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Show more See all customer reviews Product Description Safeguard computers and electronic devices with this reliable APC Surgeries surge protector. This APC Home Office Surgeries surge protector has 11 outlets and two USB ports.

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Show more See all customer reviews Product Description Safeguard computers and electronic devices with this reliable APC Surgeries surge protector. This APC Home Office Surgeries surge protector has 11 outlets and two USB ports.

If you're a true tech addict, or you simply have several devices around the home plugged into the wall, you need a surge protector. Often, people mistake surge protectors for power strips that help you expand the number of devices you can plug into a single wall outlet.

Surge protectors provide a barrier between your device and the electricity coming into your home. If there's a spike in the voltage, it can wreak havoc on your devices, causing problems with their power supplies or even frying them entirely.

(Image credit: AmazonBasics) Number of outlets: 6 | Power rating: 200 joules | Cord length: 2 feet | Protected indicator light: Yes | Size: 11.8 × 6.5 × 1.75 inches | Weight: 1.1 pounds Our bestsurgeprotector overall, it comes with six outlets and a 2-foot-long cord and has a 200-joule, three-line surge -protection rating that will keep everything safe, from your smartphone to small appliances.

Welkin 12-Outlet Power Strip (Image credit: Welkin) Number of outlets: 12 | Power rating: 3940 joules | Cord length: 8 feet | Protected indicator light: Yes | Size: 15.6 × 6.1 × 2.1 inches | Weight: 2.1 pounds The Welkin 12-Outlet Power Strip is the bestsurgeprotector for an office or anywhere else you have several devices in one spot and want to keep them all protected.

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Welkin 12-Outlet Pivot Plug Power Strip (Image credit: Welkin) Number of outlets: 12 | Power rating: 4320 joules | Cord length: 8 feet | Protected indicator light: Yes | Size: 11.4 × 4 × 1.1 inches | Weight: 2.45 pounds But its most compelling feature is a pivot function for eight outlets, so you can move them to the perfect spot to maximize your cords' reach.

Kensington's Guardian 6 Outlet is a handy surge protector to have around in an office or anywhere else you have several devices plugged in to the wall. That's chiefly because it comes with a 15-foot power cord, so you can place it just about anywhere in the room to plug in devices.

The Hyundai protector I saw (the cheap one) has 2 anorexic Move and 1 GDT connected in Y config. Logged I’m don't speak English well, and rely on online translating to write in this site. Please forgive me if my choice of my words looks like offensive, while that isn't my intention.

Would you prefer to buy a new power supply for your computer / a new compressor for the AC every time some bastard electrician did not tighten well the neutral wire shared for you and a neighbor on another phase ? Products featured are independently selected by our editorial team, and we may earn a commission from purchases made from our links; the retailer may also receive certain auditable data for accounting purposes.

Back in July, Dr. Anthony Fauci urged Americans to wear safety goggles with their virus-protection wardrobes, saying “If you have goggles or an eye shield, you should use it.” The CDC, meantime, recommends protective eyewear such as safety glasses during periods “where splashes and sprays are anticipated” or where “prolonged face-to-face or close contact with a potentially infectious patient is unavoidable.” Our eyes are a mucosal surface, just like our nose and mouth, which means they’re susceptible to picking up viruses in the air.

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Some pairs are really more protective glasses, offering an easy solution that works stylistically with everyday clothing, while others are more heavy-duty. The best safety glasses should fit snug against the face, with extensions that cover the sides of your eyes.

Just like the best face masks, the best safety googles should be able to seal out any potential particles or bacteria from getting through the frame. Protective glasses that have been fitted with your prescription will be easier to keep on all day without the need to switch out your regular frames.

Plus, temple and nose padding work to increase protection while making the glasses more comfortable. These protective glasses from Harm Block are a good in-between pick if you’re unsure whether heavy-duty or more civilian goggles are the best choice.

Because they’re meant for real work, the Harm Block glasses feature an anti-fog coating for use in the rain or with a mask. Another great pair of safety goggles that don’t look too hardcore are these protective glasses from Safekeeping.

They look similar to a statement-making pair of oversized aviators, but elongated peripheral shields work to keep out harmful substances. Grid disruptions and subsequent power surges are on the rise across the U.S., with an aging infrastructure, increasing frequency of severe weather, and a growing, technology-centered population taking its toll from the electrical grid to the internal wiring of homes.

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A professionally installed whole house surge protector can save you thousands over its initial investment cost. In addition to qualifying you for potential discounts from your insurance company, a whole house surge protector can save you the replacement costs of your many sensitive and expensive electrical devices, from your home entertainment system, to kitchen appliances, home office equipment and mobile technology, paying for themselves in the event of even a single power surge.

From the National Fire Protection Association to the Institute for Business and Home Safety, a whole house surge protector investment comes with a big thumbs-up. In addition, over 20 million cloud-to-ground lightning strikes occur annually in the continental U.S., whose resulting losses are typically not covered under homeowner’s insurance.

* Faulty wiring When was the last time you had your home’s electrical system inspected for safety? * Electrical equipment problems and repairs Which can result in extreme spikes and drops.

* Whole house surge protection installed between the meter and breaker box inside your home. Your Mr. Electric® professional can perform a simple test to verify the proper grounding that will help you make the most of surge protection in your home.

As such, surge protection may be applied at the mains input to combat disturbances on the mains supply external to the operating equipment or internally generated overvoltages usually caused by high inductive load switching. Those that divert the transient fall into two broad categories: crowbar devices that switch into a very low impedance mode to short circuit the transient until the current is brought to a low level; and clamping devices that limit the voltage to a defined level.

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The crowbar group includes devices triggered by the breakdown of a gas or insulating layer, such as air gap protectors, carbon block detectors, gas discharge tubes (Gets), or break over diodes (Bods), or by the turn-on of a thruster; these include overvoltage triggered SCRS and directors. One advantage of the crowbar-type device is that its very low impedance allows a high current to pass without dissipating a considerable amount of energy within the protector.

They use this property to clamp the overvoltage to a level dependent on the design and construction of the device. The impedance characteristic, although nonlinear, is continuous and displays no time delay such as that associated with the spark-over of a gap or the triggering of a thruster.

The main function of the clamp is to absorb the overvoltage surge by lowering its impedance to such a level that the voltage drop on an always-present series impedance is significant enough to limit the overvoltage on “critical parts” to an acceptable level. Modern Zenger diodes are very effective and come closest to the ideal constant voltage clamp.

However, the avalanche voltage is maintained across a thin junction area, leading to substantial heat generation. They have a long lifetime compared with diodes, and the variety failure mode is a short circuit.

This prevents damage to the load that may result if failure of the protection circuit is undetected. Each intergranular boundary displays a rectifying action and presents a specific voltage barrier.

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When these conduct, they form a low oh mic path to absorb surge energy. During manufacture, the zinc oxide granules are pressed before being fired for a controlled period and temperature until the desired electrical characteristics are achieved.

On the other hand, a defines the degree of nonlinearity in the resistance characteristic and can be controlled by selection of materials and the application of manufacturing processes. The slope of the protect region is determined by the device parameter , which bears an inverse relation to a.

The Zenger diode comparison highlights the extended protect region the variety also offers for a comparable current and power capability. The normal operating conditions of the apparatus or system, and whether ac or DC voltage is applied.

The higher the nominal voltage of the selected variety compared with the normal circuit operating voltage, the better its reliability is over time, as the device is able to withstand more surge currents without degrading performance. Maximum surge currents are related to the size of the component and start from a few hundred amperes up to several tens of kiloamperes (at standard waveforms of 8/20 is).

Once the repetitive peak current is known, then you can calculate the necessary energy absorption, in Joules (Watt.second or WS), for the variety. Consequently, it’s important that the applied voltage doesn’t rise above a certain maximum value, or the permissible rating will be exceeded.

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It’s important to ensure the variety is able to absorb this energy throughout the planned product lifetime or replacement interval without failing. This involves calculating the energy absorbed after finding the transient current and voltage applied to the variety.

Electrical and mechanical considerations must be taken into account when selecting the package size and style. This includes determining the required energy rating and surge current amplitudes, and whether the device is intended to protect against exceptional surges or those caused by repetitive events will feed into the selection process.

Depending on the application, the presence of this capacitance can be of little consequence, a desirable property, or, at worst, problematical. For example, in DC applications a large capacitance is desirable and can provide a degree of filtering and transient suppression.

4, you can see how a variety may be used to protect a generic load against power surges originating from the supply. Without variety protection, the measured peak current through the pump motor when S is closed is 1A.

6 shows how various may be used to suppress internally generated spikes in a TV application. Various offer cost savings and performance advantages over crowbar-type surge protectors and Zenger diode clamp devices in a wide range of applications.

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In addition to these, ultrahigh surge various are also more widely used in the market, capable of offering an improved surge current/size ratio and allowing replacement of large components by smaller devices with similar performance and reliability. Other new variety types incorporate a thermos fuse to provide a predictable “fail-safe” behavior in case of abnormal use.

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