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Ellen Grant
• Monday, 04 January, 2021
• 8 min read

I have been watching Wheel of Fortune for more than 20 years now–my parents even tell me that the game taught me how to read. But watching the program last night, I realized I had no factual basis for that.

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So I figured I would do some quick Googling and find out what the best letters actually were. I found this website, which archives Wheel of Fortunebonusround puzzles and other associated information.

1) I am not a lone in my belief: C M D A are the four most frequently called letters at 64.6%, 59.9%, 57.9%, and 48.3%, respectively. This just goes to show you that the bonus round puzzles are not a random sample of words from the English language–in real life, O is the fourth most common letter after E, T, and A.

However, the producers intentionally pick puzzles where those letters don’t show up. It ranks just slightly below the least frequent vowel (U, 4.7%) but higher than N (4.5%), S (3.8%) and L (3.7%).

G’s frequency might be overrated since a lot of those come from -ING suffixes, which you could reasonably guess if you see a word like _ _ _ _ _ N _. Letters like C, B, or P might have an advantage in that they could appear at the beginning of words more frequently and are thus more valuable.

There are a bunch of interesting questions we can now answer that I have this dataset. Since this category always begins with a word ending in -ING, having the G be revealed in that slot is worthless to a contestant.

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I'm going on Wheel of Fortune in a few days and a staff member from ABC told me that I was going to be on to the bonus round, so I want to know what are the best four letters to pick??? It's a syndicated show, and it's produced by SONY.

The person that goes to the bonus round is determined by who has the most $ at the end of regular play. A lot of time they have puzzles with W, Y, or K in the bonus round.

Source(s): Avid Wheel of Fortune fan What helps play along with the game when watching it from home and pausing the bonus round level is using the “Used Letter Board” app on the Apple App store since you can easily clear out the RST LNE letters then click on the letters that the bonus round person has chosen to leave you the available list of letters to figure out the puzzle.

In all honesty, it depends on what letters are revealed if any and how many are blanks are left. You can practice with more puzzles by clicking the link below :-).

A quick refresher: on Wheel of Fortune, the contestant who's won the most money during regular play gets a shot at the bonus puzzle at the end of the show. The letters R, S, T, L, N and E are gimmes -- Anna White flips these over for you automatically.

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You then get to choose three more consonants plus one vowel -- those are revealed as well, and then you have 10 seconds to solve the puzzle. This video of a typical bonus puzzle should suffice for the three of you who've never watched the show.

If you've ever watched the show, you know that contestants rarely make this selection. Roughly 65 percent of contestants choose C, even though five other consonants appear more frequently.

M is an even worse selection -- nearly 60 percent of people pick it, but it's near the bottom of the pack of bonus puzzle letter frequency. People are choosing letters based on their overall frequency in the English language.

But the show's producers know that people are guessing C, D, M and A, so they're going to choose puzzles without those letters when they can. We can also quantify exactly how much better of a selection these letters are over the standard CDMA picks.

On average, the GPO selection yields about 2.46 revealed letters versus CDMA's 1.85. So for instance, a selection of CDMA yields 0 revealed letters in 203 of the 1,546 puzzles.

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So in other words, by choosing GPO over CDMA you're twice as likely to get four or more letters revealed, and half as likely to get nothing. This post was inspired by a weekend Reddit thread in which editor “PhaethonPrime” mined data from wheeloffortunesolutions.com.

But there are some issues with this dataset: because of the irregular structure of the site you can only get answers back to 2011. And the site includes listings for reruns that run on Saturdays and over the summer, so many of the bonus puzzles appear multiple times, which will obviously throw your counts off.

However, their puzzles are up to date and appear to be updated daily, they don't include reruns, and they're complete all the way back to 2007. I spot-checked these puzzles against the ones listed in wheeloffortunesolutions.com and found that they matched, giving me a fair amount of confidence in the numbers.

This is the kind of puzzle that an executive producer slips into the mix when the show is pushing its prize budget for the month. The interview offers a rare glimpse of the used-letter board, which savvy Wheel contestants use to make sure they don’t call a “T” when the last guy just asked for a “T,” you idiot, and now everybody’s laughing at you on national television.

Obviously, this confused hosts Pat Speak and Anna White, along with the other contestants who were quickly racking up letters on the board. Another contestant got the answer easy-peasy: “Following Footsteps.” But it didn’t really matter; Aura walked away the winner by far with a cool $13,970 in her pocket.

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