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While Andaman is still ruling the TRP chart, Yes Right Kay Delta HAI has returned to top 5. Star Plus' shows Image and Gum HAI Display Paar Main are on second and fourth spot with 3.1 and 2.9 TRP ratings, respectively.

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Finally, the makers of Yes Right Kay Delta HAI have succeeded in getting the show back to the top 5. The popular reality shows Big Boss 14 and Faun Being Correlate 12 are still struggling to make it to the top 5.

Star Plus' Yes HAI Chairman and Swath Nirvana Scathing 2 have grabbed 2.2 and 2.1 TRP ratings respectively. Colors' shows Shakti, Again 5, Dhoti Sarrdaarni and Is Man Marjolein 2 have managed to get 1.7, 1.5, 2.0 and 1.3 ratings respectively.

Now, in the upcoming episode, the viewers will reportedly see how Martin finally getting to meet his new Area who has lost all her memory (only to pretend) from the past and has become a professional boxer now. They have decided to put Kiera in a boarding school so that he can enjoy his childhood away from the shadow of his overprotective father who’s depending big emotionally on the child after the death of his wife Area.

However, Martin will have a strong gut feeling that Kiera will get back home and will miss his father. We buzzed actors of Yes Right Kay Delta HAI but did not get revert.

November 19, 2020December 1, 2020Salwa Khan episode, China Khan, Indian, Rdn_done, serial, series, Show, star plus, TV, TV show, Yes Right Kay Delta HAI “ Yes Right Kay Delta HAI is a show about two joint families.

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The story revolves around Asmara Maheshtala and Haiti Sinfonia. They go through a lot of issues as they have to live in a large family, to top it off they are parents of young kids.

During the 7 long seasons, the plot of the show keeps changing, all the way to the next generation. Now the plot revolves around the married life of Haiti and Asmara’s daughter Area, and her husband, Martin Genoa.

The show starts when Maheshtala is trying to find someone compatible with her daughter, Asmara. Here is something interesting, When Trajan Shah, the man who created the show was thinking of a name, he came up with at 4 am, and later on at 8 am the channel creepily enough suggested the same name.

Karen Tacker was initially picked for the role of Haiti, but he refused to be a part of the show a day and a half prior to the promo shoot. Producer Trajan Shah met Karen Mehran accidentally and found him to be an exact fit for the role of Haiti.

The 4 main characters hail from 3 states in North India. Amandeep JMA has acted in both these widely popular shows, Birdie and Yes Right Kay HAI.

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To have a lucky start to the show, Alok Path has done the voice over in the beginning. The role of “Dad” in Yes Right Kay Delta HAI was played by Alok Path’s sister.

During his school years, he was an extremely shy kid, someone who didn’t speak a lot. For all those who wanted to become actors at a younger age, well Cousin just might be an inspiration for you as he started acting when he was just 18.

He started your career and he just never looked back and surely there is no reason why he should. He is an amazing actor, his acting seems effortless, the fact that he’s so good just shows that he had started young.

He used to shoulder-length hair when he was a school kid, he was studying engineering but then later on in college he went bald. That incident changed him as he decided not to take it lying low, and now he carries a stick with him in his car at all times.

Cousin Khan started his career by working as an assistant director and now look at him! This very talented young man loves to write in his free time.

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Shiva Joshi who plays Area Genoa is very health conscious and is obsessed with being fit. She started her career with the show” Knelt HAI Lineage Ankh Michel in 2013.

When China Khan quit the show, she became the main face of Yes Right Kay Delta HAI. Shiva and Cousin both have won the Dadasaheb Phase Award for the best actress and actor in 2019.

All the fans of the show miss her as she played the role of Asmara for almost 8 very long years. She wasn’t able to become a journalist, she then tried to become an Air Hostess, she couldn’t give the exam as she ended up getting Malaria.

She considers this a good luck charm and yes no doubt she has been on the air for almost 8 years on Yes Right Kay Delta HAI ”. On completion of 10 years of Yes Right Kay Delta HAI, a spin-off series “Yes Richter Main Paar KE” was launched in March 2019.

The Rhea Sharma and Shaheed Sheikh starred series is the story of Haman and Krishna’s daughter and Area’s younger step-cousin Mishit. That’s all that we have for now about the best Hindi Serial Show Yes Right Kay Delta HAI, if you have more interesting facts than do let us know in the comments below.

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Yes Right Kay Delta HAI has been in the news for the longest time now, and we have already seen a glimpse of what's going to go down with Shiva Joshi aka Area's avatar change ahead. Asia was last seen in Yes Jade HAI Jinn Key and will be seen playing the role of Ila, Area's on-screen mother.

Meanwhile, other information about her character includes characteristics like being sly and full of spice but without any negative connotation to it. The likes of Mir, Goalie, Iraq and Fair have taken this genre to the zenith of popularity and appeal.

Despite almost eight hundred years of its existence, fatal hasn’t lost its sheen. Origin and Etymology: The word ‘Ghana’ has its origin in Arabic and means ‘to talk to the beloved.’ One more etymological derivation suggests the meaning of the word ‘Ghana’ as ‘the wail of a wounded deer’.

These meanings themselves have remained a constant refrain in Urdu Ghana poetry. As we go tracing back its origin, we find that it is a 7th century Arabic poetry genre where it evolved out of the Najib: the introductory section of another poetic form, the Asia.

It reached South Asia in the 12th century under the influence of the new Islamic Sultanate courts and Sufi mystics. Themes Traditionally, Ghana was understood as the poetic expression of love, pain of loss and separation.

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It dealt with the subject of unrequited love encompassing the beloved who does not reciprocate and the lover who desires. Some major traditional poets were either avowed Sufi's (Rum and Hafiz) or sympathizers of the idea.

Mafia: Aaliyah is the rhyming pattern that precedes ‘Reef’ (Refrain). • In the example above, both the lines of the first couplet end with the refrain ‘Kyla HAI preceded by the rhyme sound ‘AA’.

Thus, the words ‘Huey’, ‘Davao’ etc with the rhyme sound ‘AA’ are all ‘mafias’. The refrain ‘ Kauai in both lines of the Malta and the Saami miss of all successive hers is the Reef of this fatal.

• As seen in the above example, first couplet has both the miss equipped with reef (Kauai) and Mafia (Huey and data) which is a necessary characteristic of a Malta. • One of the famous Hazels by Has rat Johann ‘Chupke RAAF din Gansu banana yard HAI is a musical Ghana having a continuity in its couplets.

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