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• Saturday, 07 November, 2020
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× The selected bolt pattern is different from the stock bolt pattern. An adapter is required to make these wheels fit.

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It’s kind of living in its big brother’s shadow, and that company is Zone Offload. Only been around 10 or 12 years, which is just a subsidiary of their big brother, probably you’ve heard of BDS Suspension.

Brand: Zone Offload Item Weight: 15 pounds Product Dimensions: 8.8 × 33 × 15 inches The coil spring of this item design to give an accurate 3 inches lift that is a 2door/4door specific, so be careful before purchase.

It has rear extended sway bar links that improve your vehicle performance and decrease body roll. Includes a rear track bar relocation mechanism to align the axle under your JK accurately.

Includes new front and rear shocks in this Zone kit that are explicitly built for your JK. It includes CNC machined steering extension, fuel fill extension, fan shroud relocation, and front bumper relocation brackets.

Brand: Zone Offload LK4L Package Dimensions: 19 × 12 × 6 inches Manufacturer Part Number: C9357 The Zone Offload 3-inch Lift Kit Shocks is designed for installation on 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited models.

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You can install it within five hours without a professional by following instruction and watching YouTube videos. This brand included all hard and essential equipment that you might need to get better performance.

The main products are made right there in the little town of Goldwater, Michigan. They have a whole team of 250 people working altogether in four different locations doing all the engineering, all the ads, all the sales, and all the construction right there.

Another cool feature is that all of these Zone kits include factory protection plus a warranty. Zone kit in at your affordable price range and still being safe on the road.

Hopefully, this review gives you a complete idea that you need to know about the Zone lift kit. Zone Offload is excited to announce the newest addition to its lineup parts...

Introducing the latest addition to the Zone Offload line of Chevy and GMC... The Zone Offload suspension system for the Chevy and GM SUV's is designed for...

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We got a 3-inch lift kit and new tires for our 2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. We ordered everything from the 4WheelParts store in Nashville …which took a long time.

Plus, the alignment was way off, and any time you drove over 50 miles per hour, the entire Jeep shook violently. So thank goodness, we *had* to get new tires when we ordered the new lift kit.

But I thought that just meant “you’ll get worse mileage.” Period. The larger circumference of the tires means that your Jeep’s odometer no longer records distances traveled properly.

In our Jeep, with the new tires, it appears that distances measured on the odometer are about a 10th of a mile off. But also (and here’s the worst part, if you ask me)… your speedometer no longer measures your speed accurately.

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Obviously, the increased lift and tire size mean it’s a higher step up in order to enter the Jeep now. No, we didn’t add any additional steps or ledges, but I might be interested in adding a grab-bar soon.

In an attempt to fine-tune the ease with which I enter and exit the Jeep with its new lift kit and wheels, I’ve tried a number of different scenarios, like: Oh, and of course most of these attempts involved grabbing the steering wheel and dragging my body into the vehicle.

As far as road noise, we don’t really notice any difference. The guy at 4WheelParts said that since our Jeep is an Unlimited, we might need an additional part that lowers the transfer case.

But supposedly, if you hear a humming/whirring noise at high speeds, then you probably this $30 part. Since we’ve been married, my husband and I have owned 5 Jeeps (3 Wranglers and 2 Grand Cherokees).

And when we’re not driving our own Jeep, we’re usually renting one (a 4×4 Wrangler on vacation). As our daily driver, we keep the soft top on our Jeep Wrangler year round (and the back window permanently rolled up) so the dogs can enjoy the ride.

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