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• Sunday, 01 November, 2020
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Top zombie movies to watch on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+ & other Streaming services, out on DVD/Blu-ray or in cinema's right now. DIRECTOR: Hannah Hungary, Tony Hip well CAST: Miles Watts, Tony Hip well, Hannah Hungary Based on the cult UK zombie comedy series, Zomblogalypse merges the horrors of living in a zombie apocalypse with the absurdity of recording video blogs.

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But it’s not all brutal killings and violence sprees as the survivors find themselves bored with their methods and resort to video blogs as a means of something to do. Written and directed by Hannah Hungary and Tony Hip well, this comedic horror stars Andrew Dunn, Joanne Mitchell, and Lindsey Crane.

Director Zack Snyder (Dawn of the Dead) helms this genre-twist of an action picture that is equal parts heist and zombie survival. The film’s ensemble cast includes Dave Bautista, Ella Parnell, Ana de la Regular, Theo Rossi, TIG Notary, and Human Qureshi among others.

When his team unexpectedly... Read more Watch the trailer of Train To Susan 2: Peninsula Netflix | Amazon | All Release dates. DIRECTOR: Jeff Barnaby CAST: Michael Grey eyes, Elle-Máijá Tail feathers & Forrest Good luck A plague has turned everyone into zombies, except for the members of an old Canadian, indigenous tribe.

DIRECTOR: Jim Baruch CAST: Bill Murray, Adam Driver & Tilda Swindon After 2013's brilliant vampire flick 'Only Lovers Left Alive', American cult director Jim Baruch focuses on zombies this time around. With a stellar cast led by Adam Driver, Bill Murray and Tilda Swindon this lovely zombie comedy is bound to become a classic.

DIRECTOR: Ruben Fleischer CAST: Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson & Emma Stone Ten years after the release of zombie comedy Zombie land, Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita, and Little Rock are finally back in this highly anticipated sequel. DIRECTOR: Hector Hernández Vices CAST: Sophie Skeleton Johnathon Scratch Jeff Gum Granted, 'Day of the Dead: Bloodline' isn't the very best or most original zombie flick you've ever seen.

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DIRECTOR: Sang-ho Leon CAST: Yew Gong Soon Kim Yuri Jung While a zombie virus breaks out in South Korea, passengers struggle to survive on the train from Seoul to Susan. A slick businessman who cares about no one but himself, is forced to work with others and thereby regain the trust of his daughter when the Zombie endemic hits the inside of the train.

DIRECTOR: Cold McCarthy CAST: Gemma Atherton Dominique Tipped Glenn Close The story is set in a dystopian future where a virus has turned the humankind into a Zombie like species; a girl who is considered special has to embark upon a journey... Read more Watch the trailer of The Girl with All the Gifts RATING: 80/100 RELEASE DATE: June 9th, 2017 Stream The Girl with All the Gifts via: Netflix | Amazon | All Release dates. DIRECTOR: Marc Forster CAST: Brad Pitt Miracle Enos Daniella Pertest Human race is in potential danger of complete annihilation as a Zombie outbreak is threatening the overthrow of governments, destruction of armies and all the onus to... Read more Watch the trailer of World War Z RATING: 70/100 RELEASE DATE: June 21st, 2013 Stream World War Z via: Netflix | Amazon | All Release dates.

DIRECTOR: Tommy Nikola CAST: Vegas Hotel Ran Gamut Martin Starr A man in Norway is running from Nazi zombies and comes across eight American students on vacation who seem to be zombie enthusiasts, he learns new techniques to fight and... Read more Watch the trailer of Did SNL 2 RATING: 70/100 RELEASE DATE: October 7th, 2014 Stream Did SNL 2 via: Netflix | Amazon | All Release dates. The Autopsy of Jane Doe is strictly a zombie movie, but don't expect millions of walking dead.

DIRECTOR: Jonathan Levine CAST: Nicholas Holt Teresa Palmer John Markovic The story highlights a beautiful bond between the living and the dead; A zombie saves a girl's life and the incidence sets into motion development of their... Read more Watch the trailer of Warm Bodies RATING: 69/100 RELEASE DATE: February 1st, 2013 Stream Warm Bodies via: Netflix | Amazon | All Release dates. DIRECTOR: KIA Roache-Turner CAST: Jay Gallagher Bianca Bradley Leon Bur chill The apocalypse is upon the Earth and a mad deranged doctor kidnaps a mechanic's sister; so he decides to load his car with tools and drive through the hordes of... Read more Watch the trailer of Wormwood RATING: 63/100 RELEASE DATE: September 19th, 2014 Stream Wormwood via: Netflix | Amazon | All Release dates.

Related: Bestrew Found Footage movies in 2021 & 2020 (Netflix, Prime, Hulu & Cinema List) If you’re in for some gore and bloody fun then the Zombie genre might be something for you. It's no longer merely blasting heads off of wandering undead monsters, but the genre has found ways to make it more interesting.

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And then there was Wormwood, a pretty cool Australian film which felt like a Mad Max zombie flick. While the first Zombie Island film had genuine scares, this one is mostly just retreading old ground.

Great Voice Acting Good for Fans Funny for Kids But do yourself a favor and watch Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island for a better trip down memory lane.

People tend to either love Rob Zombie’s eclectic horror films like House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects. You’ll already know whether you like it based on your opinions of Rob Zombie’s previous films.

There are some new jokes to keep you laughing, but mostly, it hardens back to the good of’ days, mainly focusing on the now classic Bill Murray bit. If there’s one thing The Dead Don’t Die does very well is that it proves you can still do something unique within the zombie genre.

Within the silliness and zombie mayhem, there’s an environmentalist message among all the droll wit. It may not always land tonally, but anyone who has a fondness for Jim Baruch’s offbeat sensibilities can find something to have a good time with here.

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David Rosenberg made a little cult classic in 1977 called Rabid. It wonderfully pays tribute to the body horror aspect of the original while having enough bite to stand on its own.

After receiving plastic surgery, Sarah turns all of her sexual conquests into zombies, and only she contains the cure. It has a wicked sense of humor, and while you might appreciate the practical effects of the original, there’s more than enough here to satiate anyone’s appetite.

Great Lead Performance Body Horror Dark Humor Although the original David Rosenberg version may be preferable to aspiring filmmakers.

A group of soldiers goes in expecting to kill some Nazis only to find the undead waiting for them. This movie easily could’ve dissolved into schlock, but it wears its ridiculousness on its sleeve.

Overlord transplants the zombie genre into a World War II drama. The problem with so many zombie flicks these days is that they’re content with just retreading ground that’s been done before.

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The Cured of 2018 wants to discuss relevant thematic issues within the context of its genre constraints. It’s not as scary as other films on this list, but it plays with a lot of interesting ideas and is a must-watch for fans of the genre.

Falls into Chaos Action Lands Flat Some Scenes Run Long The story follows a group of troubled professional baseball players intentionally assembled to lose as many games as possible so the attendance drops and the team can relocate to Miami, Florida.

One great thing about many recent zombie movies is how inventive they have to get with a tired premise. Instead of focusing on hordes of zombies and holding up in a bunker, Cargo takes a more character-driven approach.

Andy only has 48 hours to live from being infected, and he has to find a safe haven for his daughter. From its unique perspectives to its setting in the Australian wilderness, Cargo is unlike any other zombie film out there.

It’s light on frights, but you actually care about the characters, making for a worthy investment of your time. It’s a treat that’s destined to become a cult classic with singalongs in theaters around the country within the next decade.

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Before we announce the bestrew recent zombie film, let’s look at what we can expect from the genre in the next couple of years. Zack Snyder returns to his zombie roots with Army of the Dead, which is set to be released on Netflix sometime in the near future.

A sequel was announced not too long ago, and while the details are sparse, it’s expected to arrive later in 2020. Wesley Snipes has signed on to star in the zombie film Outbreak Z.

The story will focus on two SWAT officers searching for a man who holds the key to a zombie vaccine. Reports are out that Dead Snow 3 is happening and will finally feature zombie Hitler.

Based on the ID comic book series Zombies vs. Robots, the film will follow a robot servant setting out to save a young girl from intelligent zombies. Alone follows a young man held up in an apartment all by himself as a zombie apocalypse wages on outside.

But sometimes, all you need to get the job done is terrific performances and genuinely creepy zombie action. A kindergarten teacher, a burn-out, and a gaggle of children is held up in a petting zoo with zombies everywhere they look.

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Little Monsters hardens back to zombie films of yesteryear while charting new territory for new movies to come. The zombie film has been around long enough to where filmmakers can have a lot of fun with tropes and conceits.

If you’re in the mood to laugh and cower in fear, then check out StudioBinder’s list of the best comedic zombie films of all time. An independent film with a budget barely above six figures, Night enthralled audiences with its mysterious plot, shocking gore, progressive casting and social commentary, and, natch, the unforgettable hordes of the gaunt, hungry undead.

The success of the Resident Evil video games revealed an audience appetite hitherto untapped, inspiring a gushing fount of zombie movies released between 2000 and 2005. TV shows The Walking Dead is an obvious behemoth to point towards, but in the film world, zombies have made their way into found footage (), room (Warm Bodies), and grind house throwbacks (Planet Terror).

Critics Consensus: Led by typically outstanding work from Lupita Nyong'o, Little Monsters is a horror/room hybrid that proves the zombie genre still has fresh brains to savor. Synopsis: Little Monsters follows Dave (Alexander England), a washed-up musician who volunteers to chaperone his nephew's kindergarten class field trip after...

Critics Consensus: Cemetery Man will frustrate viewers seeking narrative cohesion or coherence, but this surreal blend of humor and horror should satisfy B-movie fans in the mood for quirk. Synopsis: The devastating rage virus that annihilated the British Isles mysteriously resurfaces in Goya Award-winning director Juan Carlos Fresnillo's sequel to...

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Critics Consensus: Evocative direction by Jacques Turner collides with the low-rent production values of exploitation Val Newton in I Walked with a Zombie, a sultry sleeper that's simultaneously smarmy, eloquent and fascinating. Critics Consensus: It's uneven and diverges from the source book, but World War Z still brings smart, fast-moving thrills and a solid performance from Brad Pitt to the zombie genre.

Synopsis: The story revolves around United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Pitt), who traverses the world in a race against time to... Critics Consensus: A kinetic, violent and surprisingly worthy remake of George Romero's horror classic that pays homage to the original while working on its own terms.

Critics Consensus: Day of the Dead may arguably be the least haunting entry in George A. Romero's undead trilogy, but it will give audiences' plenty to chew on with its shocking gore and scathing view of society. Critics Consensus: Brainy and bloody in equal measure, One Cut of the Dead reanimates the moribund zombie genre with a refreshing blend of formal daring and clever satire.

Synopsis: A cast of relative unknowns, a brilliantly disguised low budget and an epic, 37-minute opening single take makes Shin'Cairo USDA's... Critics Consensus: A punk take on the zombie genre, Return of the Living Dead injects a healthy dose of '80s silliness to the flesh consuming.

Critics Consensus: The delightfully gonzo tale of a love struck teen and his combined mother, Dead Alive is extremely gory and wonderful fun, thanks to Peter Jackson's affection for the tastelessly sublime. Critics Consensus: Perfectly mixing humor and horror, the only thing more effective than Re-Animator's gory scares are its dry, deadpan jokes.

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Critics Consensus: Plunging viewers into the nightmarish escape of an apartment complex under siege, proves that found footage can still be used as an effective delivery mechanism for sparse, economic horror. Synopsis: After teaming up in 2002 for the dramatic music documentary OT: The Movie, Spanish horror specialists Jaime Salguero (Darkness) and...

Synopsis: After breaking into a primate research facility, a group of animal rights activists discover caged chimps chained up before banks... Critics Consensus: George A. Romero's debut set the template for the zombie film, and features tight editing, realistic gore, and a sly political undercurrent.

Critics Consensus: Train to Susan delivers a thrillingly unique -- and purely entertaining -- take on the zombie genre, with fully realized characters and plenty of social commentary to underscore the bursts of skillfully staged action. Critics Consensus: Shaun of the Dead cleverly balances scares and witty satire, making for a bloody good zombie movie with loads of wit.

Critics Consensus: One of the most compelling and entertaining zombie films ever, Dawn of the Dead perfectly blends pure horror and gore with social commentary on material society.

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