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Paul Gonzalez
• Saturday, 21 November, 2020
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But those who’ve been paying attention know that, despite the pitfalls of “MCG,” Jay has never lost it. He’s still been dropping hallmark bars with regularity, which is why we put together some of his best lyrics over the past five years.

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Kendrick Lamar ain’t the first rapper to comment on news networks trying to drag his name through the mud. HOV managed to combine that criticism with a takedown of the police and naysayers who think he’s washed up in a quick four bars.

Drake may be tired of it, but it’s a hell of a lot more justifiable than rappers outlining criminal activity that never happened. Dude went from the projects to owning a piece of an arena and the team that plays in it.

Here’s the master of double entendres utilizing the technique to highlight the qualities of his life. HOV uses FN phonetically to refer to fucking with him, as well as the firearm Fabrice National d’Arms de Guerre.

“One ain’t enough/I need two/That night I mix the Ace with the D’US’/Hit a triple-double in the Garden/Held up my left wrist like I’m Harden (swish)” Of course, he’d refer to Beyoncé’s umm... “garden,” as the most famous arena on earth.

“Mother had four kids, but she’s a lesbian/Had to pretend so long that she’s a Thespian/Had society shame and the pain was too much to take/Cried tears of joys when you fell in love/Don’t matter to me if it’s a or her” Based off of content alone, these are instantly some of the most noteworthy lines of Jay’s career.

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We’ve never heard him be this progressive, but more importantly, it was huge and heartwarming news about his mother, Gloria Carter. What makes it even more impressive is the arrangement, rhyming lesbian with Thespian in an outstanding but tragic metaphor.

That line captures a universal feeling for those who’ve spent time in the closet. HOV packs in four references to eyes in quick succession here: blank stares, seeing through deception, tears and side-eyes.

That kind of focus won’t be seen in the bars from your favorite punchline rapper. Once again with the double entendres, Jay calls out those foolish enough to snitch on themselves on Instagram with a word that works digitally and at the very bottom rung of meats.

Part II (On The Run) Lyrics The Only Rapper To Rewrite History Without a Pen has given us enough scripture off the dome to fill ten phone books.

Ranking songs almost seems easy by comparison of what Angel Diaz and I set out to do. Even the so-called “bad albums” still contain head-spinning bars that brim with new layers on listen 17.

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Genius | Song Lyrics & Knowledge Voter suppression laws disproportionately impact people of color. After weeks of cryptic, “4:44”-inscribed posters appearing on web pages and streets in both New York City and Los Angeles, and the release of three 30-second black and white commercials -- “Adonis,” “Kill Jazz and “MaNyfaCedGod, respectively featuring Maheshtala Ali, Danny Glover and Lupita Yong’o -- the main event that was responsible for all the clamor surrounding the mystery has finally been unveiled.

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