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• Friday, 23 October, 2020
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Show preshow less Loading... I, In ZAD, bring a letter of solace, solidarity, hope and encouragement for my sisters who are being challenged by a condition known as Vaginismus.

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To those who are wondering why a man would write about an issue totally related to females, let me tell you my story. About two years back I met a beautiful sister who had recently arrived in the city where I live.

To me, she was beautiful, generous, funny and showed signs that she was very keen to learn her religion. Ironically and contrary to what her answer was, she started showing more and more attention and interests towards me and I could feel that she really liked me too.

I still had the desire to marry her and as I understood she needed time, I was happy to wait for her to be ready. I, then realized that my willingness to marry her didn't flutter at all as a result and I instead developed a strong motivation to help her in overcoming the challenge she was facing.

I definitely wanted the honor to be the one who might help her victoriously overcome this difficulty in her life; I was extremely determined. I also then understood that this big challenge in her life was part of the reason why she wasn't ready to accept my marriage proposal.

So, I decided to give her all the time she needed to build her confidence enough to make the commitment of marriage again. But as a result, I found difficult and challenging to assist her directly with her Vaginismus.

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So instead I chose to be kind towards her, to remain available for her, to behave well towards her, to build trust between us and to give her the time she needed to become ready. I thought that if our interaction could be so beautiful even before being married and without any physical contact, then our marriage was only going to be one of amazing happiness regardless of her vaginismus.

“ ... : ” “Strange are the ways of a believer … if he has an occasion to feel delight, he expresses gratitude to Allah and that is good for him, and if adversity befalls him he endures it patiently and that is better for him. “ My sadness also transformed into motivation to help my sisters in their struggle against vaginismus.

Vaginismus is a condition which can make sexual intercourse, gynecological exams and even tampon insertion either painful or unfeasible. The good thing is that Vaginismus can be treated with a combination of physical and emotional exercises.

Instead of offering solutions to my sisters or instead of showing empathy towards them, they added pain to injury. Don’t they understand that being able to normally make love to their husbands without pain is the strongest desire of most of these women.

Amanda, for example, during her previous marriage had to listen to the hadith about the women who are cursed by the angels for refusing to sleep with their husbands. Other sisters had Muftis tell them they must fear Allah and to just execute the task of having sex with their spouses.

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These examples highlight the importance of mastering both Islamic Knowledge and Comprehension of the Context/Reality (in Arabic: ) for the one who wants to offer religious opinions. Now, my dear sisters, be in any case firm and let nobody, absolutely nobody, make you feel guilty.

On one hand, it confused me, as Islam is clear and open, in a very non-dirty manner, about sexual matters. Sexual intercourse, is not only a source of religiously lawful pleasure for the married couple, it is also an act worthy of divine reward.

On the other hand, despite the Clarity and Openness of Islam on the subject of Intimacy for married couples, it is true that Muslims are often uncomfortable when it becomes necessary to discuss sexuality. It must be clear to our women that Islam is not a cause of their vaginismus, rather it is a strength in their trial.

My dear sisters, you can use all permitted (halal) means to overcome your Vaginismus and you have as added value a source of happiness in your heart which other women don’t have: faith in Allah. And I want this response to be full of mercy, solidarity, encouragement and trust in Allah.

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