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• Tuesday, 05 January, 2021
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But, if you are lucky enough to get yourself a feature with Jazz, then just know that you can expect a fire verse 99.9% of the time. His voice stays at low tone throughout most of his verse as he switches up his flow.

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Nigel Sylvester with these bike Lipstadt’s a full cab and a backflip Hustling’ gets an honorable mention because, besides a great opening line, the rest of Jay’s verse is rather lackluster.

When Kendrick dropped “Don’t Kill My Vibe”, it was the song of the summer for 2013. Kendrick’s Good Kid, M.A.A.D City had just gone platinum, and to throw a cherry on top, Jazz gave K. Dot a feature.

JayZ’s verse on “I Do” shows how effortlessly Jay can flip words. Beginning with the opening line: Jay breaks down the word ‘” do” into letters “d-o”.

Normally, the words “do” and “know” don’t rhyme, but HOV makes them go together with ease. Mr. Carter remains a great moment for hip hop because Jazz literally passed the torch to Lil Wayne on this track.

So much so many considered Wayne to become Jay’s successor as the best rapper in hip hop. You’ll notice Jay sounds different, but his flow is timeless.

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Your cat is home, screaming’ the fight’s on’m in the fifteen hundred seats, watching Ty-son Let’s unpack Jay’s verse: HOV is rapping from the viewpoint of a person talking to his therapist.

Jay’s therapist tells him that “he crossed the line between real life and fantasy”. Many witty bars later, the therapist finally prescribes Jay some Prozac (lol).

Jeezy famously said Jazz had tears in his eyes when he wrote his verse for Seen It All. HOV primarily raps about the influences and sacrifices that drugs had on his father, his friends, and himself.

Gave my life to the blockFigured I get shot, ‘least I die on top (real shit) For this track, Jay reverted to his 90s fast-flow and proceeded to slaughter everything in sight.

I got your chick up in my Rover, Mani never kiss her, I never hold her handing fact I disc her, I’m a bolder man With that, Jay takes some time to reflect on his accolades, how he still has hood tendencies, and how Blue Ivy’s room is better than yours.

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Screaming’ carpe diem until I’m a dead poet Robin Williams shit, I deserve a Golden Globe bitch This is a track full of rap heavyweights in Kanye West, Jazz, Pusha T and writer CHI The Prince.

I lost 30 mil, so I spent another 30Cause unlike Hammer, thirty million can’t hurt me By the mid-2000s, Rochelle had very publicly fallen out, and Kanye West sided with Jazz over Dame Dash.

“Diamonds From Sierra Leone” is both Kanye West and Jazz addressing the fallout. HOV just causally letting the world know that even though Rochelle was behind him, the diamond still lives.

People lined up to see the titanic sinking, instead we rose from the ash like a phoenix “Drug Dealers Anonymous” could easily serve as Pusha T’s best song AND Jay’s best feature verse.

14-year drug dealer and still counting deserves the medal of freedom is my accountant JayZ’s “Pound Cake” verse embodies everything that makes HOV different from other rappers.

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The tracks that lit up our year, starring Value, Robyn, Minos, Terra Whack, Troy Sivan, boy genius, and more From Beyoncé and Jay’s Louvre takeover to Troy Sivan’s sweaty warehouse reverie to Cupcake’s gloriously NSFW dildo party, these are the 25 visuals that we couldn’t look away from this year.

From Playboy Cart’s mumbling opus to Vince Staples’ raved-up deconstruction of fame, these are the year’s most vital rap records. From Fever Ray to Kendrick to King Rule, the album as an art form took on new resonance this year.

From Lil Wayne to Max B to Nicki Minaj, a look at the best free downloads, tapes, and CD-Rs released since 2000 A look back at the most newsworthy artists, events, themes, comebacks, insane album rollouts, and fights of 2013.

And with the knowledge of Jay’s greatness becoming more and a more accepted fact of life, the typical sort of debates keeps popping up. It was Bad boy’s first major release since BIG’s death and Daddy’s first semi-solo project.

When you picked up the No Way Out CD from your local record store, flipped it over to the back with the track listing and saw a song called Young G’s that featured BIG and Jay … you were hyped. It’s on happen whether rapping or clapping have it your way because if that’s my dough you’re trapping, I’m clapping your way.” Can’t tell you all how much time I spent trying to explain to my (at the time) non-believer friends what Jay meant when he parallel the classic 80s television show Dynasty against one of history’s greatest real-world dynasties The Ming, as a means of showing us all the difference between how he thinks, and how we think.

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Went from warring to Warren, undercover to covers if you believe in that sorta luck your screws need adjusting.” - See Also:Mistakes Single People Make When Looking for a Relationship That’s high school making me chase you ’round for months, have an affair act like an adult for once…” So there you have it.

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