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For all those who ain't make it here lost their lives Yet, he has the proven ability to write about any topic imaginable, including some you wouldn't dare dream of.

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Just Jay rep pin' the streets of Marcy and embracing the notion of being stuck in “This Life Forever.” “Can't Knock the Hustle” is a bona fide hip-hop classic, not just because of Jay's smug rhyming but also because Mary J. Blige's cameo is purely magical.

In which two of the greatest MCs team up to salute their hood and throw barbs at rivals. Ever the shrewd businessman, Jay capitalized on the song's popularity by naming his album Vol 2... Hard Knock Life.

Back when Dirty South was but a blip on the rap radar, Jazz connected with UK on a blockbuster Timberland beat. A gripping tale in which Jay admits hurting his loved ones for selfish reasons.

This is the side of Jay that was tucked away for years, but he opened up a real scab and created a gem in the process. This pure, uncut slice of street hop triggered the campaign for American Gangster.

“Blue Magic” wound up in the Bonus Tracks section, but it still jams harder than most lead singles. Give Jazz a hard body beat, and he'll reward you with quotable rhymes.

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The Na's sample on “Rap Game/Crack Game” would eventually overshadow JayZ's performance on the song, thanks to its role in that famous battle. Venues basically pay Jay to show up and watch the crowd rap the entire song.

He “went out” on a high note, but “the Michael Jordan of rap” would soon bounce back like round ball. Jazz dotes on the Big Apple and ends up with his biggest smash yet.

Word has it that “Can I Live” marked the last time Jazz put pen to pad. The song is meticulously crafted with layers of internal rhymes and ruminative thoughts.

After two full verses of Mob Deep dishes, Jazz turns his attention to Na's for the next 32 bars. With scholarly focus, Jazz dismantles Na's' earlier attacks on “Stigmatic” Freestyle while launching a few insults of his own.

The road to “Dead Presidents II” was paved with trial and error; hopes and disappointment; toil and joy. The first, slightly subpar version of the song, didn't make the final cut for Reasonable Doubt.

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To add to the uncertainty, Na's is said to have been booked for a cameo, but he never made it to the recording studio. In the end, Jazz only needed a mic and a Ski beat to make his greatest song ever.

NFL's officials must have been bothered by how much Kaepernick was discussed during Super Bowl week earlier this year. Not only did Goodall have to answer more questions about why Kaepernick still isn’t receiving any interest from NFL teams, but there had also been a number of reports that the league was having a hard time finding performers for its halftime show.

Some stars, including Rihanna and Cardi B, reportedly turned down the opportunity to appear at the event show out of allegiance to Kaepernick. Other celebrities, such as the comedian Amy Schumer, publicly pressured the Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine to pull out of his performance.

The Reverend Al Sharpton, the civil-rights leader, blasted the rapper Travis Scott, who performed with Levine. “You can’t fight against Jim Crow and then go sit in the back of the bus,” Sharpton told TMZ.

As Kaepernick’s best friend, the Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid, pointed out on Twitter, the announcement of this partnership helped move the news cycle past last week’s controversy involving the Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross. The Miami wide receiver Kenny Stills criticized Ross for holding a fundraiser for Trump last week.

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Free users will have to put up with ads, which is fair enough, but a little more frustrating is the fact that on the smartphone versions, you can’t turn your screen off without the music cutting out. The paid version costs $9.99 a month, gets rid of ads and lets you listen on your phone with the screen off.

With a massive library and an attractive user interface, Apple Music is one of the best Spotify alternatives. If you have an iPhone, it’s quite possibly a better choice than Spotify, since you can play music via Siri on your phone through voice commands.

Apart from the 70 million or so songs, users can also watch music videos and listen to live radio stations run by real DJs. When you first sing up for the service, it will try to build a music profile and suggest radio stations and playlists, which are about as good as Spotify’s (read: hit or miss).

There’s no free tier, but new users can get a three-month trial before shelling out $9.99 per month for a subscription. Users create “stations” based on the stylistic similarities between songs and artists, and then Pandora’s algorithm plays music that matches those stats.

The free tier works great as your own personal radio station, but you’ll have to view ads for unlimited skips. At the $9.99/month plan, everything’s ad free, you can make custom playlists and search and play on demand.

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Like other services on this list, it includes a huge library (over 56 million tracks), on-demand radio, and more. When you first sign up for the service, you’ll build a profile of your listening habits by selecting your favorite genres and artists.

It doesn’t do an excellent job at picking up on your tastes, but it will still build a personal playlist (called your “flow”) with the music it thinks you’ll like. The subscription price for lossless quality is substantially higher than other services, running up to $19.99/month, though the standard premium plan is $9.99/month.

The free tier gives you access to thousands of playlists and stations. For on-demand listening, no ads, and custom playlists, you’ll have to subscribe to the Unlimited plan for $7.99/month, which makes it cheaper than most Spotify alternatives.

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