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Telecom, Satellite and Mobile Broadband Rwanda Internet Service Providers (ISP) Testmyinternetspeed.org is a comparison and research website that does not offer internet, TV, or home phone service.

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Every Swift sat Standard Kit includes one SAT Antenna, a Hughes 9200 Modem and the interconnecting cables required. Swift sat provides special discounts and offers for resellers along with free installation and operation training for resellers as well as entrepreneurs who aim to start businesses such as Internet Service Providers, Internet Cafés etc.

As the connection is via focused Key band spot beams and via satellite, the network is available across the Great Lakes region irrespective of terrain. This also makes Swift sat the reliable choice for regions with difficult hilly terrain and remote locations.

The key differences of fiber optics with SAT (Key band based internet) are: It does not have any geographical restriction and can provide internet until Fiber Optic Cables are laid out to the ‘Last Mile’ in Rwanda’s rural sectors.

Unlike dial up, ADSL enables users to use the phone while surfing the internet. In a city or a rural area, the speed of satellite internet would be the same irrespective of the user’s location, while with DSL internet the speed would be reasonable only if the user is located near the main office of the DSL service provider.

The farther users are located from the main office of the DSL service provider the lower the internet speed. KU and C bands are also focussed on a larger region thereby diluting the signal’s strength and penetration.

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These are concentrated on a smaller area and have high signal strength for better network penetration, reliability and data transfer speeds. Swift sat uses highly focussed, steerable spot beams to facilitate communication between the SAT dishes on the ground and the satellite.

These spot beams overcome the difficulties due to weather and cloud coverage that traditional satellite communications might suffer from. Government organizations, public health services, educators, citizens and civic associations, business and the local economy are all potential beneficiaries of a satellite high speed internet network.

Local libraries will rapidly become a hub of free, open access to information. A medium for communication and an available stream of information are two of the most empowering assets that a community can implement.

The Swift sat project believes the use of computers to communicate and to access stores of information is a viable weapon in the fight to create a reading culture and to surpass conditions of poverty. It also helps impart effective communication skills to gear up workers in Rwanda to compete at a global level.

By providing access to the Internet communities are exposed to vast collections of information and literature in various languages. A school student can go online to read the books published by Oxford University, and a farmer can search the Internet for tips on better rural agricultural processes.

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Swift sat also provides free technical training in ISP related disciplines to entrepreneurs from the Great Lakes region. The majority of these entrepreneurs plan to set up their own training centers, Internet cafés and ISP services in their locality.

Fast-forward to date, and we’ve got a plethora of demands for this interconnection such as Internet of Things (IoT), high definition video streaming, file sharing, online gaming, Internet telephony, cloud computing/storage and the list goes on and on. This simply means that the principle, which is internet speed is automatically expected to be fast and not a subject of discussion as a differentiator.

The value is the rolling mean throughput in Mbps over the past 30 days when the mean distance between the client and the server are less than 300 miles,” Net Index wrote. Ghana ranks 77th on their list, and makes it into the top position for an African country with the average download speed being 4.78 Mbps.

In what is a bit of a surprise, South Africa’s neighbor ranked 80th on the global scale, coming in second for the African continent with a download speed of 4.65 Mbps. From the 62,877 unique IPs that have been taken in Kenya, the country made it into the 84th position on the global list, with download speeds of 4.46 Mbps.

The African island managed to beat out industry heavy-weights such as South Africa and Nigeria with a download speed of 4.25 Mbps, while still making it to number 87 on the entire list. While many consider South Africa to be at the forefront of internet speeds on the continent, the data has shown otherwise.

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The country only managed to make it into 114th position on the global scale, resulting in being placed 6th on the African rankings. Only one position below South Africa, in both the African and global list, Morocco ranked 115th on the greater scale of internet download speeds, with an average of 2.84 Mbps.

Nigeria is considered to be one of the fastest growing countries in terms of internet connectivity, so it comes as a surprise to see the African nation in the 8th place, and 130th when compared to the rest of the world. Only two places below Nigeria on the global index, Rwanda makes it into the second last position in Africa, with 2.15 Mbps.

The coastal country of Mozambique managed to make it into the last position on the list of the fastest download speeds in Africa, while sitting at 140th on the global index. During the first edition of 2013 Transform Africa summit, Kern unveiled 4G LTE network on the Rwandan soil and the plan was to roll out the fastest internet at that time to the rest of the country in the next 5 years.

“During the Last 4 years of our Operation,” Patrick Soon, Chief Executive of Kern says, “we have been facing many difficulties and inconveniences.” “Now Finally we are in 2018, KERN is announcing to complete 4G LTE coverage more than 95% of population nationwide,” a seemingly thrilled Soon noted.

According to the Minister of ICT Jean de Dieu Rurangirwa, the national coverage of 4G Network will enable development of more technological solutions. Minister’s comments were echoed by The Chief Executive Officer of Bank of Kigali, Diane Assisi.

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Spend your days travelling between countries in search of an incredible amount of wildlife. Not a typical safari destination when compared to the likes of Kenya and Tanzania, a Rwanda safari offers something entirely different, whether it be tracking the mountain gorillas of the Vicuna Volcanoes, searching high and low for the cheeky chimpanzees of Synge Forest, or relaxing on the Savannah plains of Manager National Park.

Nicknamed ‘the land of a thousand hills’, it offers a tapestry landscape that winds its way from the eastern plains of Tanzania through to the central forests of the Congo Basin. In between, you will meet and discover one of the friendliest populations on the African continent, hospitable, generous, and forgiving.

As well as exploring the vast wildlife highlights on your Rwanda safari, make sure you spend time to stop, listen, and enjoy, the hospitality of the Rwandan people themselves. The Rwandan government has invested heavily in the tourism infrastructure over the years to the extent that there is now a healthy selection of mid to high-end lodges and properties, and the safari sights and sounds do not rely wholly on the mountain gorillas.

This growth is apparent as typical Rwandan safaris can include a selection of national parks with an array of wildlife highlights. A good week to ten days can afford you gorillas, chimpanzees, and Savannah game, negating the need to travel further afield and keeping costs within reason.

It has to be said, the Savannah game of Manager National Park is still not to the high standards of the big game parks of Kenya or Tanzania, however, it is making progress fast and is definitely worthy of a visit on any Rwandan safari. A small population located in the heart of the Vicuna Volcanoes, is a highlight of any wildlife enthusiasts’ career, and is the perfect combination for those wishing to also visit the larger and more wildlife-centric safari parks of Kenya and Tanzania.

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We work closely with the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project; take the time to meet the professionals doing a vital job in ensuring the ongoing health and success of the mountain gorillas. Rwanda is not only a place to track these wonderful, human-like primates, close in their natural habitat, but chimpanzees can also be seen here too.

Often overshadowed by the gorillas, chimpanzees are one of our closest relatives in the animal kingdom, and tracking them is an exhilarating experience. The world of the forest primates Rwanda offers some of the most breathtaking scenery in Africa, be it the dramatic Vicuna volcanoes bordering Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo or the forest of Jungle, one of the largest montane forests in Central Africa, home to chimpanzees and large groups of Colobus monkeys.

PARC National DES Volcano (Volcanoes National Park) is located in northwest Rwanda and is an area of thickly vegetated rainforest and bamboo providing shelter to endangered golden monkeys and approximately one-third of the world’s remaining mountain gorilla population. It is also where climatologist Dan Fossa carried out her seminal work, and which was her adopted home and place of rest.

Deep within the thickets of Jungle lies another gripping wildlife encounter. Here chimpanzees crash noisily through the forests, and witnessing these distant relatives and their human-like behavior is another highlight of any Rwanda holiday.

Conservation plays an important role in local tourism and there is a strong ethos of preservation of rare primates; it is rewarding to know that you are reinforcing the good work of the local organizations by contributing to park fees and permits. Our team of specialists have extensive on-the-ground knowledge and have all lived, guided or explored in great detail the destinations that they sell.

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As a leading specialist operator we have excellent partnerships with naturalists and conservationists. We frequently monitor the social, economic and environmental impact of our travel operations to ensure our trips are sustainable and ethical.

Talk to a Destination Specialist Ellen was excellent and very easy to work with. She made our experience more relaxing and enjoyable by removing any concerns or potential issues quickly.

He had an incredible way of finding out exactly what we wanted from our experience and then making it happen in a very quiet, efficient way. Patrick operated in a way that made us always feel safe and confident that we were in great hands.

Lovely hotels, good group of people, liked the small number, weather a bit damp for sunbathing(!!) Obviously the gorillas were the highlight and were totally amazing, but I enjoyed the entire experience.

We cannot say enough positive things about our experience … He was knowledgeable, personable, thoughtful, funny, kind and easy to be with. It was a good balance of giving information and having quiet time for us to just 'take in' the experience of a different culture.

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We definitely will pass on our words about your excellent service from beginning to end to make our trip to Rwanda a successful one! I feel that because of his background he made us understand the history and future of Rwanda very clear.

The managers of Silver back lodge (Nevis and Trace) are some the best we have ever encountered in 20 years -- always attentive, professional and accommodating. The facilities will be 'excellent' once renovated in April -- a bit tired (paint rubbing off on socks in room, etc).

You deliver at every stage, so we do not have to worry about anything and can just relax and enjoy the planning, booking and then the trip itself.

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