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Sadly, though, many players will have killed Thorazine’s daughter Princess Threads earlier in the game, but luckily the elemental lord of stone is pretty cool about her family being murdered. It is a common place to level characters, and I spent untold hours of The Burning Crusade doing quests and trying not to be killed by high-level players in this zone sandwiched between the mountains and ocean.

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It is a war zone in both the game’s fiction and its actual play, and beyond normal questing, a player can always experience the Horde leader Thrall’s escape from Brunhilde Keep in the Caverns of Time. The fjord leans into the Northern European flavor of the continent of North rend, and the main antagonists here are giants (whose home you need to run through to properly smash them).

Also, apparently, the Forsaken (the undead faction in WoW) are hanging out here cooking up a great new plague to attack the Rich King with. It is also lush and green, and it was once a super dangerous place to go questing due to how many players would be running around trying to do the same thing you were.

Even now the crater is teeming with strangeness that isn’t anywhere else in the base WoW experience, and doing certain quest lines reveals some powerful creatures behind the veil of Zeroth. Like all locations in the game, there’s a complex ecological system that ties together the physical space, the enemies you encounter, and the characters you meet, and in the Valley of the Four Winds that is all centered on the creation of massive pumpkins, tasty treats, and beer.

In fact, most of the time that a given player will spend here is consumed by saving vegetation and/or beer from various kinds of baddies. There’s a wonderful visual tone to the very large zone, and it is interspersed with night elf fortresses, demon spawning grounds, and a nice coastal area.

This is the core of a WoW experience; this entire zone is a strange collapse of systems, ideas, and aesthetics that somehow coheres into something truly amazing. This staging point, the garrison, contains a huge amount of the content of Warlords, and I spent way more time than I would have thought going out into Frost fire Ridge and skinning, mining, or just attacking enemies to see what was going on in the massive fort that dominates the landscape.

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It was a bad life, to be sure, because it was a zone that acted as a bottleneck for Horde players who wanted to proceed in levels. You could be stuck in the Barrens for days doing grind quests, killing quill boars, and waiting for Wailing Caverns groups to form around you.

Once you’ve decided on a new main for the coming expansion, or possibly alts you’d like to have around, a second question arises. Before there were some questions along the way, as Burning Crusade and Wrath shared a bracket as did Cataclysm and Mists of Mandarin, but you still largely had your path decided by the release order.

For many players, this is a good excuse to revisit content from the past that used to be out leveled quickly and hard to actually experience in any meaningful way. Burning Crusade, Wrath, and Cataclysm should generally be avoided unless you have a specific quest or activity you hope to complete along the way.

For the average player, this sort of play isn’t exactly desirable, and estimates extrapolated from applying a raw multiplier to what PTR speed runs aren’t accurate. Some zones are improved far more by using these speed run strategies than others, so it’s best to keep the rankings in mind and focus on minimizing your downtime more than quibbling overestimates; the time you spend worrying your choice might not have been perfect is probably enough to cover the difference between them.

It’s hard to keep a dense experience down, and despite several nerfs The Iron Horde campaign from Warlords is still the quickest expansion. It’s important while you’re in Drano to take advantage of grabbing any treasures you see and never miss bonus objectives near your path.

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Going far out of your way for one that doesn’t have any quests associated may not be worth it, but missing bonus objectives that are on your path is a good way to really lower the yield in Drano. Picking up just a few that are close to your path quickly adds up to a quest’s worth of experience and even counting the time to get to them, this will probably take only a minute or two.

This is another reason why preexisting knowledge really helps Drano’s speed, knowing the path to get to the harder treasures can add multiple full quests of experience for very little work. Puzzling them out for the first time or even finding someone else’s solution likely takes long enough to make them no longer worthwhile after the nerf.

The zones are suited well to leveling through and leaving, as well, with stories that are mostly self-contained as you search for items important to the main plot of the expansion. The biggest downside is that there are a number of quests that may slow your class hall campaign or professions if you choose to use them as they require dungeon completions.

A lot happens to a character in World of Warcraft Classic after hitting that level 40 milestone. The most obvious being that players finally have a mount, which is great, but then they also have to deal with having no money and fewer choices for grinding.

There's plenty to slay here for XP, even if the wide variety of quests available are done, but be prepared to commit to about 3 hours of game time for a full clear. There are lots of herbs, leather, and minerals to be found in the lush hills of Fer alas, along with a long list of quests.

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Some of these are lengthy chains that eventually lead to Dire Maul, the centerpiece of this ancient zone, where a few prepaid Bis items drop. It's worth a visit just for the history, and not just the ancient Dwarf lore and Azerothian creation stories.

If anyone has played retail WoW and experienced dungeons like Ulnar in North rend, Andaman will look strangely familiar. Lots of great items drop here, and there are chain quests galore, including a few that start with things to pick up or find.

Herbalists, miners, leather workers, and fishers can spend a few levels in Asmara honing their professions. Players are clearing a path to BlackRock mountain when they work through Searing Gorge.

This zone is popular with miners and blacksmiths trying to grind rep with the Thorium Brotherhood. Five of the most notorious dungeons in the game are located between this zone and the Burning Steppes next door, and three of them are raids.

There are lots of quests to do here, which is an obvious draw, but this dungeon is also connected to others through the lore and items. It's essential to visit to grind rep with the Timber maw Tribe and the Scenario Circle by killing various monsters and collecting certain items.

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What makes Strangle thorn Vale a tough choice is a well-deserved reputation as PVP heaven. This is one of the earliest zones that players can visit, easily accessible for both factions via boat.

Players can also participate in the Strangle thorn Fishing Contest and grind rep with the local pirates while they work through the zone. Love it or hate it, the Sunken Temple is one of the best places to level a character when it reaches 50.

You can also use it to keep track of your completed quests, recipes, mounts, companion pets, and titles! One of the best changes World of Warcraft: Shadow lands brings to the MMO is a completely revised leveling experience for characters from 1-50.

At level one, brand-new WoW players are sent by default to Exile's Reach, the excellent new-player starting experience on a self-contained island. At level 10, both experienced players and new ones are given the starting quests for the latest Battle for Zeroth expansion.

If you choose to follow them, they'll lead you to the islands of KUL Tires and Kandahar, where you'll see the most recent chapter of WoW's history. These more modern quest lines are ideal for new players, as transitioning from them to Shadow lands zones for levels 50-60 will be relatively seamless.

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You pick up the epic riding skill at 20 and flying at 30 (with no special attunements required for any expansion's zones). Or try the underrated Mists of Mandarin, which has a sedate leveling style and easygoing quest progression reminiscent of the Andean race it introduced.

The Burning Crusade and Cataclysm both involve tons of running, disjointed story lines and antiquated mechanics, so unless you're nostalgic for those zones' experience from your first time around, it's best to avoid them now. Based on personal experience, it takes about twice the amount of time to level through The Burning Crusade compared to Warlords.

First, if your character doesn't have a tank or healing specialization, you'll want to find someone who does to group with as the queues for damage players can be lengthy. Avoid Warlords of Drano, Legion and Battle for Zeroth, as they offer few or no quests in leveling dungeons.

Some leveling items still work in the expansion where they were originally collected, but they are typically only good for secondary (alt) characters. Draft of Ten Lands, for instance, works in Battle for Zeroth, but requires you to have a maximum-level main character to buy them.

(Image credit: Blizzard)One of the best ways to maximize your leveling speed is to group up with other people, using the game's Party Sync feature to synchronize quests and run dungeons. As long as you incorporate a new player periodically and sync with them, you'll all be able to repeat dungeons and re-do those quests for full experience.

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