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• Wednesday, 18 November, 2020
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Since their first appearance in 1963, the team has expanded into many groups, faced off against all sorts of threats, and played many roles in the larger Marvel Universe. Because the team is so popular, new mutants are constantly being introduced as a way of keeping the stories fresh and exciting.

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She can harden like Colossus, has X-23’s healing abilities, is telepathic, intangible and can even produce force fields. Because of this, she can heat or freeze things at alarming rates, effectively allowing her to control both ice and fire.

Likewise, with Photo Odorous from My Hero Academia having a virtually identical power set, Goya is one new character who likely deserves the spotlight once again. As a member of the Shi’AR Empire, Ava’Data Naganandini eventually found her way to Earth.

Though she didn’t exactly support the same values as the team, she still served alongside them as part of her duty to protect Kid Gladiator. Even Charles Xavier himself had to place a psychic reminder on himself so that ForgetMeNot’s existence wouldn’t be forgotten.

Eva herself possesses the ability to slow or stop time in a certain area, which was shown to be very beneficial. Since her debut, she would come to play a rather large role throughout Brian Bends’ run on Uncanny X-Men.

While most X-men fans are already familiar with St. John Allardyce as the mutant, Pro, Simon Laser is the newest version of the character. Initially, he was brainwashed into joining the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, though he would later serve as part of the X-Men : Blue team.

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Though Simon has been a smaller player in the X-Men world since his first appearance, Pro is once again John Allardyce and now serves as a member of the new Marauders lineup. Despite joining the main Marvel Universe later in his career, Jimmy was initially introduced early in 2010.

As the son of Cyclops and Jean Grey who hails from the future, Cable has been involved in many time-travelling adventures. Recently, however, the Cable that everyone knew and loved had been revealed to be murdered by a younger version of himself.

With a completely ridiculous superpower, Medina earned the nickname Gold balls, thanks to the large, golden balls that he can expel from his body. For a time, Fabio would actually leave the X-Men and attend school with Miles Morales, formerly the Ultimate Spider-Man.

Seeing the two interact was actually a great part of Miles' solo series, as Fabio tends to work better as a supporting character. For the time being, Fabio remains a part of the X-Men corner of Marvel, though it is unclear how big a role he will play going forward.

For example, Gabby only has one claw that can extend from her hand, though her healing factor is so advanced that she can't feel pain. About The Author J. Richland Anderson (298 Articles Published) J. enjoys reading and writing comic books during his free time and truly has a passion for superheroes.

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As someone who considers himself to be incredibly nerdy, J. enjoys DC, Marvel and independent titles equally. Marvel relaunched the entire franchise in 2019 under the direction of writer Jonathan Hickman, anchored by a brand new mutant status quo wherein a united Professor Xavier and Magneto have created a home for their people on the island nation of Krakow.

Writer Jonathan Hickman picks up where he left off in House of X and Powers of X, introducing new threats to Krakow and laying the groundwork for bigger conflicts to come. Still, the series succeeds in recapturing the exciting, sci-fi-oriented flavor of Grant Morrison's Newsmen, and the emphasis on Cyclops and his family helps the book maintain focus.

It's also revealed a number of other fascinating details about life in the mutant nation, including the implication that Cyclops, Jean Grey and Wolverine are involved in a three-way relationship. That said, X-Men isn't always the book leading the charge in Dawn of X. Arguably the biggest plot development of the last six months, the assassination of a key X-Men character, happens in another book and is only casually referenced in the pages of this series. Written by Gerry Duncan | Art by Matteo Loll, Michele Banding & Lucas Wreck While the team featured in this series shares a name with Mister Sinister's gang of mutant killers, they're hardly villains.

Marauder features Kitty Pride leading a pirate-themed X-Men squad tasked with smuggling mutants out of authoritarian countries and delivering them to Krakow. The series also deals heavily with the newly formed Hellfire Trading Company and the power struggle between Emma Frost and Sebastian Shaw as they work to control the flow of Krakow wonder drugs to the outside world. Dawn of X: Marauders Gallery.

Hickman himself named it a favorite back at Comic-Con 2019, telling reporters' writer Gerry Duncan was among the first to become involved with the Dawn of X relaunch and brought many fresh ideas to the table. That's readily apparent in this book, which both takes full advantage of the new status quo and does the best job of exploring the deep bonds between longtime X-Men characters.

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Above all, the series is a worthy showcase for Kitty, pushing her in a new direction without feeling like a step back from her days as headmistress of the Xavier Institute. Written by Mini Howard | Art by Marcus To & Wilton Santos The latest incarnation of Excalibur deals with the intersection of magic and science in the new mutant world order, as Apocalypse (now a member of the X-Men nation) and the new Captain Britain (a mantle now carried by Betsy Braddock) lead a team against Morgan LE Fay and her army of witches. Dawn of X: Excalibur Gallery.

One of the bigger problems with this book is that, aside from Apocalypse and Captain Britain, most of the main characters feel superfluous and randomly chosen. Excalibur definitely finds its niche in the larger Dawn of X tapestry, exploring how science and magic are really two sides of the same coin when it comes to creation and evolution.

Written by Benjamin Percy | Art by Joshua Cassava, Stephen Segovia & Oscar Azalea X-Force has always been the darker antithesis to the X-Men, dealing with major threats to mutant kind with extreme prejudice. Writer Benjamin Percy (who previously wrote Marvel's Wolverine: The Long Road Home podcast) is adept at both channeling the tone of this new era of X-Men established by Hickman while bringing his own flavor to the book.

X-Force succeeds in presenting a grim but necessary counterpoint to the rest of the line, showing the moral compromises that have to be made in the interest of safeguarding a new nation. Issue #1's cliffhanger really sets the tone for the series going forward and illustrates just how easily the new mutant nation can crumble if the X-Men don't stay vigilant and proactive.

Like many recent incarnations of the series, this X-Force delves deeply into the personal struggles these characters face in being part of a mutant networks squad. Written by Ed Frisson & Jonathan Hickman | Art by Rod Was, Fabiano Armenian & Marco Faille No matter how many times the X-Men franchise evolves, there's almost always a book devoted to a younger generation of up-and-coming mutant heroes.

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With Hickman co-writing the Shi'AR arc alongside regular writer Ed Frisson, it's no surprise New Mutants carries some pretty significant ties to the core X-Men series. That story establishes sweeping changes to the Shi'AR hierarchy that will no doubt impact a great many Marvel books (especially with the Empire crossover fast approaching) and also lays the groundwork for a major Brood storyline that's picked up in the pages of X-Men.

Written by Brian Edward Hill | Art by Szymon Kudranski Fallen Angels occupies the darkest corner of the Dawn of X status quo. Working alongside Mister Sinister (a dubious ally on the best of days), Kwan non and her team fight to stop a digital virus that robs children of their free will. Dawn of X: Fallen Angels Gallery.

On the horizon is a newsmen title and franchise debuting in March: Way of X, starring Nightcrawler on a bit of a vision quest to find religion for mutant kind. “In addition to those, we do have a couple of surprise books that we’re going to be springing on you, and a few new creators coming into the office that everyone is very excited about,” Hickman said.

“They’ll be working on titles and stories that we feel fit in perfectly into this idea of the line. And that's not to mention the numerous newsmen collections coming out at almost a weekly clip, putting recent arcs all in one place and, in some cases, bringing back in print storylines that haven't been available for years.

#4 by writer Al Ewing and artist Valerie Chili X-Force #18 by writer Benjamin Percy and artist Garry Brown X-Men : Inferno Omnibus HC Collects X-Factor #33-40, X-Terminators #1-4, Uncanny X-Men #239-243, New Mutants #71-73, Power Pack #40 and #42-44, Avengers #298-#300, Fantastic Four #322-324, Amazing Spider-Man #311-#313, Spectacular Spider-Man #146-148, Web of Spider-Man #47-48, Daredevil #262-263 and #265, Excalibur #6-7, Mutant Misadventures of Cloak & Dagger #4, and material from X-Factor Annual #4 Dawn of X Vol. (Image credit: Marvel Comics) X-Men #19 by writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Mahmoud Star X-Men Legends #2 by writer Fabian Nicaea and artist Brett Booth X-Men /Avengers: Onslaught Vol.

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Even though the X-Men were created in the 1960s, the team didn't really feel fully formed until characters like Wolverine, Storm and Nightcrawler joined original X-Men like Cyclops and Jean Grey in the 1970s. Along with work from comics legends like Dave Cock rum, Len Wan and John Byrne, this volume also contains the start of writer Chris Claremont's 17 year-long stint as the X-Men's chief architect.

With vibrant art, this graphic novel focuses on a teenage Jean Grey as she and her fellow X-Men begin forge relationships, learn what it means to be a mutant in the Marvel Universe and meet some of their greatest foes for the first time. Shortly after the X-Men made their cinematic debut, acclaimed comics writer Grant Morrison and a roster of solid artists led by Frank Quietly pushed the X-Men into a new era with a sophisticated, unique spin on classic X-Men tales.

As mutants become overnight celebrities and Xavier's school opens its doors wider than ever before, the X-Men face off against Cassandra Nova, a powerful villain with a mysterious connection to Professor X. Along with critically-acclaimed artist John Cassady, When took the X-Men back to their superhero roots with the humor and jaw-dropping reveals that his shows made famous.

As the team deals with the fallout of a “cure” that can remove mutant powers, the X-Men face new threats and reunite with some old friends in truly shocking moments. Between X-Men : The Animated Series, hundreds of action figures and video games like Marvel vs. Cap com, the X-Men were an unbeatable pop culture force in the 1990s, and X-Men : Mutant Genesis laid the groundwork for a lot of that success.

Instead of being a simple primer on the X-Men, Pastor weaves disparate storylines together into a streamlined story that offers a gently tweaked version of X-Men history. With Pastor's obsessive attention to detail and idiosyncratic style, these densely-packed story is an ideal crash course on the X-Men for new and old X-Men fans alike.

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In addition to his work for CBR, Tim has written for a number of print and digital publications including Creative Loafing and Frequency Magazine. To put his worryingly deep knowledge of comics and superheroes to good use, he also helped design and teach courses based on graphic novels at Emory University, his alma mater.

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