Best Of Brad Wheel Of Fortune

Danielle Fletcher
• Tuesday, 01 December, 2020
• 8 min read

That will make your decision a little easier, I am guessing. If you do the uh if you do the express thing you keep calling consonants, get a thousand for each one.

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On Monday, Wheel of Fortune contestant Alex confidently buzzed in during a tossup round to guess a mysterious proper name. So cheers to Alex on Wheel of Fortune, ” a contestant whose answer was so hilariously wrong that it defies the laws of physics.

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Another 11 large in $ & GC & he’s also entitled to see a STUNNING MARINE HABITAT at Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas. Brad thinks of SIR ISAAC NEWTON.

BR Categories Offered This Time: Place, Thing & WAY? P:Place CUV: Nissan Murano When he gets back to a BUSY AIRPORT he’ll be calling his friends that he added $38K here; his final haul in $ & stuff’s $81,300. T-Mobile Puzzle of the Wk.

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