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• Monday, 30 November, 2020
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And it is no surprise that Jaws, an infamous wave in the Pacific Ocean off the Hawaiian island of Maui features three times in the category, unseating Italian Francisco Purcell, and locals Kealey Kennedy and Terra Master, whose fall was most spectacular of all. Nagar in Portugal, another well-known big wave, accounted for Brazil's Felipe Cesarean in January, while another Atlantic wave, off Ireland's Mullaghmore Head, was too much for Morocco's Jerome Shown.

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Features It shreds alongside Andy Nicolas, Karina Round and more in latest “Stoke Wars” After a map reload, the lads have a sleepover in the house and begin the competition in the morning, starting with Jack.

Jack starts off well, only losing half a heart of health on the lava jumps. As Ray messes with Gavin, Jack continues along the course, succeeding until he gets to the Crusher.

He makes it on the third attempt and enters the Maze of Hatred, where he gets shot with an arrow. After completing it, Jack climbs up the Waterfalls of Splosh and jumps off the final obstacle, missing all three attempts.

He makes it all the way to the Maze of Hatred without failing, until Gavin shoots him with an arrow. As he runs, Ray asks somebody to name every part of the course in the comments for the video.

Michael misses his third jump and ends the contest with a final time of 8 minutes, 11.8 seconds. Between this episode and the previous one, Gavin and Geoff sometimes alter the names of the course obstacles.

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The reality competition show, in which contestants navigate an extreme obstacle course featuring giant balls and pitfalls that often result in spectacular crashes, ran on ABC from 2008 until 2014 and is being rebooted by TBS and production company Endemic Shine North America. Two people close to the production said the man had completed the course on the show’s set in Santa Clarita, California, when he needed medical attention.

TBS announced in April that the show would be returning, and it said in September said its new hosts would be John Cent and Nicole Bye. On a sun-drenched mid-September morning, hundreds of friends and relatives of the slain, would-be rap mogul known as Wipe out fill the pews with the Community Christian Fellowship Church on Detroit’s East Side.

Many of the mourners are dressed casually, in jeans, jerseys and white T-shirts, some of which bear Wipeout’s image. Two Detroit police officers are in the church vestibule, one in a department-issue jumpsuit, one in cop shorts; their sidearms seem wildly incongruous here.

Among the civilian cars are a number of foreign luxury vehicles and custom-painted SUVs, which gleam in the bright sunshine. The saddened friends and associates often shout, “Oh, Boy!” That was the mantra of Please Believe It, the company 32-year-old Wipe out (whose real name was Antonio Cad dell Jr.) was working to establish as a force in Detroit’s hip-hop industry and to take to national success.

Then a young man walking down the aisle after viewing the body staggers, dips, seeming to nearly faint. Others move to catch him, and the man tearfully shouts, “Stop touching me!” He storms out of the sanctuary, sending waves of alarm through the pews.

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Bishop Samuel Wilson beckons everyone to return to their seats out of courtesy to Wipeout’s family. Some leaf through Wipeout’s funeral program, which is designed in the style of a gaudy hip-hop fanzine.

A list of Wipeout’s past and present nicknames are typeset to look like subtitles of must-read articles: Wipe out was gunned down on the morning of Sept. 18, when, according to police, he was standing in front of the Candy Bar nightclub on Woodward and John R in downtown Detroit.

West Side neighborhoods, according to Dr. Carl Taylor, a Detroiter who teaches sociology at Michigan State University, are associated with middle-class lifestyles. East Side hustlers tend to be more conservative, while West Sides are more likely to be big spenders.

Taylor says the East and West Side rivalry goes back to the heyday of Detroit’s Black Bottom neighborhood in the 1950s and before. Police do not discount the role this decades-old tension between East and West may have played into the shootings that claimed Wipe out and Roberson, and left Blade clinging to life.

Having grown up in the area on the East Side around Jefferson and Conner, Wipeout’s biggest success came with a group called the Eastside Cheddar Boy. Blade Ice wood was from the West Side and associated with a hardcore rap group called the Street Lord that also had a claim to the Cheddar Boy name.

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(Metro Times wrote about the group, as part of its “Soul Purpose” series, on June 23, 2003). The Cheddar Boy name, however, had a tangled past, and apparently began with the West Side Street Lord.

Bogged down by the weight of its celebrity guests, Masterpiece proved musically inconsistent and fared no better than Rallies. He publicized his frustration with the Cheddar Boy on his solo album, Stack master, which was released earlier this year.

The CD comes with a bonus DVD that features a homemade music video, some outtakes, and an interview, which Blade gives while receiving a haircut in a nondescript garage. With that conflict in the open, the Candy Bar murders were widely assumed to be an outgrowth of the Street Lordz-Eastside Cheddar Boy dispute.

But the insider who spoke to Metro Times said Wipe out and Blade had discussed the matter, and agreed that both of their groups would keep their beef on their CDs. “Everyone is working with the wrong information, he says, “the authorities, the people in the streets,” even loosely affiliated rappers concerned about their own safety.

(In fact, one local rapper named Strike told Metro Times many of the area’s emcees, out of fear for their own safety, are staying away from the city’s nightclubs until things simmer down.) The insider insists that Wipe out lost his life because he was wrongly implicated in a robbery that took place at the Candy Bar three weeks prior to his death.

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Two men who knew Wipe out allegedly took an expensive platinum necklace from another party goer at the club. It’s an event that is consistently well-attended and often spiced by the appearance of luminaries such as Russell Simmons and other visiting entertainers.

If this theory is true, it means Blade’s shooting was unrelated, or worse, a case of misguided retribution. In 1996 and 1997, hip hop lost its two biggest national stars when Tupac Shakur and Christoper “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace were gunned down.

For instance, James “Soul Slim” Tape, a rapper affiliated with New Orleans artists like Juvenile and B.G., was gunned down in front of his mother’s home in 2003. Local hip-hop artists like Proof, Royce the 5’9” and Sham have all been involved in altercations, though there have been no serious injuries.

Strike, who co-starred in the movie 8 Mile, and who knows both Wipe out and Blade, suggested to Metro Times that their lifestyles caught up to them. “When you live that life, only a few people make it out,” Strike says, Wipe out and Blade are a product of their environment.

Miles “Doc Chill” Dixon, a local artist close to Wipe out, heads the “Switch Play TV” sketch comedy and video show seen on cable access and formerly on UPN. Dixon agrees that rappers who glorify the negative aspects of their world create an environment that embraces violence.

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He says he stopped buying into the idea that rappers who are young, poor and desperate to succeed can only rap negatively by talking about what they see on the street every day. An expert on urban family development, Taylor argues that, on the other hand, hip hop is unfairly criticized.

What complicates hip hop, Strike says, is that it presents opportunities for young men from poor backgrounds to achieve success independently, free of support from major record labels. Hip hop is cats from the streets that got their money up,” and tried to go legitimate, he says, adding that most rappers rap not to escape poverty, but out of love for the art form.

Kanye West managed to snag a recent nomination for a Stellar Award, gospel music’s top prize, for his sleeper hit “Jesus Walks.” In the song, he raps about being spiritually conflicted and needing to rap about his relationship with God, even if it hurts his chances of radio exposure. The Stellar nomination was later rescinded when it was discovered that other songs on his album College Dropout are more risqué, more profane.

The success of songs like these underscores the rise of hip hop’s under promoted counterculture, commonly referred to as conscious rap. One singer, a friend of Wipeout’s who put his entertainment career on hold to go back to school, tells about asking for a $100 loan to help him through.

Bishop Wilson’s eulogy of Wipe out eloquently suggests that he had begun seeking his own salvation not long before he died. In getting engaged to his fiancée Sharonda Taylor, Wilson says, he’d also accepted the responsibility of raising her children from another relationship.

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Wilson says this photo, which contradicts the dozens of other that show him grimacing, game face always on, explains why agreeing to hold the funeral at his church was a no-brainer. Wipe out, who kept a home in Atlanta, had also joined the city’s New birth Missionary Baptist Church, a megachurch headed by popular Bishop Eddie Long, last year, Wilson says.

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