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• Sunday, 22 November, 2020
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Indian musician Cash Carver released his soul-stirring track, ‘ Kahlua (2020) which depicts the journey of love which was destined for doom. The heart touching song explores the personal experiences of both Cash Carver and Right Rich.

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Visually, the track seizes the essence of love as well as highlighting the themes of “rejection, loss and pain.” Tonalá, a hill station in Maharashtra, India was the location of the shoot.

Yeah Carver, who is classically trained since the age of 13 and is a law graduate, has also delivered great hits like ‘Surabaya’ for Street Dancer 3D (2020) and ‘EK To Km Zindagani’ for Marjaavaan (2019). We speak exclusively to the multifaceted talent, Cash Carver about his song ‘ Kahlua ’, his musical journey and collaborating with Right Rich.

“This year there was a lockdown, the world shut down, and we said, ‘If this song doesn’t release now then it never will.’ Cash Carver and Right Rich’s decision to release ‘ Kahlua during such unprecedented times acts as a catalyst for many people who use music as a form of comfort.

Speaking about partnering with Right Rich for ‘ Kahlua ’, Cash states: “Right Kanji for me, when I heard his first couple of tracks was the defining moment for me as a musician.

“I had never heard somebody use sound and mix different genres like pop, use Indian instruments and vocalists. In fact, Cash continued to mention that Right Rich has also been one of his musical inspirations.

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“When the song from Half Girlfriend, ‘Mere DIL Man’ happened it was like a dream come true.” There is no denying that this amazing pair deliver exceptional songs every time they join forces.

Cash Carver’s musical ambition was nurtured by his parents who he described as “really great listeners.” Besides being exposed to numerous artists from an early age linked to fatal and classical, Cash was also surrounded by music-loving friends.

Answering whether he prefers composing or singing, Cash Narverkar highlighted the concept of an artist in India as someone who becomes “a singer or music director or lyric writer.” Cash further reveals that an artist cannot sit idle waiting for somebody to offer him/her a song.

Cash is optimistic that the music industry in India will carry on improving in the coming years. Cash Carver believes the digital age has allowed artists to enjoy more exposure without the need for a record label.

Having been surrounded by “a lot of different kinds of music” in his life, Cash “learned and pulled out bits and pieces of things from everywhere.” Explaining what music means to him, Cash compared it to a “rabbit hole,” which he uses as a form of escapism.

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Cash, who is a law graduate, revealed why he ventured into music after attaining his degree” Cash further added that he enjoys “the process more than the outcome.” There is no doubt that music means everything to him.

Cash has a very simple message for fans, recommending unwinding and enjoying his track, along with spreading love. Presenting the To Kahlua Judah Hue Lyrics sung by Rubin Nautical.

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