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For example, an average lightning strike releases about one billion joules of energy over a fraction of a second. Some components have sensitive circuitry requiring protection, but don’t store extensive data.

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Within industrial areas, tools and heavy equipment can cause damaging surges and line interference too. Even in the quietest residential neighborhood, up to 80 percent of all surges originate inside the home or office.

When power tools start up, when the air conditioner cycles on and even when the refrigerator or oven kicks on and off, small surges you may not notice can strike your electronics. Specifically, internal components called metal oxide various (Move) absorb the excess voltage and divert it safely to the ground wire, preventing it from reaching the connected equipment.

If you’ve had a major electrical event, such as lightning that caused a power failure, or if your units have been in use for a few years, today is a great time to make a small investment in new surge protectors and greater peace of mind. So there you were shopping for a surgeprotector, and you realized, “I have no idea what a Joule is or how many I need.” No worries, we’ve got your back.

Technical Definition: Joule rating tells you how much energy dissipation your surge protector is capable of. What It Really Means: Think of Joule rating as how many “punches” of extra electricity your surge protector can take before it needs to be replaced.

While he isn’t the best, Tommy is a solid fighter, and he trained under Rocky before bailing on him to chase his dreams. Using surge protection in this range is definitely a huge step up for unprotected devices.

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It comes in a smaller form factor for discrete placement and flexibility, like on the kitchen counter Good for plugging in smaller electronics like small appliances, cell phones, and laptops Most affordable level of quality surge protection Additional outlets to power or charge your devices He’s a great fighter that packs plenty of punch, and I mean come on, it’s Hulk Hogan.

Surge protectors in this range are very effective, but at the end of the day can’t quite take the electrical “punches” that Rocky can. If you're looking for a surge protector in this range that doesn't need to be on the wall, check out our desktop power station, fully equipped with a phone stand plus AC & USB ports.

Most surges occur during storms, so if you often experience thunderstorms or hurricanes, make sure to protect all your valuable electronics. If you live in an area with an unstable electrical grid, surges, spikes, and sags can happen at any time, no storms required.

Let’s just say that a 2000+ Joule surge protection power strip probably won’t look great on your new granite countertops. As an easy way to determine clamping voltage, make sure what you buy is UL listed, which basically means a 3rd party has tested & verified a product to be safe.

All EchoStar surge products are UL listed, so you can trust that our clamping voltage is more like a guy that drank too much coffee. Lines of Protection These bad boys are the pathways to divert extra surge away from your equipment.

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On the inside of a surge protector, Move (Metal Oxide Various) are the punching bag that absorbs extra voltage before it is diverted away from your gear. Check to make sure that your Move are fireproof, for the ultimate in surge protection.

Nothing would be more depressing than a burned down house because you wanted to save a few dollars on your surge product. Appliances in homes produce electromagnetic interference in the power supply, which harms the longevity of your devices.

If your surge protector is equipped with EMI/RFI noise filtering, power is cleaned up before it reaches devices, extending the life of your gear. To wrap it up, the number of Joules you need from a surge protector depends on what you are protecting, where you live, and how long you want it to last.

EchoStar surge protectors are UL listed and pack many of the premium features above at different Joule ratings. When choosing a surge protector, you will obviously make sure that it has enough outlets for all your electronics, a space between the power bricks, and a long cable to ease mobility.

A higher number of the surge protector definitely means that it can sustain bigger or more hits from single or multiple events. Such a surge protector will not wear out easily and can withstand the highest jerks without causing any damage to any of your valuable devices.

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However, this is not true if you live in an area where storms and power outages are frequent; still, getting a higher joule rating comes with a lot of benefits. A surge protector which is under a rating of 1000 joules can easily protect small devices like radios, lamps, battery chargers etc., but will not be suitable for your computer or gaming consoles.

It will provide enough protection to the power tools and important office equipment such as copiers, printers, and routers. The unexpected weather changes have a direct effect on the electricity supply and the power outages can damage your expensive devices.

When you turn on your air conditioner, or when the oven or the refrigerator kicks off, small surges of this sort can strike your appliances. A surge protector with a lower response time tends to act faster to redirect the excess voltage before it can cause considerable damage to your device.

Choosing a surge protector with a higher joule rating is going to land you on the safe side and help in protecting all your valuable appliances. Additionally, going with a device offering a lower response time is also a safe option and will ensure that there is no delay in redirecting the voltage spikes which can cause considerable damage to your electronics.

With an incredible range of prices and features, not to mention a barrage of questionable marketing promises, it's hard to figure out what's worth the money, and what's nonsense. Typically, power strips are cheap, multi-outlet products that are merely an expansion of a wall outlet.

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These usually have a circuit breaker (on/off switch) of some sort, but most don't offer any real “protection” from electrical issues. Some might have the barest level of protection, but they're all pretty much just like plugging into the wall direct.

There are a number of products on the market that claim to “condition” the power from the wall, promising improved performance in your gear. All electronics have a power supply that takes the incoming wall current (120v in the US), filters it for noise, and converts it into whatever the device needs.

If you want total protection, consider that phone and cable lines can carry power spikes too. Many surge protectors come with USB connections, so you can charge your mobile devices without having to use a wall warts.

Eve Systems While not offering much protection, a portable power strip might prevent marital friction, and/or invoke bliss from travel companions. Most portable power strips add two to three additional outlets, plus offer direct USB charging (see number 8).

Some will give you a warning or shut off when their protection drops below a safe level. Many will just keep working, without protection, and you won't know it until a power spike damages your gear.

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If you know you've had a serious electrical event (like lighting blew out a transformer down the street), it's probably worth replacing your surge protector just in case. If you live in an area with lots of thunderstorms, your gear is probably more likely to experience power surges.

Even if you live in the desert, your A/C or refrigerator could kick power spikes back down the lines to your A/V gear. We don't currently have recommendations for specific surge protectors, but you can find plenty of options for as little as $20 or less at Amazon.

The unit of measurement used to describe the amount of work one type of surge suppressor can do is the Joules. The unit of measurement for a completely different type of surge suppressor is amps.

So Joules appears useful at first glance because it incorporates voltage and current in one measure. Answer: Any suppressor that degrades or 'wears out' in two or ten years is grossly undersized, is ineffective protection, and may even create a fire.

For AC mains, a suppressor must connect short to earth (be adjacent) to what actually absorbs energy). Suppressors that make an effective (short) connection to earth are also rated at least 50,000 amps.

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An effective suppressor connects transients (even tens of thousands of amps) to what harmlessly absorbs that energy: earth ground. Suppressors that need frequent replacement are undersized and are typically too far (many tens of feet) from earth.

Completely different devices, called suppressors, last for decades and are located adjacent to earthing electrodes. However, many surge strips they have in production today does not support protection against power spurts.

There are many Electric Utilities throughout the United States that offer Surge Protection to their customers or at the very least can recommend a reputable company to refer you to. You can used find out this information by going to your Electric Utility's website.

For that kind of protection you would need to install a surge suppression device on the power line. While the output transistors tend to be more robust, many of the low power circuits can be affected by lightning.

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