Best Of Ivan Zaytsev

Carole Stephens
• Wednesday, 16 December, 2020
• 3 min read

It takes a lot more than jumping into the air and hitting a few smashes. Scoring a few points in a round is okay, but keeping it consistent is the key.

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IvanZaytsev is a volleyball legend and a winner of the most valuable player award, multiple time and consistently. In fact, playing like any national level player is no joke.

Every athlete has a certain set of rules they follow in their training. These generally include routines, patterns, diets and a trainer.

Any athlete has a routine they follow daily to keep themselves up to the mark with the game. It is international competitive play, you cannot afford to miss a day and losing your sharpness.

This daily set of exercises and moves they practice every day is their routine. All these contribute to the pattern of playing the game of the player.

Skipping a few counts, a few sets or the practice altogether is going to happen. Volleyball Magic is a guide that tells aspiring volleyball athletes how they can train to be someone as good as IvanZaytsev or the ZAR.

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Starting from the things you need to do off the court, the drills, the exercises all show to you in video tutorials. The second part shows you the black hat tricks.

IvanZaytsev received Italian citizenship and subsequently decided to play for the Azure. The 27-year-old started out as a setter, has also played middle blocker, and is now one of the most feared hitters in the world.

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