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• Sunday, 15 November, 2020
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Their -0.16 EPA allowed per play outside the redone ranked behind only the New England Patriots and San Francisco 49ers during the regular season. The only team to allow a lower EPA per run play than Pittsburgh (-0.24) inside the redone was the Chiefs (-0.33).

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Steelers free safety Mink ah Fitzpatrick even got into the action with this outstanding play at the goal line against Kyle Murray, who just so happens to be one of the best athletes at quarterback in the NFL. You want to be at your best as a run defense inside the 20-yard line when there are more short-yardage opportunities, but the Chiefs are unlikely to repeat that kind of success is in 2020.

-- Del Rio has an appreciation for Ben Roethlisberger: Pittsburgh had a tough quarterback situation last year, Del Rio said, once Ben Roethlisberger went down with season-ending elbow surgery. The Steelers' signal-callers included Mason Rudolph, Devlin Hodges and Jaylen Samuel's.

“He brings that calmness, that experience, that accuracy, that talent. Obviously, add that to the defense they play, and it's a pretty dangerous combination.

-- Carrying momentum simply involves “going out and doing your job”: Washington is on a two-game winning streak that it hopes to extend Monday against the Steelers. There are a lot of things coaches can try to keep momentum high.

-- Rivera has respect for Chase Clay pool: Rookie Chase Clay pool has emerged as Pittsburgh's best receiving option and one of the best young receivers in the league. Rivera said Clay pool has the speed and quickness to make explosive plays downfield.

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They had on average four redone trips against the Panthers defense per game, which led to plenty of points. Once again, the Carolina Panthers allowed the most touchdowns to opposing offenses.

This is no surprise as the defense allowed the most attempts and overall redone points to opposing offenses in 2019. The Miami Dolphins allowed the most redone passing touchdowns to opposing offenses.

The Denver Broncos were the bestredzonedefense in 2019, as they had just 18 redone touchdowns scored against them on 46 chances. Redone stats are going to be broken up by rushing and passing allowed.

These are all going to be telling for a defense and how they deal with the run and the pass while inside the redone. When defenses can force a turnover inside the redone, it can change the tune of a game.

Combining these stats with the rest on this page, you can break down how good matchups are for specific players while in the redone. Those defenses that do not allow a lot of volume and production are not going to be good matchups for opposing players.

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When looking at matchups for your fantasy football team, redone numbers are going to be something to take into consideration. You can get an overall look in the offense allowed area, where it is broken out by how many, touchdowns, points, and plays a defense gives up in the redone.

Because of the correlation with fantasy points and redone volume, being able to dive into these stats is going to give you a leg up on your competition. If you are looking at a matchup and see a team has allowed 15 redone touchdowns through ten weeks, the opposing running back for the upcoming game is going to be in a good spot to score.

Allowing more rushing touchdowns and attempts in the redone is going to point towards a potential strong matchup for your fantasy running game. However, if you are looking early in the year it is important to see why teams are allowing more or less redone production.

You can also use these numbers for your fantasy defense to figure out if they are a good play or not. Scheduling is also going to be important when viewing redone numbers early in a season.

Bill Belching has always had a strong defensive mind, and he prioritizes redzonedefense very highly. Some of this can be chalked up to negative and positive regression, but some defenses do play better in the redone.

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The field gets smaller and defenses can cover more ground when inside the 20-yard line. If they have more physical defensive back play, loading the box and being able to take away targets inside the 20 is going to make it tougher on opposing offenses.

To be honest, the last time the team had a defense worth noting was probably their 2010 season when they reached the Super Bowl. Since that time, after many of the veteran players called it a career, the Steelers have been slowly rebuilding their defense to be noteworthy once again.

Promise redone rushing plays Curtis Samuel 42816.0%21215.0%000.0% All Curtis Samuel redone rushing plays Ryan TannehillTEN 42037.3%314310.3%24216.7% All Ryan Tanneries redone rushing plays Derek Watteau 4816.9%3518.3%1114.8% All Derek Watt redone rushing plays Kirk Cousins 3413.3%3414.9%2018.3% All Kirk Cousins redone rushing plays Jon HillimanNYG 3906.4%2706.7%000.0% All Jon Hillman redone rushing plashes Hills DET 3525.9%3528.6%35221.4% All Was Hills redone rushing plays Travis Homer SEA 3-404.3%2-105.6%000.0% All Travis Homer redone rushing plays Alec IngoldOAK 3204.8%3208.8%32015.8% All Alec In gold redone rushing plays Case KeenumWAS 3-116.8%2119.5%21114.3% All Case Keen um redone rushing plays Dion Lewiston 31705.5%000.0%000.0% All Dion Lewis redone rushing playsMarshawn Lynch SEA 3214.3%1112.8%1115.9% All Marsh awn Lynch redone rushing playsCordarrelle Patterson CHI 31305.9%21006.1%000.0% All Cordarrelle Patterson redone rushing plays Matt Ryan ATL 31015.5%1114.8%1119.1% All Matt Ryan redone rushing plays Mark Walton MIA 3-305.1%2-506.1%2-5013.3% All Mark Walton redone rushing playmaker Abdullahi 21402.2%000.0%000.0% All Amber Abdullah redone rushing plays Jay AjayiPHI 2202.7%000.0%000.0% All Jay Ajay redone rushing plays. J. YeldonBUF 2202.9%1003.0%000.0% All T.J. Eldon redone rushing plays Brandon Allende 11101.7%000.0%000.0% All Brandon Allen redone rushing playsJavorius Allen 1112.1%1113.3%1117.7% All Savories Allen redone rushing PlayStation Austin DAL 1201.3%000.0%000.0% All Avon Austin redone rushing plays Odell Beckham 11101.5%000.0%000.0% All Odell Beckham redone rushing plays David Brought 1502.0%1502.9%000.0% All David Bough redone rushing plays Drew Fresno 1111.4%1112.8%1117.7% All Drew Trees redone rushing player Carson DET 1202.0%000.0%000.0% All Trey Carson redone rushing playsKeke CouteeHOU 1411.6%1413.3%1415.3% All Zeke Coulee redone rushing plays Chase Daniel CHI 1202.0%1203.0%000.0% All Chase Daniel redone rushing plays James Eveline 1101.3%1101.9%1103.8% All James Devlin redone rushing plays Gerald Everett LAR 1001.2%1001.9%000.0% All Gerald Everett redone rushing plays Ted Minor 1501.4%000.0%000.0% All Ted Inn redone rushing plays Will Greater 1001.5%000.0%000.0% All Will Great redone rushing plays Matt HaackMIA 1201.7%1203.0%1206.7% All Matt Hack redone rushing playsDeAndre Hopkins 1601.6%1603.3%000.0% All DeAndre Hopkins redone rushing plays Brian Hovering 1601.4%1602.6%000.0% All Brian Homer redone rushing plays Andy Isabella ARI 1601.7%000.0%000.0% All Andy Isabella redone rushing plays Andy JanovichDEN 1111.7%1113.4%1117.1% All Andy Ivanovich redone rushing playsAlshon Jeffery PHI 1211.3%1212.5%1214.8% All Alston Jeffery redone rushing plays Taiwan Jones 11101.6%000.0%000.0% All Taiwan Jones redone rushing plays Kyle JuszczykSFO 1-101.3%1-102.5%1-104.5% All Kyle Juszczyk redone rushing plays Travis Keenan 1411.5%1412.9%1415.9% All Travis Hence redone rushing plays Christian Kirk ARI 1601.7%000.0%000.0% All Christian Kirk redone rushing playback Line NOR 1001.4%1002.8%1007.7% All Zach Line redone rushing plays. J.

Here’s the Monday Night Football report card for the Chiefs-Chargers game in Mexico City. He jarred the ball loose from Philip Rivers, and Derrick Nazi was there to make the interception.

With about 6 1/2 minutes remaining, Clark stuffed Austin Keller on third down, forcing another punt. If he’s close to 100 percent, he can be the difference-making defensive end the Chiefs envisioned when he was signed to a $105 million contract.

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Reason to mope: The Chiefs had four possessions in the fourth quarter to extend a seven-point lead and picked up a total of four first downs. Credit the Chargers’ defense, but the Chiefs made it simple with conservative play calling.

It didn’t help when Tyree Hill left the game in the first half with a hamstring injury, With the return of Eric Fisher and Laurent Duvernay-Tardif from injuries, the Chiefs’ offensive line that started the season was intact for the first time since Week 2.

The good news is a chief back didn’t lose a fumble, although Le Sean McCoy recovered his own bobble. The Chiefs came up with four interceptions, including one by defensive tackle Derrick Nazi after Clark jarred the ball loose from Philip Rivers.

Melvin Gordon and the L.A. offensive line had their way earlier, but when the Chargers fell behind they got away from the run, which was probably a mistake. Harrison Butler hit a 41-yard field goal on the loose turf of Studio Aztec.

As the Chiefs, with a touchdown lead, were trying to put the game away, Mahomes missed on three straight screens passes to running backs. Just a small thing, but the Chiefs accepting a penalty and making the Chargers punt again gave KC 15 additional yards to start the third-quarter drive that ended in Hence’s touchdown reception.

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The city of Indianapolis simply hasn’t seen a lot of great defenses. When they were here, those stars were rarely surrounded by the sort of cohesive, deep defense it takes to be considered among the elite.

Baltimore’s running game, the NFL’s best, just sputtered and stalled to a grinding halt in Lucas Oil Stadium. From the moment opposing coaches and quarterbacks turn on the film, they start worrying about the deep, aggressive, talented group general manager Chris Ballard has assembled.

“You know that’s a defensive front that really loves to rush the passer,” Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford said after getting sacked five times at Ford Field two weeks ago. From the moment he arrived in Indianapolis, the general manager has thrown his resources at the defensive line, spending in free agency to fill the spots left thin by second-round draft picks that haven’t produced a bona fide star just yet.

Emerging nose tackle Grover Stewart is starting to command respect as one of the NFL’s better space eaters against the run, and the Colts can send waves of rushers after the passer, the way Ballard has always envisioned. “Denied Au try, Buckner, those guys have great length,” Titans coach Mike Label said.

The linebackers are running all over the field, the defensive backs are keeping everything in front of them, making tackles all over the yard. More accurately, he followed Tony Dingy’s blueprint, reasoning that speed mattered most on the Lucas Oil Stadium turf.

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Dingy might not have been able to completely replicate his Tampa Bay defensive success with the Colts, but he still directed four defenses that finished in the top 10 in scoring, a feat that’s only been pulled off five other times in Indianapolis. Ballard found the player he needed to start building that sort of defense in his second draft.

Leonard, the centerpiece of the back seven, has slowly but surely been surrounded by linebackers and defensive backs who also fit the scheme, and the additions of corner back Xavier Rhodes and rookie free safety Julian Blackman this season has helped erase one of the defense’s biggest weaknesses. The past two seasons, Indianapolis was often criticized for not making enough plays on the football, for dropping back into their zones and failing to break on the ball.

By placing Rhodes (9 passes defended) and Blackman (6) in the same defensive backfield as ball-hawking nickel Kenny Moore, the Colts are tied for the league lead with 11 interceptions and rank third in passes defended with 45. For comparison’s sake, Indianapolis had only 50 passes defended in the entire 2019 season.

NFL's history is littered with defenses that had four or five stars but failed to be a consistently dominant presence. The Tampa-2-inspired defense that coordinator Matt Emeritus installed two years ago has drawn criticism at times for its simplicity and its predominantly zone coverages.

When other coaches go through film of the Colts, they see a defense that plays as one, leaving little room for exploitation. And although Indianapolis has gone through a couple of halves getting carved up in the passing game, the strategy has more often led to frustration by opposing quarterbacks.

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“Now, they will still come down and play one-high and certain times try to mix up coverages because they have to keep you honest.” Not even Baltimore, the NFL’s most bulletproof running game the past two seasons, a holy matrimony of traditional NFL power concepts and college-style option plays made possible by the speed of Lamar Jackson.

“I think when the defensive line stunts, they’re very good at it, in how much they go lateral and still penetrate into the backfield. “They are not a, very flat out, complex, disguise, different looks (kind of defense),” Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield said.

If the Colts defense senses all of this praise, if it’s feeling the exhilaration of hitting the season’s halfway point as the NFL’s No. But this Colts defense has enough guys who’ve been a part of elite defenses, veteran defenders like Buckner and Houston and Rhodes, to know that they have to play this way for a full season, and they have to prove it against the passing games remaining on the schedule.

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