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Daniel Brown
• Wednesday, 09 December, 2020
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This is Coasters Confirmed, coming at you with a countdown of my personal opinion of the rankings of the PV games. If the world was made up of people who all had the same opinion, it would be a lot worse of a place.

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Zombies is a tower defense game where you grow an army of strange plants to fend off incoming zombies and save your brain from being eaten. It also feels a lot more charming than most of the other games do nowadays.

The newest installment in the PV franchise, Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is a card game where you play as one of ten heroes on either side and battle against other players to win.

The heroes are beautifully designed and filled with personality. But the main reason I love this game so much is the implementation of cards.

They've managed to fit classic staples of the series such as Peashooters and Sunflowers into the game seamlessly, while also adding new characters like Steel Magnolia or The Godfather that seem to fit in just as well as the more classic characters. The only real complaint I have is that the story mode kinda sucks.

Being the sequel to the beloved casual shooter “Garden Warfare” is not an easy task. But Garden Warfare 2 manages to fill the original's shoes while expanding on it.

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All eight classes from the first one come back, while additionally adding six new classes: the scout Imp who can convert to a giant tank character called the Much, a mobile tank called Citron made to counter the deadly Imp, a magical sorceress named Rose who specializes in crowd control, a powerful action fighter Super Brain who deals powerful close-range attacks, a fighter known as Kernel Corn filling in the role of the Foot Soldier on the plants team, and a shotgun/sniper pirate called Captain Dead beard. This plus beautiful maps, inventive game modes, fun costumes, and hundreds of unlockable variants adds up to a pretty cool game.

Say what you want about Trials of Gnomes, you can't deny how much fun this is to play. Garden Warfare was PV's original shooter game : complete with eight classes, twelve maps, nine game modes, and thousands of customizations.

I absolutely adore this game for its diversity of characters and beautiful setting. The one thing that is nice about this game in comparison to its successor is the amount of charm.

I don't know if it's the suburban setting, the slightly faded color scheme, or the relaxing background music, but I feel that this game is a little more homey than GW2 is. Probably the biggest thing about this version, however, is that, unlike its International counterpart, this doesn't feel dead.

Sure, this game has lots of flaws, but it narrowly makes it above the International version for these reasons. This was a Facebook-based game where the player could create a town, attack incoming zombies, and send out zombies to other players' houses.

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While this game does have charm and a pretty nice setting, there are not very many plants to get, and the zombies sprites are on the strange side. However, you cannot ignore the charm in this game, so that is why it takes the #6 spot.

I really wish I could put this higher on the list, but unfortunately this game was plagued from the start by being free-to-play. If you look past that, the beginning of the game only featured three worlds: Ancient Egypt, Pirate Seas, and Wild West.

Then Far Future came, and fans were overjoyed when it took everything they loved about the first three worlds and added to it. However, things took a turn for the worse when PV launched Dark Ages.

It took there perfect formula for a good world and shoved it out the window. Twenty unbearable levels, miniscule unlockable, and stupidly overpowered zombies were only some of its problems.

There are some good things about this, the beautiful graphics and instant classics such as Snapdragon and Laser Bean, but that can not overcome all the flaws. All the zombies and environments have been made to a Chinese theme... for some reason.

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I don't know whose idea it was to base a casual, family-friendly tower defense game after an old Chinese folk legend. I don't know where to start with how sick this game makes me feel.

PvZ2 is an excellent free-to-play mobile game that combines a charming aesthetic with great tower defense gameplay. Using dozens of unlockable lawn warriors, you fend off undead enemies through strategic placement of your versatile units.

Each offers different powers, with some excelling in offense while others stall zombies or produce “Sun” (the resource needed to place plants). Additionally, his attack can't be blocked or reflected, excellently countering annoying Jester or Shield Zombies.

Reed's only failing is a lackluster plant food effect (creating a cloud that can only damage one enemy at a time), but that's a small complaint for a versatile warrior who won't break the bank. For the same price, Cold Snapdragon deals identical damage with the same range (attacking all enemies ahead in a 3×2 area), but with the added bonus of chilling his targets, reducing their movement speed.

Additionally, his frigid nature makes him immune to the frozen winds seen in the Frostbite Caves world. His only downside is being a premium plant, meaning you'll have to pay real money or catch a special event to unlock him, but he's undoubtedly one of the best guardians available.

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While damage output is low for his cost, he hits all foes simultaneously and can't have his attack reflected or blocked. And since the beam doesn't contain a fire nature, it won't interfere with the freezing effects of plants like Cold Snapdragon or Frozen Peashooter.

As a final bonus, Laser wields a great plant food attack, striking all forward enemies in the row with a punishing beam. While he costs slightly more sun, his punishing one-use explosion hits a much larger radius, and he arms more quickly, meaning you don't have to worry nearly as much about stalling.

As long as you keep an eye on the situation and remember to plant him slightly in advance, you essentially have a much-cheaper Cherry Bomb whose range can be further improved once you max out his level. Winter Melon costs an insane amount of Sun, but we'll soon see how to quickly accumulate it, mitigating the issue.

And he's worth the investment, slowly lobbing melons that deal heavy splash damage and chill foes. Not many zombies can break through a few columns of Winter Melon, and he's especially handy for free-to-play users who don't have access to as many freezing units.

If you see a Winter Melon about to be eaten and know you won't be able to save it, try shoveling it out of the ground for a partial refund (once you've unlocked the corresponding upgrade). While Gold Bloom takes its sweet time refreshing, it begins levels active (unlike most plants), letting you harness it immediately.

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Bloom simply produces an instant dose of a few hundred suns, giving you an enormous amount of energy for free! He's a premium plant, but was available for free in the past special event “Rescue the Gold Bloom”; players who missed out should keep their eyes peeled in case it ever returns.

However, he really excels when combined with Moon flower, who turns his attacks into row-wide beams (similar to Laser Bean) and gives them a stall effect, slowing enemies. His durability is standard, but Sun-shroom's makes an effective last-resort stall tactic, as his low cost means you can use him to briefly fend off zombies without bankrupting.

Primal costs 25 more resources than a regular Sunflower, but automatically produces 75 Sun with each burst. Thus, you're soon acquiring vast amounts of energy that easily compensate for the slight price increase.

This is also vital to a quick defense in higher levels of endless mode, where you'll need to crank out Sun as fast as possible. However, he has the phenomenal addition of detonating enemies in a 3×3 area once eaten/destroyed, essentially providing a free Cherry Bomb, and he has a surprisingly fast recharge for a one-off plant.

Today's units highlight the cream of the literal crop, showcasing the best of nature's defenders. As an ongoing title with constant updates and tweaks, we'll undoubtedly encounter more awesome lawn guardians in the future, and remember that each plant levels up at different rates.

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But for now, as we eagerly await our next batch of zombie-slaying flora, vote for your favorite plant, and I'll see you at our next gaming countdown! But they're essential for endless mode, and they have other benefits; their beam hits immediately across the screen (whereas peas have to travel) and pierces through not only zombies, but most enemy shields/defenses.

Apple motor is my favorite, it trivializes anything prior to futuristic and is still a great option end game, and nothing beats moon flower in sun producing capacity I like cauliflower, apple Porter celery stalker, peanut, thyme warp, witch hazel, ghost pepper, jack o lantern and okra.

I use both him and Reed frequently in “Battle” mode, especially when you need cheap units in levels where Sun is limited. Hurricane's also a nice quickly-recharged supplement that pushes zombies back, giving Reeds more time to take down bigger threats.

Sure you put it in the lowest rank in this list, but I honestly don't think Lightning reed is overall that good as people say it is. Sure it's very effective against Jester and chicken zombies and has good range but once you get up to the very high levels it becomes quite unreliable as it has very low attack power.

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