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Stop killing so many zombies or parking all the time for a few XP to rank up! This quarantine zone wants you to find five disaster drops and give them to your quartermaster in the safe zone.

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You must pick up all definite supply crates on the areas of parking garages or the different buildings' territory almost in all the Quarantine Zones. All the Quarantines are crowded with throngs of zombies and because of this reason you should beat your story and receive the good kinds of weapons.

Two of the Quarantine Zones are from the Cuisine and Cargo DLC. The Quarantine Zones have you either finding supply packages, or killing all the zombies inside it.

Clearing the area within these Quarantine zones gives you Disaster Relief On-site Packages that you can turn in to the quartermaster, as well as survivor skill points, lore etc. The Camouflage skill from the Survivor skill tree comes extremely handy here, and it makes fighting far easier. If you don’t like video guides skip ahead for full screenshot guide with map locations and all other important information.

Difficulty : Hard Reward : 2 500 Survivor Points Story : When the infection started to spread, a group of people tried to take refuge in a local supermarket. The broadcasting system lured the infected to the market center.

They quickly found their way inside, attacking any survivors, leaving the supplies to rot. This QuarantineZone is located within the market area, where you can hear voices through the store speaker.

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If you have walked past this store you would remember it for sure, as it is the only one with the unique setting. In order to stop the current electrifying the floor inside the store, you have to use the switch located next to the doors that lead to the storage room.

Difficulty : Hard Reward : 2 500 Survivor Points Story : When panic broke out, crisis forces escorted a large group of healthy citizens inside an underground parking, away from the infected. They established a temporary refugee camp, they set some perimeter blockades and hoped for the best.

There was an outbreak and everything went to hell, so the military sealed this placed and left everyone inside to their fate. It might be the toughest one to complete, as it is the only Quarantine that has Volatile inside the perimeter.

You have to kill, or pass by them if you want to collect Packages that are scattered around the underground parking, hidden inside vans and cars. Difficulty : Hard Reward : 7 500 Survivor Points Story : The building was sealed by military forces when they began their retreat, when the infection started to run rampant across the town.

Groups developed, trying to barricade themselves from the threat, fighting to live another day, but they were all doomed from the start. The Quarantine zone in this location is found at the rear entrance of a two-storied building in the northwestern Slums.

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Difficulty : Hard Reward : 2 500 Survivor Points Story : Something went terribly wrong in this chemical storage compound. Too bad that the facility also contained packages of hazmat and disaster relief supplies, which would be very useful to survivors.

This Quarantine zone is located inside the large Storage area, just north from the Rail’ Slums compound. Beside the first group of infected that are easy to defeat, you also come in contact with several toads.

Difficulty : Hard Reward : 2 500 Survivor Points Story : A Good Will Relieve transport got stuck in this tunnel when transport of chemical waste was derailed, covering one end of the tunnel in a deadly toxic cloud. Soon after, the military declared it a quarantine zone and blocked any passage in and out of this place.

Like all tunnels, it is crawling with enemies, but the stuff left there is just too good to leave to rot. This Quarantine zone is located inside a small railroad tunnel, in the southeastern Slums.

What makes it hard is the amount of enemies you find inside. Difficulty : Hard Reward : 7 500 Survivor Points Story : When the Global Athletic Games were at their peak, this hotel hosted many sports teams.

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The military shut it off as soon as the outbreak started, convicting all those locked inside to a fate worse than death. This Quarantine zone is found in northwestern Old Town, inside the Dragon Hotel.

Objective : Eliminate all infected Difficulty : Hard Reward : 15 000 Survivor Points Story : The infection must have set in real fast, if it took some people completely by surprise. There are a couple of large groups of infected inside this compound, with no Volatile and one Goon (two handed sledgehammer bearer).

Difficulty : Hard Reward : 7 500 Survivor Points Story : After the recent mild quakes, property developers encouraged apartment owners to equip every apartment with supply packages, just in case. This place, although ravaged by the hordes of infected, might still have some intact resources to claim.

Lakes still remembers Purr, the cat from Ion, and how finding her and helping other players by spreading the information made him feel proud. Presenting precise and clear guidelines that readers can easily comprehend is the goal he strives for.

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Some parts outside the walls appear to have smoke pouring from buildings, while others look normal. Like all tunnels, it is crawling with enemies, but the stuff left there is just too good to leave to rot.

It is a large underground rail tunnel which contains two crashed trains. Also, a large amount of viral zombies are present, so extreme caution is recommended when in this quarantine zone.

The first supply package can be immediately found in the searchable train car near where the player first entered. The last supply package is not found in any of the train cars but at the end of a narrow hallway filled with the infected.

One of them is even placed nearby a goon and close to the toxic chemical spill where viral tend to gather. It is possible to access Bright Mountain Tunnel during the story mission The Pit after leaving the arena before the last fainting animation takes place.

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