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Bob Roberts
• Monday, 18 January, 2021
• 7 min read

The Arctic 9X is basically the same headset internally, just with a few different features tailored specifically for the Xbox Series X. Unlike a lot of gaming headsets, you don’t need an adapter with the Arctic 9X.

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Although the frequency range doesn’t reach as high as some audiophile-class headsets, it can still hold its own in the sound department. The wide soundscape of the Arctic 9X gives players much more positional awareness in games and, combined with a digital surround sound solution, even more so.

Who’s it for: The Xbox gamer looking for wireless audio that doesn’t break the bank. When it comes to features, the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 headset matches the Arctic 9X and does so at $50 cheaper.

The headset supports native wireless with Xbox One, Series, and Series S, no dongle required. Like the Arctic pair, the Stealth 700s support simultaneous Bluetooth, too, so you can take calls or listen to music while playing on your Xbox.

The headrest is still reinforced with metal, and although it doesn’t feature a suspended headband, there’s still plenty of cushioning on top. The ear cups are nice and plump, too, fit with memory foam infused with Profit cooling gel.

The large 50 mm drivers handle bass better than most other gaming headsets, and they help position sound around the soundscape. However, they support Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos for Headphones on Xbox Series X.

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Why should you buy this: The Castro A10 headset has excellent sound and build quality, which is a shock at around $50. Comfort is a little worse as a result, but durability is vastly improved (there are simply fewer points of failure).

The dual 50 mm Racer Tricorne titanium drivers are excellent at positioning audio around the soundscape. Additionally, Racer uses separate tuning ports for high, low, and mid frequencies.

The result is clearer audio around crossover points, such as the lowlands, where other headsets see a significant drop in frequency response. The gripping force is a little tighter than other gaming headsets, but with a weight of just 262 grams, that’s easy to forgive.

The Racer BlackS hark V2 is easily the best wired headset on Xbox Series X, but it’s also one of the best in general if you play competitive titles. Why should you buy this: Hyperspace haptic feedback is more than a gimmick, and it genuinely enhances the audio experience in action games.

Be careful, though: Racer sells another version of the Nazi Ultimate that work exclusively with Sony consoles. The Xbox Series X is Microsoft's next big console, stealing the power crown from Sony's PlayStation 5.

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It comes complete with ray-tracing realistic reflections and lighting, SSD speeds for world streaming and loading, and a far more powerful CPU. To that end, we've collated the beatbox headsets we've tested and ones that we have confirmed to be compatible with the Xbox Series X and S, as approved by their manufacturers.

It sports an impressive all-day battery life, rechargeable via USB, and comes with on-ear controls for muting, audio mixing, and volume. A detachable microphone with an LED mute light completes the package, with above-average audio quality for headsets in this category.

My favorite aspect of the LS35X is the coolant gel in the ear cups, which is simply sublime on the ears, especially in warmer environments. The soundscape is no slouch either, with stunning, punchy sound balanced well between immersion and tactical accentuation.

The coolant gel ear cups are dreamy on the ears and complimented with an epic soundscape, stellar microphone, and rock-solid wireless convenience. This wireless headset comes with a unique magnetic charging dock to ensure you're always topped off and ready to rock no matter how long you've been gaming.

Castro is also updating it for the Xbox Series X and S with a firmware option to enable USB compatibility, making it easily one of the bestXboxSeriesX, Series S headsets you can buy. The dock for the Castro A50 comes with compatibility for SP DIF optical audio, meaning you can plug it straight into the TV and use that as your sound source.

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It's this versatility that comes in incredibly handy if you're a content creator or play across multiple devices. Although I'm not a big fan of their onboard Dolby solution, Castro's own sound profile is rich, emphasizing tactical audio cues.

The Elite Pro 2 from Turtle Beach is an excellent all-around wireless headset, with quality construction reinforced with metal, an attractive design profile, a comfortable floating headband, and thick, well-cushioned airy ear cups. The Elite Pro 2 doesn't have many features, although it does come with a high-quality in-line volume control module and a mute button on its 3.5 mm cable.

The voluminous soundscape provides a really acute sense of positional awareness when combined with Dolby Atmos or Windows Sonic. However, you can elevate this further by using one of Turtle Beach's amps for more accurate 7.1-style positional awareness, which also bakes in some mic monitoring as well.

I personally used this headset for many months and genuinely adored it, ditching it only because I found tirelessness more convenient in my current desk setup. The Elite Pro 2 lacks the bells and whistles of a wireless headset with onboard features, but it does the job as a 3.5 mm wired solution, complete with a robust design that should see it last longer than most of its counterparts.

The Stealth 700 sports incredible audio, complemented by Turtle Beach's “Superhuman Hearing” preset, accentuates enemy movements, enhancing tactical play. The broad soundscape and impressive bass make them a great option for music and movies while also elevating single-player games with immersive software surround sound.

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This is great for content creators who want to hear co-op partners through chat programs like Discord without sacrificing Xbox audio in the process. The on-ear volume dials make it easy to adjust the mix to your liking, and a paired mobile app gives you further control over your experience.

If you want a headset you can use both with your Xbox and your smartphone or PC simultaneously, this wireless Xboxheadset with Bluetooth combo is a great option that won't disappoint. The LucidSound LS50X is a premium experience, with connectivity for Xbox One, Xbox Series X /S, PC, and mobile devices, owing to its separate Bluetooth receiver.

The LucidSound LS50X screams premium quality along every axis, with robust construction and high-quality materials, a high-end soundscape with a balanced audio profile with great separation, and arguably the best headset mic out there. Even in warm environments, this headset is airy and pleasant to wear across the longest gaming sessions, with convenient on-ear controls and a sleek design profile suitable for home and public use.

Excellent 15-18 hour battery life Rock-solid Xbox wireless signal Stunning audio quality Premium comfort and materials One of the best headset mics Steelers is an industry leader, building quality products for a range of price points.

The microphone is perhaps not as impressive as it could be, and clearly, some compromises were made in the materials and construction department to achieve this price bracket. However, if you're an adult who takes care of their gear, few headsets can boast this price point while also nailing the fundamentals so well.

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Insane 20-hour battery life Solid wireless signal Decent audio quality Great price point The Hyper Cloud is a legendary headset and among the best -selling for its impressive audio quality, hardy construction, and lightweight design.

Powerful speakers punch far above their price point, creating a soundscape that competes with far more expensive headsets. Hyper's “Cloud” line is appropriately named for its lightweight construction and airy ear cups, which bring serious comfort without breaking the bank.

Corsair HS75 LB is a newcomer to the XboxSeriesXheadset space, and it's already quite easily one of the bestXboxSeriesX, Series S headsets out there. What makes the Corsair HS75 LB so damn good is its audio quality, which is truly distinct with its volume and power.

If you're like me and love to hear the full force of an explosion, it already sounds great out of the box. It has a subtle but sexy design, with a detachable mic that also punches above its weight in sound quality.

Despite the visual style, it isn't an open-back headset, as some outlets have reported, giving you an immersive experience elevated by a bundled code for Dolby Atmos. For my setup, being able to feed SP DIF optical audio and combine that with sound from my PC from chat apps like Discord is invaluable as a content creator, making videos on our YouTube channel or game streaming, and so on.

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The flexibility is something that I find to be ideal for my setup, although the price is incredibly prohibitive for those who won't end up using all of its features. If you can stomach the price, however, you'll find this headset to be nothing short of remarkable, with excellent sound, comfort, construction, and wireless convenience.

I also use the LucidSound LS50X as a replacement for the A50 at my second address, since the Bluetooth brings some of that versatility I like with the Castro A50, albeit with far better audio and comfort for me. I also can't get enough of the coolant gel LucidSound adds into the mix, making them absurdly comfortable.

If you don't want to break the bank but still gun for decent quality, I always recommend the Turtle Beach Atlas Pro wired headset. It might lose some of that wireless convenience, and obtaining elevated positional awareness might need an additional accessory.

Still, the soundscape is expansive, with a robust metal-reinforced design, generously cushioned ear cups that are easy on the ears, and highly flexible cabling that will stand the test of time.

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