budgeted by planning carefully.

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Knowing all your options and understanding what they mean will help you to make the right choice. To ensure you understand all that it entails and what you need to take care of, check out a comparison of using rental trucks vs. hiring movers to help you plan your move.

Let’s take a look at the major features of both, the pros and cons, and the relative costs for each. The moving container is delivered to your doorstep, parked in your front yard.

When you’ve done with your packing and ready to have your goods delivered, the company will take care of pick-up and driving to your new destination. These moving containers are secure because you are provided with a lock, giving you total control and access.

When you receive a moving quote or estimate, you’ll need to check whether it is: With this type of estimate, the final weight on moving day becomes irrelevant.

It means your final moving bill will not exceed the quoted amount. Even if the actual weight of your goods exceeds the earlier estimate, you will not pay more than the quote.

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If your cargo weighs less, than you will pay less than the original estimate based on the agreed upon price per pound. The goal is to give the customer a fair estimate of the cost which could change after a physical assessment.

The final bill could be higher or lower, depending on the weight of your goods. Request for an actual, physical inventory of your goods and obtain a written and binding estimate to avoid inflated moving expenses.

Professional movers have the skills and experience to conduct safe delivery of goods It is so important that 28 states make it imperative for all moving companies, whether local or long distance movers, to have one.

This allows the government agencies concerned to track and enforce regulations, review compliance, conduct inspects, and audits. Customer moving reviews are also a good indicator of a mover’s performance from sites like Yelp and HomeS tars.

By understanding the type of moving company you choose, you can have realistic expectations and avoid misunderstandings and inconveniences related to your relocation. A typical van line move has a complex logistic system that is multi-layered, with services outsourced to one or numerous agents.

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Van lines partner with many independent moving companies across the country. Just like a van line, the local franchise could be different in terms of customer care and service.

A big advantage in working with franchise-based moving companies is their vast network. You can also be assured of the integrity of the local mover since they are also accountable to the mother company.

They offer the same services as bigger van lines, but you will be dealing with one company from start to finish. The best way to know which type of mover you prefer, or which is more affordable, is to compare actual moving estimates.

Ask the moving company about transit time, insurance, inclusive services, and if there are other add-on charges. If you don’t have the proper documents for your cross border move, you could be in for a really difficult time.

Your moving company will take care of everything for you and ensure your goods are delivered without unnecessary delays. • Canadian work visa and confirmation of residence status for every accompanying family member • Valid passport for each family member • Two copies of inventory list with details of items being shipped • Two copies of inventory list of items arriving at another time or date • A letter from employer stating validity of transfer • All boxes and cartons must be properly labeled with a list of its contents and number written on the outside of the box.

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• Passport for all adults, birth certificates, photo identification of family members • Social Security numbers • Accomplished 3299 form of the person relocating which is provided to the moving company before loading of household goods. Before you purchase any expensive items before your move to the US, compare cost of buying the same in the US.

Pets must be over 3 months old and must have proof of rabies vaccination and a certificate of health issued by a licensed veterinarian. Moving companies are forbidden from transporting alcohol with household goods.

Motorized vehicles that are less than 25 years need to meet safety and environmental standards to be allowed entry into the US. Returning residents who have purchased a vehicle in Canada that was manufactured outside the NAFTA zone will have to pay duties.

Unless you are a US resident returning to live in the US, you must enter the country before your shipment arrives at the border. Individuals entering on a study or work visa must have completed the immigration process before transporting their goods.

Cross border moving specialists can help prepare the documentation you need for clearing household goods at Customs. You don’t need to be around when your goods cross the border unless a problem arises and your shipment is placed on hold at the nearest customs' office.

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Every year, Americans flock to places with more jobs, cheaper housing, warmer weather, and good schools. It was put in place for individuals making interstate movers who believe they have been treated unfairly or illegally.

AlaskaMaineUtahArizonaRhode IslandTennesseeDelawareSouth Dakota Vermont** All long distance moving companies are required to have a license from the US Department of Transportation (US DOT) Below is relevant information you’ll need to know for moving to Oregon.

You can check on your potential mover from this list of Oregon authorized moving companies. You’ll need to obtain an Oregon driver’s license/ID card when you move to the state.

Oregon requires that titling of the vehicle be done at the same time as registration so make sure to bring proof of ownership. As with any move, you should update your address online or directly with the post office.

No common carrier by motor vehicle is allowed to collect or demand money that is greater or has different compensation than what is enumerated in these charges. The law requires all drivers in the state to have auto insurance for registered vehicles.

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In Colorado, household moving is regulated by the Public Utilities Commission. The move can be executed with hourly, flat rate, or by weight and distance in accordance with the company’s policies.

The mover must have workers’ compensation insurance and proper licensing on vehicles and equipment. You can research taxes in Colorado before moving to choose the most affordable place to live.

The state of Colorado has reciprocal agreements with Germany, France, Canada, Taiwan, and South Korea. Licensees from other countries need to pass the drive skills test and written exam to apply for a license.

As of 2015, the state requires 2 documents proving Colorado residency for applications with registration expired for more than 1 year. Contact police department or city offices for information about availability and fees.

This will require a trip to the DPS office where you must submit documents and pay for fees. You have 90 days after establishing residency in Texas to transfer an out-of-state driver’s license.

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Florida state laws require that an individual update address information on driver’s license within 10 days of residency. The Department of Agriculture -Division of Consumer Services (FD ACS) is in charge of regulating movers of household goods in the state.

Weekend rates tend to be high, for either truck rental or moving services. Movers are required to provide a written estimate and contract that states the moving company’s address and contact information, state registration number, date of contract and date of the move, and an itemized list of charges for all services provided, and acceptable modes of payment.

They should also have cargo legal liability in case of damage or loss of household goods that is not less than $10,000 for every incident. Don’t overlook its other great towns and cities like Tacoma, Wenatchee, and Olympia, among others.

You can look up the Washington Public School Districts to make it easier to choose the right education for your kids. Per RCW 59.18.260, a written checklist outlining the condition and state of cleanliness of the unit must be given at the start of residency of the tenant.

If a checklist is not provided to the tenant, the landlord is liable for the amount of the deposit at the end of the lease. The State of New York is highly diverse and energetic with a mix of smaller towns that are flat in some and mountainous in others.

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To-Do List for Moving to New York: The state DMV provides services for registering your vehicle and renewing your license online or by mail If you’re moving to New York, you’ll need to update your address. You can file your change your address with the USPS online to ensure receiving mail in your new home.

If you have changed address, the state requires that you report it within 10 days for your driver’s license and motor vehicle registration. Although unlicensed movers offer much lower rates, they don’t meet insurance, safety, and financial standards that put you at risk.

Movers are required to provide a bill of lading which is a formal contract. Never sign one without reading carefully and understanding whether the cost is based on hourly rates, the weight of goods, or if it is a fixed amount written in a binding estimate.

The South Carolina Public Service Commission regulates intrastate moves. Just remember that movers don’t accept liability for broken items that they didn’t pack.

To have a smooth move to the Bay State, following are some useful information to ease the transition. One of the most important things you’ll do before your move is to find an apartment or home to rent.

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The Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation recommends to newcomers to be aware of their Rights and Responsibilities as a Tenant. Dog licenses are required by the state so be aware of regulations if you are moving with pets.

You’ll need proof of residency sooner or later, so you should also update your voter registration. The Connecticut Department of Transportation regulates household goods moving in the state and sets forth tariffs outlining charges and services of movers.

Most firewood is a regulated item and would require state compliance permits or agreements. Standard driver’s licenses cost around $66 and vehicle registration is from $75 onwards.

You’ll need a driver license, voter registration, or proof of residency such as utility bills. Tennessee's laws require that new residents get a driver license and register a vehicle within 30 days of moving to the state.

Below is a compilation of popular long distance movers in the USA and Canada and their rankings on different review sites. INTERNATIONAL VAN LINES This moving company is based in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and was established in 2000.

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It is licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission and the Department of Transportation (DOT#2293832/ MC#796971). The company offers long distance and cross border moving services for the transport of household goods, vehicles, and commercial items.

AMERICAN VAN LINES This premiere moving company’s top service areas include Florida, North Carolina, Texas, and has weekly shuttles to major US cities to provide you with a timely relocation. This company has extensive resources and can efficiently handle your long distance move anywhere you need to go.

They offer full service moving which means they take care of the packing, loading, and transport to your new location. Whether it is just a piece of furniture or an entire home, they have the skills and equipment to make your long distance move stress-free.

They protect furniture with heavy storage blankets and shrink wrap all items. Their flat rates assure customers of transparent and honest pricing.

Each location has clean, shiny trucks of different sizes to suit your move. They also offer packing services and will customize your move to make it perfect for your needs and budget.

For more than a decade, the company has been delivering efficient and honest residential and corporate moves to customers. The company has 3 locations in New York and 1 in New Jersey which greatly facilitates the delivery of your goods in these areas.

Their 16’container has 924 cubic feet of packing space which can accommodate 3-4 rooms of furniture. It provides service in 20,000 cities in 58 states, provinces and territories in the USA, Canada, and Australia.

ARMSTRONG RELOCATION This top-rated moving company has been in business through 3 generations of family ownership and has grown from its humble beginnings. It has a vast network to carry out any type of move anywhere in the country, with locations in various states like Colorado, Mississippi, Georgia, Kentucky, California, Florida, Louisiana, and more.

It is proud to be an agent of United Van Lines and offers local, long distance, and international moving services. It is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and the American Moving and Storage Association.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK This moving company has been in business for more than 30 years and has over 350 locations worldwide. It operates in 40 states and expects continued growth in the US, Canada, Ireland, and the UK.

They provide a full range of residential moving services locally and across the country. This limited long distance option is available in Atlanta, Orlando, Lansing, and Cincinnati.

Regular priced long distance moves are available anytime and anywhere else. For expedited long distance moves, the same movers load your belongings and drive the truck to your final destination for a quicker process.

If you want to know what items your movers can’t move, check out the video below for more information. AR PIN VAN LINES This moving company is based in West Warwick, Rhode Island.

It is an industry leader in moving household goods for residential and commercial customers as well as storage services. It is a member of the American Moving and Storage Association and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Established in 1945, it has grown and evolved into a giant moving company with over 250 agent locations nationwide. This company is one of a few movers that strive to reduce their environmental footprint and go green.

An experienced crew is dispatched to provide exceptional service to your family and ensure a hassle-free moving experience. As a van line, it has hundreds of agent movers throughout the country for interstate and cross border moves.

They know that accidents do happen and are committed to making settlement of claims as hassle-free as your move. Their fleet of trucks is state of the art and designed to safely transport household goods.

GENTLE GIANT MOVING COMPANY This national moving company has earned a lot of praise from customers and consistently ranks high in customer satisfaction surveys. It has 15 locations in the country including California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and more.

With their experience spanning 4 decades, the company is highly skilled and extremely professional in delivering all types of relocation services. They service the lower mainland and moves to and from Calgary, Alberta, Toronto, and all major cities.

With numerous locations across the country, they can easily handle moves like Vancouver to Seattle. One of the benefits of choosing this moving company is their convenient scheduling and direct routing to allow your household goods to arrive faster than with other carriers.

They also have the lowest claims ration in the country, assuring customers that they handle items with utmost care. They offer a wide array of moving services for apartments, condos, offices, warehouses, etc.

PREMIERE VAN LINES This moving company has over 35 years of service in the industry and is a recipient of the Regional Western Canada and National Quality service awards of Atlas Van Lines. It also provides international moving services, professional packing and crating, and auto/motor vehicle relocations.

It is accredited with the Better Business Bureau as an A+ rated company and with the International Association of Movers. ATLAS VAN LINES (CANADA) This moving company has become a national mover of choice due to quality services, ethical business practices, and a trustworthy reputation for more than 53 years in Canada.

It has more than 150 full service national moving agents in every territory and province across Canada. Atlas Canada is the first van line in the country to conduct a comprehensive background check program to ensure customers’ safety and peace of mind during relocation.

AMJ CAMPBELL This moving company has provided reliable relocation services to clients since 1934. With a strong emphasis on customers’ needs, they strive to stand out from competitors by delivering a truly satisfactory relocation at all times.

It is located in Markham, Ontario and has partnered with Atlas Van Lines, providing it with a large network of resources to undertake any kind of relocation. TRANSL INE MOVING This is a very reliable long distance mover based in Toronto, Ontario.

The company has multiple locations in the Greater Toronto Area but can execute any long distance move across Canada. Moving companies are not required by law to accredit themselves with a professional organization or even the Better Business Bureau.

Membership assures customers that the moving company is licensed and in good standing in the industry. The Better Business Bureau is also a good place to verify the legitimacy and reputation of any moving company.

Members who violate guidelines or code of conduct could be removed and lose credibility. Associations also provide arbitration or assist in settling disputes between moving companies and their customers.

It’s not difficult to find good long distance movers no matter where you are located and where you need to go. The list above shows some of the most reputable full-service movers that have helped thousands of families like yours to relocate to new destinations.

Obtain multiple online quotes to compare costs from a reputable network like 5moversquotes. These moving quotes are free and no obligation ; you enjoy convenience and reliable service for connecting with licensed and experienced movers.

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