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• Monday, 30 November, 2020
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Another great thing about this, and other Mega Man games, is that it offers players a choice in stage order, thus allowing for each play through to be different from the last. That said, this article will determine the “perfect” order to play the game, allowing users to maximize playtime and eliminate backtracking.

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No matter what boss strategy guide one might find on a website, or in a YouTube video, Chill Penguin is often picked first. This could also work as a first stage although fighting Launch Octopus without the boots is tricky.

The boss tornado attack can suck X in quickly and the boots definitely help out with evasion. Anyway, the only optional thing to get in this stage is another Heart Tank that can be found at the bottom of the sea.

Getting the Homing Torpedo from Launch Octopus, though, makes this boss a cinch. Like Chill Penguin, players do have to come back to this stage again to get the obvious Heart Tank that is out of reach before the boss encounter.

Because Storm Eagle hasn’t been destroyed yet, Spark Mandrill’s stage is at full power. Anyway, Spark Mandrill is weak against Chill Penguin’s ice, so his ability will finally come into play here.

Armored Armadillo's stage is a fun ride, literally, as players will shoot around on mine carts for a good portion. Simply ride the elevator in the beginning to the top, dash off at full speed, and veer to the left of the screen.

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Destroying Launch Octopus first causes Sting Chameleon’s stage to flood. Get to the end of the stage to fight Sting Chameleon, who is weak against the Boomerang Cutter and that’s that.

As beating Chill Penguin prior to entering this stage freezes the lava, the whole process is made much easier. The only thing left to do after beating Flame Mammoth is to go back to Chill Penguin’s stage in order to use the Fire Wave to bust through a secret bunker.

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The Boss Spider looks tough but it's actually easy to predict its movements and just blast it from a distance. Sigma is actually pretty easy as long as you keep jumping on the walls up until he reaches your location, then fall down and blast him. We hope this guide helped you in deciding which bosses to tackle and in the easiest order.

Seaman Legacy Collection is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Beyond Heart Tanks, Sub-Tanks, and Armor Parts hiding in each stage, players are free to approach bosses in whatever order they choose.

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Mega Man X5 feels like the sub-series’ grand finale and the game’s boss fights rise to the occasion as formidable foes. It’s a tense stage with a great level gimmick, but Crescent Grizzly struggles to put up a fight.

Not only is the level filled with bottomless pits and roadblocks, there are collectibles littered about that lead to an armor upgrade for X. Shining Firefly has one of the most traditional and memorable stages in Mega Man X5, taking X through a lab’s ruins that are honestly more reminiscent of a palace forgotten by time.

Dark Acrobat’s stage counters MegaManX’s inherent fast-paced, but its platforming gimmick is both appropriate for the genre and a game that pays tribute to classic Mega Man quite often. Spiral Pegasus has one of the tougher stages in the game, featuring multiple set pieces where players only have five seconds to clear a room and save Replies.

There are also numerous enemies throughout and an elevator section where players need to avoid the Sigma Virus if they’re playing as X. Players can only damage Pegasus so much while time is frozen, leading to a boss fight with an opponent who loves to zip around the screen.

Burn Minored’s stage is another hard one, featuring several install traps for X or Zero and plenty of fire. Players need to be careful not to get obliterated by walls of lava, timing when they progress and when they hide away in the stage’s nooks & crannies.

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Burn Minored is weak to Wing Spiral and W-Shredder, but his attack patterns are hard to counter and his flames can cover up a good chunk of the screen. In spite of its gimmick, it very much feels like a traditional level with a lower difficulty curve.

Spike Rosary is a bit harder to compensate, but it’s surprisingly easy to cancel his attacks before they happen. Ground Fire and Quake Blazer will reset most of Spike Rosary’s actions as they’re occurring.

Weakness : Shotgun Ice Weapon Received : Electric Spark He will also dash at you, swing across the ceiling and try to drop on you, and shoot Electric Sparks at you.

Shooting Spark Mandrill with Shotgun Ice will momentarily freeze him and do significant damage to him. If you shoot Spark Mandrill after he breaks out of the ice and right as he lowers his arms, then you won't give him a chance to move.

Armored Armadillo will attack by shooting Hadoken-like fireballs and rolling across the screen at you. Simply move out of the way of his rolling and jump over the fireballs (or climb the wall) and Armadillo is a pushover.

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He'll either fire torpedoes at you or leap across the screen and create a whirlpool vortex to pull you towards him. If he grabs you during this move, Launch Octopus will begin to drain some of your energy and regain his.

Sting Chameleon is one of the trickier bosses to defeat, mainly because he uses so many attacks. If you hit Sting Chameleon with a Boomerang Cutter, he will immediately stop whatever he's doing and jump to hang from the ceiling by his tongue and drop spikes.

Storm Eagle has very few moves that directly attack you; he is more likely to try and shove you off the edge of the platform. He will flap his wings to slightly push you towards the edge, or he will fire Storm Tornadoes that do no damage but shove you backwards very forcefully; you can dash to counter his wings and jump to escape the push of the Storm Tornado.

He will also frequently dive bomb from the top of the screen to the bottom towards you but can easily be avoided by walking or dashing. His last attack involves launching an egg that explodes into four small birds that fly towards you, but they can be destroyed by shooting them.

Flame Mammoth's main attacks are to jump towards you and shake the floor (stunning you if you're on the floor when he lands), switch the direction that the conveyor belt moves (by crying out), and shoot oil and fireballs at you. If a fireball hits an oil puddle it will create a Fire Wave that travels across the screen.

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To avoid this, use the Boomerang Cutter to cut off his trunk, so he can no longer shoot oil puddles. When hit with Storm Tornado, Flame Mammoth will be momentarily stunned.

It will move along a predetermined “Ghost Leg” track as it drops from the ceiling and rushes to the floor. It's only real “attack” is to launch baby spiders which will rush towards you and run up the wall.

Shotgun Ice is your best bet since it fires fast and takes little weapon energy to use. Remember, do not destroy the nose first, or the walls will close, and you will have to fight the eyes in an enclosed space.

Depending on the color, the eye will move towards you (blue), fire shots at you (green), or both (red). When the walls close in and the nose detaches, you'll be able to shoot it with the Chameleon Sting.

You'll take the most damage from being hit by its projectiles or being squished in between the lower and upper portions. Taking a hit from being rammed is better than letting the upper portion fall on you.

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Either hide in the corner or dash forwards to dodge the orb attack. Sigma's dog bounds across the room and can even use a limited wall jump.

Drop from the wall while firing Electric Spark, and he will be unable to block it. Alternatively, if you managed to acquire the Heineken, keep performing the combination immediately after the two screens of dialogue prior to the fight.

This will be a long and difficult battle as Sigma doesn't take damage quickly, but you do. The only way to damage Sigma is to jump on his floating hands when they drop to ground level and ride them up to face level and blast his head with either a fully charged, upgraded X Buster or a Rolling Shield.

Rolling Shield will do more damaged than your X Buster, but don't bother charging the weapon because getting too close can be very dangerous. If you can stay on his hands in a safe spot for the duration of the fight, there's no reason for you to take damage.

The spikes you see on Sigma's shoulders in the background cannot damage you, so wall jumping can be utilized to an extent. Also note that the electricity sent from the hands can hit you if you're in the corner, so it's definitely not a good place to stay.

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Once you get to the top, jump off and shoot Sigma's head with the Rolling Shield (careful not to bump into him though). Also, when using your fully charged pink X -Buster against any boss, you only do 1 damage if you are too close to the enemy.

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