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Maria Johnson
• Tuesday, 08 December, 2020
• 5 min read

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This is more than likely due to the fact that while it may appear that little is required to make a successful young sex comedy film, Yes KyaHoRahaHai is quite the example of the opposite. Don't expect a DIL Chantey HAI or that cohesive knot between presenting a rive tingly upbeat story and a good film as well, it's not here.

There is possibly no way to transfer a smut ridden, vulgarly implying (yet highly entertaining) Hollywood screenplay as that from American Pie to Indian Cinema. Four young men Johnny (Cash Pandit), Rahul (Amir Ali Malik), Transit (Prashant Chianti) and Bounty (Vaibhav Phalanx) are entering their final year of college.

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The four females whom their eyes are set upon to do so are Pratt (Deep ti Varanasi), And (Samira Baggage), ESA (Papal Rotate) and Stella (Punanarva Meta). With signs of brilliance in his previous works, however, Yes KyaHoRahaHai sees him entering a territory a little too serious.

Despite the regular and obvious flaws, the young newcomers are entertaining in laid back debuts and are very fun to watch. Even though they are many to count, and are relatively left to do fun and fanatics, which means little radiance of superb talent, they are undoubtedly watchable, even a second time around.

Spain Versa, who is Hansel Mehta’s writer for a number of upcoming films has scored on the many humor scenes and one liners but when the change from laughs to logic comes in it is sometimes hard to stomach the transition. Yet, the overall focus still remains intact and his pairing with Hansel Meta again has proven that neatly paced films are always a notch better than your typical Bollywood flick.

Though not as perfect as his previous endeavors, Hansel Mehta’s Yes KyaHoRahaHai is not as bad as other attempts at teenage cinema and certainly better than N. Chandra’s Style. A few laughs are guaranteed and great tunes are also reason enough to give Yes KyaHoRahaHai much more viability than recent Bollywood disappointments.

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