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The system stores up to 2,000 images and allows transferring data to anywhere in the health care facility using a wireless network. Thanks to the 100 micron resolution, high contrast and digital detectors, Flashed HD allows doctors to see even the smallest details.

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While we hope that the peak of this unprecedented outbreak is behind us, it's clear that the presence of COVID-19 will still be felt in our healthcare systems for the foreseeable future. During that time, imaging needs in some areas will continue to be high as new cases are admitted and recovering patients receive follow-up.

While portables are not conclusive for COVID-19 testing, they are a helpful tool for pre-screening patients and alleviating backlogs on other, more powerful systems like fixed rad rooms or CT scanners. These smaller units are lightweight and highly mobile, making them ideal for facility-to-facility movement, or even deployment off your clinical campus.

Examples include the GE Optima 220 and AMX IV, the Care stream Dr Revolution, and the Shimizu Dart. Without a smooth surface and a wide, clear path, these units can be hard to deploy outside a standard clinical setting.

With DR, the image is converted to digital data in real-time and is available for review within seconds. This system is additionally capable of fixed or mobile use. Aside from it has a higher risk of exposing the patients to more radiation, film takes more time to develop the image than both CR and DR.

A more powerful generator allows for cross-table studies and heavier patients to be scanned while maintaining excellent image quality. The rotational movement of a floor-mounted tube stand, coupled with the range of motion of the table allows techs and doctors to perform more types of studies.

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They can be line or portable generator powered automatically adapting to standard input voltages to permit all day inspection under extreme conditions virtually anywhere. We’ve got the best portable ultrasound therapy devices for sale to fit your medical needs and budget.

We’d highly recommend looking into the cost-effective Soundbar Plus from Compass Health Brands. We offer both entry level and professional ultrasound units for sale.

Clinical ultrasound machines will require prescriptions or medical license before purchase. In terms of price, the cost of our ultrasound units depends on several things.

Intensity level, sound head size, and other features should be considered while you shop. No matter your budget or credentials, let us help you find the next items on the shopping list for you.

Whether you need physical therapy or sports medicine tools for your practice or home, we’re here for you. Mobile carts compatible with profession therapy devices and other ultrasound accessory storage options are available.

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You can also upgrade regular ultrasounds or combination therapy units into more mobile treatment options for your patients and practitioners. Buying a mobile cart for your ultrasound machine adds storage and usability to any device.

Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, and other Medical Professionals are qualified to purchase any class of ultrasound available. Class II and III Ultrasound Therapy Devices are made for clinical deep muscle healing under supervision of a pro.

If all you need is light or moderate therapeutic ultrasound, we have several options that won't break the bank. These lower intensity portable ultrasound units don’t require a prescription and can be operated by home users without special training.

Convenient hard carrying cases and all-in-one design make ultrasound therapy accessible to anyone who needs it. If you need both an ultrasound machine and therapy cart, we’re happy to provide a package discount.

Our clinical models feature large storage drawers, locking wheels, and an easy solution for keeping everything organized. Don’t risk a broken sound head or frayed cables and add a therapy cart to your clinical ultrasound unit.

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These small / lightweight ultrasound therapy units are great for a professional treating clients inside or outside the clinic. For a lower price, you can double treatment options, increasing both therapeutic value and revenue.

Ultrasound machines deliver heat to injured areas while EISTI causes the muscles to contract and stimulates the nerves for multiple benefits. Ultrasound therapy applies healing sound waves directly to the treated body area.

The soundwaves are a non-invasive therapy method that provides heat and increased blood flow to injured and inflamed tissues. Physical therapists and Sports Medicine practices see a lot of musculoskeletal injuries.

Therapeutic ultrasound can benefit injured: muscles, tendons, joints, and ligaments. Whether dealing with a minor injury or recovering from a major surgery, ultrasound therapy is a likely treatment option for many patients.

No matter the modality, the main goal for chiropractic treatment is to reduce inflammation and increase range of motion. Ultrasound therapy increases blood circulation of the joints allowing the body to recover faster naturally.

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The concentrated heating capabilities of soundwaves can supplement benefits of traditional chiropractic work. Donation Series Ultrasound and Combination therapy options are the perfect recommendation for a chiropractor.

If you’re interested in an EISTI ultrasound combination unit: Checkout the 3 or 5 Channel Donation Combo Machine. Before you buy a personal therapeutic ultrasound device to use at home you’ll need to know a couple of things.

Certain classes of therapeutic ultrasound devices require a medical license or a prescription for purchase. Shopping for the best ultrasound therapy unit can be overwhelming and time-consuming for professionals.

We don’t want you to spend any more time dealing with uncomfortable symptoms any longer than you have to. We offer a variety of Home Ultrasound Units made by Current Solutions, Roscoe Medical, Chattanooga, Dynatronics.

In home ultrasound machines bring a reliable pt method to the comfort of your house. The best portable ultrasound units for home use are lightweight and ideally designed as an “all-in-one” device.

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If you’re looking for an affordable all-on-one device, the Current Solutions US 2000 Portable Ultrasound is a great option. Soundbar Ultrasound Therapy Machine : The Soundbar Plus Ultrasound Machine from Current Solutions is a great device to consider for home treatments because with the included 2 sound heads (1 cm and 5 cm), it’s possible to treat a wider variety of injuries effectively.

Therapeutic Ultrasound and the healing sound waves provided can treat pain, arthritis, and many others including: We’ve made it easy to purchase the perfect ultrasound therapy device for your needs in one place at prohealthcareproducts.com.

Ultrasound therapy uses sound head applicators that create heat by vibrating crystals. When applied to a treated area, this vibration translates to the tissues making a deep heating effect.

Depending on the temperature gradients, the effects from ultrasound exposure can include mild heating but if used incorrectly can lead to coagulation necrosis or tissue vaporization. Using a frequency of 0.8-3.0 MHz, a gel is used on the surface in as it helps reduce friction and aids in the transmission of the ultrasound waves.

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