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• Saturday, 05 December, 2020
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If it is the first time you have used Zoom, the link will prompt you to download the software onto your browser. Our instructors are also teaching on third party platforms such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, Cast, etc.

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On demand access to workouts are available for free on the Better UK app, available from the Apple or Google Play stores. If you have a personal computer, laptop or casting device for your TV, you can enjoy the virtual classes on a bigger screen.

Click the Use desktop version button below and log in or follow steps 3-7 above if you're signing in for the first time. If you’re not very active but want to improve your health and lift your mood, introductory home gym classes are a great option for you.

From Seated Yoga to Low Impact Cardio, you'll benefit from guided postures and breathing exercises to help you get stronger, feel grounded and be more balanced. The downloadable plan can be tailored to your individual needs and preferences, with options to increase or decrease the difficulty levels of exercises as you go.

Covering everything from HIIT circuits and core training, through to body weight exercises and cooldown stretches, this is the ideal guide to get you through the month. With the right selection of exercises and breathing techniques, stress and relaxation will quickly be a thing of the past.

24 mins | Dynamic step routines, and a motivational trainer the perfect mix for toning stomach, legs, and butt. 8 mins | This meditation practice helps to create calm and a non-reactive awareness of the present moment.

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26 mins | Acquire the power of a ninja with Angus Sephardi and complete a unique full-body workout together. 19 mins | Emma breaks down this jazz dance sequence for beginners and is designed to elevate the heart rate, work the legs and arms and get you sweating as you groove to the music.

17 mins | Cindy takes you through some practical easy to do yoga postures to help you develop strength and mobility to feel good in everyday life. We've pulled together some fun ideas to help keep children active and busy while at home.

Texan yoga guru Adrienne Miller is one of the best things to have come out of the Lone Star State since Dr Pepper. Preachy but wise, “the people’s yogi” keeps it real with mismatched outfits, a nice line in self-effacement and a zen pooch called Benji, often found chilling mat-side.

Tailored to just about every ailment or state of mind out there, there’s yoga for writers, for productivity, for bedtime, for joggers, for stress relief, weight loss, back pain, vulnerability and self-respect. Edgy choreographer Ryan Huffington may have worked with Christine and the Queens, SIA, Florence and the Machine and Arcade Fire, but his lockdown live-streamed “follow along” Sweatiest dance workouts are “basic and accessible”, to quote this Californian dude.

With his LA and NYC Sweat Spot classes on hold, here’s your chance to shake it out in his living room with house grooves and moves that include the “happy hippy” and the “cowboy”. Reese Witherspoon, Andrew Scott and Pink are devotees, while Huffington himself confesses to getting a high-leg kick out of this chance to share his passion.

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Hollywood super-trainer Tracy Anderson’s eponymous method is usually only available in studios in the likes of the Hampton's and LA, in 30C heat and high humidity, no less. Just imagine Jennifer Lopez or Gwyneth (yes, she’s a fan of this one, too) burning through the pain with you and a lean body, courtesy of her high-energy workouts, is yours in the making.

The posh gym is now opening its gilded doors with online sessions: there are two live group classes per day on Zoom, as well as one-to-one sessions, including yoga, Pilates, boxing and barre, and you get access to pre-recorded classes, meditation and health tips. The current offer gives unlimited access to the online library, plus the 14 live classes each week.

You’ll need to dim the lights, get the tunes on and some funky art up on your walls to recreate Rumble’s vibe at home, then set to with daily boxing and body weight video workouts on Instagram Live. Photograph: Ilk & Franz/The Observer you’re missing banter with a trainer, then check out Hitting Room LIVE’s interactive workouts on Zoom.

She doesn’t talk during her Full Body Glider workout, letting a smooth lounge soundtrack, her cream outfits and matching nails and shiny wooden floor add to the calm. But she works through other routines with clear instructions, her suggestion of using household objects in lieu of equipment (a gallon of water instead of a weight, a towel instead of a glider mat) adding a’re-all-in-this-together touch of reality.

You do need a bit of kit (kettle bells, resistance bands) for classes that include Body weight HIIT, Meta burn, Yin Yoga, and Exhale. Classes include HIIT, burn and balance with Sammy, boxing, conditioning and weights with Mia and a 30-minute stretch with Marcus, as well as one-to-one personal training sessions with Rebel PT (from £35).

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For a blast of retro aerobics joy, check in with Carl IOV and his pastel string vests and impossibly long legs. Live it large with his free high-energy, easy-to-follow dance classes that pump out some pop dangers in his homely flat.

When Tribe ca trampoline studio The Less first opened, membership was by invite only; Gwyneth became a fan and low-impact bouncing catapulted into the stellar fitness universe. Created by Michele Penalty, who brought Hiram yoga to the capital back in the 90s, the Lockdown Special offers 30% off a class pack (they come in 10, down from £75 to £52, or 20, down from £120 to £84) and drop-ins are now £6.

Young influencer Grace Beverley’s fitness app, Freddy, includes menu planners, recipes and classes for a youthful crowd. If you’re craving human connection and TLC to keep you on track, Claire and James Davis of multi-award-winning 38 Degrees North have your back.

A force of nature on their inspirational retreats in Ibiza and Marbella, this down-to-earth couple are at the helm of a members-only online academy that has a supportive community at its heart. Courtney Black, 23-year-old fitness blogger, trainer and super-motivator, is hosting free online workouts once or twice a day, Monday to Saturday, on Instagram for fellow 20-somethings who then share their “transformation stories” on social media.

New York’s Bailey Extension runs prestigious dance classes for wannabe professional dancers. Thor actor Chris Hemsworth and his PT (that’s personal trainer to couches) Luke Cocci feature 20- and 40-minute sessions of HIIT, Pilates, boxing, yoga and strength workouts, plus the new CENTR Unleashed six-week workout program for small spaces on their fitness app CENTR.

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His easy-to-follow routines mean you can have a laugh at the Marshall’s smooth moves, if not your own, as you party on to the “sweat set” playlist, updated every week. Photograph: Ilk & Franz/The Observer Celebrity trainer and former member of athletic dance troupe the Brooklyn Nets, Megan Group has a super-glam fan base.

Her follow-along athletic dance workouts on the Sculpt Society app are super-easy to follow, her instructions nice and clear, her hip-hop leaning tracks easing you in. Sparkling Melissa Wood trains all kinds of beautiful people stateside, including Danielle Bernstein, Marianna Hewitt and Hannah Bronfman.

Beam her smiley face into your living room courtesy of her app and get fit with a range of low-impact, Pilates-meets-yoga flows, do some meditation or follow the PRE- and postnatal routines. If you’ve got a pillow at home, then you’re in with the likes of Candace Cameron Sure, Ashley Graham and Venus Williams, all of whom are fans of the high-intensity Stokes Method.

The “full body pillow” workout combines strength, light cardio and your fluffiest headrest. Of course, we love Joe Wicks and kitsch Mr Motivator’s retro aerobics (free), but the final shout-out has to go to 73-year-old YouTube inspiration and NHS fundraiser Ravinder Singh aka Raj Skipping Sikh, whose equipment for daily workouts on his Berkshire allotment includes a watering can, abandoned tires and an old skipping rope, while traditional Indian music in the background eggs us all on to fitness victory.

This article contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission if a reader clicks through and makes a purchase. We bring ZUMBA ®, Dance, Fitness, Drama, Musical Theater & Yoga Fun to Adults and Children in London and the UK.

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PRIVATE CLASSES FOR ADULTS Private online, indoor and outdoor classes in ZUMBA ®, ZUMBA GOLD®, Dance, Yoga, Fitness, Meditation & Dance Fitness. PRIVATE CLASSES FOR CHILDREN ZUMBA ® KIDS, Dance, Benefit® Fitness, Yoga, Drama, Singing, Mindfulness & Musical Theater.

Our experienced, qualified, FUN party leaders will guarantee your child and their friends have the coolest time and keep them entertained while you RELAX! Classes, clubs, workshops, theme weeks, sports days, events and more...

EVENTS Interactive ZUMBA ®, Dance, Musical, Yoga & Fitness entertainment. Fairs, festivals, sports events, dinners, product launches, roadshows, openings and more...

100% Satisfaction guarantee When it comes to keeping you happy, we're always aiming to deliver the most fun and creative classes we can. Go Figure Workout was created by Sarah Gold sack and offers exercise classes that will help you keep fit, lose weight, tone up and have fun, choose from Fit, Zumba, Pilates, Strictly Fit, Paradise™, SOSA and more.

Her passion is seeing the improvement in her participants from their first class when they are nervous and unconfident to a few weeks later when they are delighted to find they DO NOT have two left feet and are fitter, more toned and really enjoying the classes. The classes are a fun workout where you have a smile on your face from start to finish.

Sarah’s fun, inclusive, motivational madness has made me fitter, slimmer, more shapely, happier, more confident….by the end of one of her classes everyone is smiling! I’ve attended for three years now, and I feel happier, motivated, and a lot fitter than I used to be.

She keeps changing the playlists and moves, so we never get bored, and you don’t even feel like you’re working out its so much fun! Helped me lose weight, get in shape and gave me my confidence back.

GOLD classes are perfect for me as they are low impact but still energetic enough to give me a great workout and I adore the music. Together we can get you ‘out of the rut’ and on the path to body confidence and happiness so please contact us to discuss any queries you may have and never fear you will not be the only new girl in the class.

PARADISE™ can result in improved posture, core strength, increased flexibility, mobility and can reduce the risk of injury or pain. Lack of mobility can reduce our quality of life and age us prematurely.

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