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Daniel Brown
• Thursday, 17 December, 2020
• 2 min read

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We took the greatest videos from all over the Bosnia-Herzegovina we described Balkan but especially Bosnian culture and their fun. Saragossa'the Bosnallara Turkey neared die sordid, basal né cellular verifier.

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Opening October 4, the Spanish auteur’s finest film in years Pain and Glory is also his most personal, a colorful vivisection of the director’s life and work, his regrets and achievements. No doubt playing a version of the Academy Award-winning director himself, Antonio Band eras stars as Salvador Mall, a filmmaker in creative crisis who begins experimenting with drugs in the lead-up to a local career retrospective of his work.

Newcomer César Vicente plays the beguiling laborer Eduardo, who inspired Salvador’s sexual awakening as a child, as revealed in poignant, sexy flashbacks carefully stitched by Almodóvar’s editor Teresa Font. “Pain and Glory” features another achingly lovely score from Alberto Iglesias, who won Best Composer at Cannes, and pop-colored cinematography from Almodóvar’s trusted collaborator José Luis Ancient.

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