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In the Rider Waite deck introduced in 1910, the illustration on the card shows the letters “R-O-T-A” inscribed. The symbols on the wheel are related to the elements of the world, Earth, Fire, Air and Water.

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A representation of Anubis, the Greek God of death and one of Typhoon, a huge serpent who fought Zeus for supremacy also features on the card. No matter how the symbolism is interpreted, the Wheel Of Fortune card is said to be a harbinger of change.

In this guide, we take a more in-depth look at all the connotations of the Wheel Of Fortune card showing up in your tarot reading. Upright it means positive movement, change in the situation, healing, good fortune, new beginnings and favorable luck.

When the Wheel Of Fortune shows up in your reading, it signifies that a substantial change is rapidly approaching you. The Wheel Of Fortune is also a symbol of how life cycles work and how eventually “this too shall pass”.

The sun is shining on you and the future is going to present opportunities towards growth, self-development, and contentment. In the upright position, the Wheel Of Fortune card brings good news.

This card is the Major Arcane definition of happiness, abundance, joy, luck, change for the better. The Wheel Of Fortune in reverse often denotes sudden changes that will throw your life upside down.

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A reversed Wheel Of Fortune is a warning that significant changes are approaching that might become a source of constant stress and anxiety for you. Dealing with everyday situations might leave you exhausted because it will seem like you aren’t getting anywhere, no matter how hard you try.

Hence, if the Wheel Of Fortune card is in an upright position, and you have done a reading with a specific individual in mind, this person sees you as their lucky charm. When the Wheel Of Fortune card appears in a reversed position, it shows that the person or situation you did the reading for, does not seem to be going in your favor.

The situation will present some disappointment or even an accident of some sort, that might be totally out of your control. The Wheel Of Fortune card in reverse points to the fact that the person you have in mind sees you as a disruptive, unsound force.

If you get the Wheel Of Fortune card upright when you are curious about someone’s feelings towards you, the answer couldn’t be more definite. In terms of love, the Wheel Of Fortune as a feelings card, shows something approaching that is meant to be.

If you are single, things might rapidly change, and you might find the man or woman of your dreams. Unfortunately, the opposite of the previous section is true if the Wheel Of Fortune shows up reversed in a reading.

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In reverse, the Wheel Of Fortune card shows a lack of feeling from the person in question, or you are experiencing a disappointing state of affairs. Destiny is not on your side in the situation, and thus, no matter what you want that person to feel about you, it is most likely, not going to happen.

With the God of Death, Anubis on the card in a rising position, it talks about new beginnings and transformation in the situation. Things will rapidly move according to your preference, bringing the changes that you might have been waiting for.

Even if you can’t see a road to your desire immediately, know that the wheel is in motion and what you want will be presented to you soon. Many readers argue that because the Wheel Of Fortune is a circle, it does not have an upright or reversed position, unlike other tarot cards.

A reversed Wheel Of Fortune is an indication of things falling apart, leaving you feeling stressed and helpless. Sometimes, it might be tricky to read the Wheel Of Fortune card if it comes up showing someone’s intentions towards you.

In an upright position and in the case of pointing out intentions, the Wheel Of Fortune card talks of unfinished business. In the reversed position, the Wheel Of Fortune may denote someone or a situation that is resistant to change.

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If you are doing a simple yes/no reading to see if you are taking the right decision or if the situation is going to turn out the way you want it to, the answer is a resounding “YES”! The Wheel Of Fortune is also an indicator that things are changing and that you are taking a step in the right direction.

If you are asking for guidance in a specific situation, the card is warning you to back off and re-evaluate your decision because things will not work out in your favor. This card, in reverse, indicates misfortune and bad luck and now isn’t the right time to make a decision.

This card as an obstacle denotes that any luck that you may have had up until this point is going to die out and things will probably take a turn for the worse before they improve. The situation at hand looks bleak and because fate is against you, now isn’t the best time to undertake new ventures or relationships.

When the Wheel Of Fortune shows up in your reading as action to be taken, the most likely interpretation of this is that things will work in your favor if you don’t resist the change that will soon take place. Don’t interfere with the Universe’s plans by trying to control how things will take place.

Fate isn’t working in your favor, and while you may not get what you desire, the Universe is giving you the opportunity to make things right by recognizing what got you here in the first place. Be grateful and accepting of the Universe’s desire to help you get the outcome you want.

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If the draw is to be held on a Friday, would it do you any good to badger the store owner on Wednesday? In reverse, the Wheel Of Fortune symbolizes a lack of control on events that are or will take place.

Therefore, it is wise to sit back and enjoy the ride instead of trying to figure out how and when things will come to you. No matter what the situation is, the outcome is a positive one, and you will reap many rewards and move up in life, as a result of the Gods smiling down on you.

In reverse, the Wheel Of Fortune card as an outcome denotes a downturn in luck and things going against what we wanted. Perhaps someone else gets the raise or promotion you wanted, or the relationship doesn’t work out as planned, the reversed Wheel Of Fortune is symbolic of things turning anti-clockwise.

The Wheel Of Fortune as the Future in your reading denotes a positive outcome to the situation, where rapid change will bring about a prosperous ending. As the Universe prepares your windfall, accept the situation unfolding and wait for the results to come to you, because they will.

The Wheel Of Fortune is turning in your favor, and you are destined to rise higher and prosper at anything you set your mind to. In reverse, the Wheel Of Fortune denotes a loss of luck, misfortune, possible accidents and approaching bad tidings.

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When you get the Wheel Of Fortune in a reverse position, do not enter any new relationships, be that personal or professional. No matter what you do now to reverse the situation, misfortune will continue to follow you until the wheel turns in your favor.

Upright, the Wheel Of Fortune as a person could mean someone who is well versed with the cycles of life. They could be someone wise and balanced, someone, who knows that good and evil are two sides of the same coin and neither one is a permanent state.

Instead, there are multiple symbols, some talking of the law and the circle (Torn and Rota), some denoting the seasons. Therefore, any person represented by an upright Wheel Of Fortune is a well-balanced individual who knows how to celebrate their wins and bear their loses equally well.

When the Wheel Of Fortune symbolizes a person in reverse, it denotes a disbalance about them. They are either all over the place and can’t seem to focus on one thing long enough and constantly run hot and cold about their decisions. They maybe someone who continually gets sucked into the same repetitive cycles, and because they don’t change their behavioral reactions to these situations, they can’t seem to break loose, no matter what they do.

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