Best Plants Vs Zombies Setup

Daniel Brown
• Monday, 21 December, 2020
• 15 min read

I have been playing this game for years, and the survival endless has had me hooked for a while now. Some I couldn't figure out how to do, such as the laddering, and others seemed silly, like a jobless setup.

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My strategy has them in the back as well because they kill the Digger Zombies. With this set up, you will never have to replant a spike rock in the back, and the Digger Zombies don't give you any trouble.

I used these on almost every level, keeping those slots full, so I could easily drop a Coffee Bean on one quickly at the appropriate times. But I definitely used them any time there were Bungee Zombies, and had one on hand to use when my Cobs were all used, but I needed to slow down Zombies for a few seconds to allow the Cobs to recharge.

If you use these right when the Bungee Zombies are about to come down, it freezes them long enough for the Gloom Shrooms and Cattails to kill them, rendering the Umbrella Plant pretty much useless. After that, if you play the game smart, you really don't need any Sunflowers.

Once my sun is maxed out, I will usually replant a Gloom-Shroom in that spot. However, only one Cattail is not enough to handle the Balloon Zombies, and after several levels of losing Cobs to Balloon Zombies who dropped out of the sky onto my Cobs, I realized I needed two Cattails.

Remember, Winter Melons and Gloom-Shrooms do nothing to stop or slow down Balloon Zombies. When Jack-in-the-Box Zombies are on a level, I restock with plants that are in the front of the screen because if I don't kill them fast enough, they can wipe out a whole row of Gloom-Shrooms and Spike Rocks in the front, so I make sure to have those on hand to replant quickly when needed.

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Having the right set up and choosing the right plants for each level is only part of the skill needed to play into the high levels. It takes a lot of practice with the game to know which plants to choose each level, and when to deploy your cobs and other plants to blow up or freeze zombies.

It is a skill that will only come when you put time into playing a game. Someone could set a nice piano in front of me and I still couldn't make it sound good.

Reply below, and I may challenge you with your set up and see if I can beat your high number! Zombies Endless is one of the most challenging and most fun elements of the game.

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So there are even other problems to reach the attempted 2500 flags then just the Zombies. Schulz = should (the autocorrection on the German iPad doesn't speak English).

You have to have one Cattail in the first row because of double waves of Balloons. Gloom, Fume, Coffee, Pumpkin 1, Pumpkin 2, Carry, Jalapeño, Ice, with Jack in the Box Lily Pad else Boom.

I use them to prevent accidental loss of one while collecting suns in heavy fighting. To save suns don't try to defend the frontal Fumes as long as there are no Jacks in the Box.

You Schulz never ever loose WMS, SFS or CTs because you need a very easy round to replace them. If you loose a 3. Row WM, replace them with Fume until you get to a round, where you need no Cherry and Boom/Lily.

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I thought I was the only person placing the sunflowers up front. I think the hardest thing was learning to trust those glooms to take out the Zamboni in rows 2 and 5, which they do with about half a block to spare.

That leaves rows 1 and 5 to defend with my 4 cobs and instants. I thought you had to have firepower all the way to the front, but it's really all about timing and using your instants wisely.

Everyone that says they completed the game....go screw yourself....I can't get past the 1st flag in survival endless please help.... AGO at Guangdong ang MGA nag-POST Dino...

I personally like a more automated(minimal cob cannon) setup, because then I don't need to rely too heavily on something I can make a fatal mistake on. So my current setup uses lots of gloom shrooms and fume shrooms and surprisingly minimal outer row (1 and 6) attack type plants.

My cob cannons are 8 but I lost one and replaced him with two twin sunflowers and I always pick up pumpkin and matter pumpkin Oh, I forgot to mention something in my previous comment.

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For setup, for the first stage, bring Sunflower and its Imitate, Potato Mine, Lily Pad, Twin Sunflower, some other instant (such as Cherry Bomb or Squash), and a few plants to get your build going. Your first few flags should have at least 2 Cattails (even if you aren't planning to have any in your final setup), just because they're so awesome at taking out zombies.

Use Potato Mine on the first zombie, then start planting Cattails. Start planting AS MANY SUNFLOWERS AS POSSIBLE while still defending your home.

Remember to put in Twin Sunflowers in slots they'll be in your final setup. Keep kneading your lawn into its final state.

They have 6 Gloom-shrooms in the front of the pool to take care of most inner row zombies, and lots of Winter Melons in the outer rows. 10 Cob builds can be unstable, as ambush zombies can not on two of the Cob Cannons, but I get around that by planting an Ice-shroom such that it explodes after the huge wave starts to appear but before the ambush zombies pop out of the pool.

This actually stops them from coming out, and you don't have ambush zombies to worry about! My current setup is a 10 Cob, in fact.

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I sometimes mess up a bit and then a Gig smashes one of my Cobs. 12 Cob builds, when timed correctly, can ignore Digger Zombies and Dolphin Riders, as when timed correctly, you can blast Diggers while they're still underground, and you can blast Dolphin Zombies before they can get a single bite.

You're supposed to time your Cobs such that they hit Imps while they're in midair. Oh, and, try to have a plant distribution that snares (freeze with Winter Melon) almost every zombie.

Well after a solid month of banging my head off my keyboard, I've finally cracked it! My first attempt was 23 which I was very proud of until I read this page :P Finally got my set-up ticking over nicely.

I still have some 'hairy' moments but as my sun is often 7000-8000 I can usually rebuild whatever those pesky exploding zombies destroy on the next flag. I've found that I need 2 umbrella leaves, one at the top and one at the bottom, to save my important plants from the vehicle zombie that flings stuff.

I don't worry about bungee zombies at all anymore, I just place an ice-shroom after they mark there targets, and activate it after a second or so as then they're frozen and will die from the other plants. Also, one way of combatting the dolphin zombies, is aim your corn cannons just above where they normally land, and that way you can kill both waves of walking zombies, and save on how many times you have to replace your pumpkins.

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This is very useful if you're playing a flag that requires a lot of pumpkin replacement. I play with 8 corn cannons and have just broken 360 flags.

Can I post a link from my blog (plantsvszombiesinfo.WordPress.com) to this hub? Use freezer mushrooms, and activate on the Yahoo.

I survived 164 flags and going strong with 10 cannons... Regularly get in the 40's, but I had a hot streak and reached 52.

No sense having seven hundred in the bank when you eventually lose. Once you hit 50 you get SIX of the Gargantua rs coming at you so you have to try to get those snow peas set early.

I try to find one and plant it on the top or bottom row with a squash in front of it. The big guy will do all the vase breaking for you and the snow pea will keep all the zombies coming at you at the same speed.

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Just place them in the second column from the left, just in front of the unopened vases. You might get lucky and the big guy will be in that row.

Then you can plant the repeaters on the third and fourth rows, maximizing your attack. Clearing out the top row is tricky.

If you can keep track of it you can guess what's in the remaining unopened vases. You could write a long article on this but hopefully these tips will help you raise your streak level.

Ok Pastor Dizzy... your words really move me.... but will you please just die and be FAT... your full of crap...you know that...jeeeeezzz Yesterday started a new endless, one without cob cannons, relying mostly on gloom-shrooms.

Andy:I forgot to include something in the “repair kit”: coffee bean, fume shroom, gloom shroom, lily pad, and, of course, the pumpkin. Andy: Cattails, lovers, and cob cannons are awesome to take out the balloon zombies.

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If someone has four or more cannons going off all the time, the balloon zombies are going to be wiped out. As for the Jacks, sure, they are going to blow up your front defenses; usually the blow up at least two gloom shrooms in the pool, plus a pumpkin off of a third gloom in the pool.

You have to make sure you have a “repair kit” handy when you see you will have Jacks on the current level. By repair kit, I mean a coffee bean, fume shroom, gloom shroom, and a lily pad.

If a Jack(s) blow up a gloom(s) in your pool, try to freeze the board with a Freeze shroom, and pumpkin any glooms that aren't protected first. It is a little hard to believe the 800 flags, since there is no defense against balloon zombies.

And also, no matter what I try (I've tried all these setups), the Jacks always take out my front defenses (some of them just explode on arrival, with no delay). I could only finish 26 flags on the endless survival mode.

Prince Vince Enriquez on December 27, 2010: The more you play Survival Endless the better you get at preparing your battlefield.

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I reached 1540 flags without cheating, and I'm sure you will call me cheater as well. Sorry but I won't brag it if I knew I was cheating...

Listen tards,,, Everyone knows how to cheat this game... I'm Just playing an honest game, so that I can shove it up to your cheating face....and By the way My Best is 56 flags...JEALOUS my ASS you Retard LOL....

I survived for 200 flags without cob cannons. The arrangement is pretty flexible and only Gloom Shroom, Winter Melon, Gatling Peas, Cattails and Spike rocks were used.

I noticed it too, maybe the balloon zombies are the reason from it, he has no cattail that can pop the balloons zombies ... still, congrats to make it to 1000+ level I'm only in 100th level using 8 cob cannons and winter melon combos, hope I can go to 500, lol.

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