Best Restaurants Near Interstate

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• Friday, 11 December, 2020
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YEARS WITHMWexcellent pizza the way pizza should be nice and this great tasting many varieties to have some group had a fried egg on it and… Huge variety of amazing plates.

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Every meal I've had there leaves me anxious to return. Pro-tip: Maine blueberries are incredible, and Two Fat Cats puts them in pies, muffins, and tons more.

Atmosphere is almost as important to the experience of eating at a seafood shack as the food is, and luckily, Bob's Clam Hut nails both. Order your grub at the window of this long-running local institution and bring it to a picnic table to enjoy your feast.

Their homemade breads are great as toast alongside omelettes or as part of grilled cheese sandwiches made with jam, jalapeños and cheddar. Nothing says “road food” quote like an old-school hot dog stand, and Connecticut's Super Duper Weenie is as classic as they come.

Harold's New York Deli is conveniently located outside the hustle and bustle of the city, but provides a perfectly authentic experience. They have a pickle bar, a case of desserts with dense cheesecakes, Jewish staples like matzoh ball soup, and.

Of course, monster-sized deli sandwiches piled high with delectable fillings, all on fresh bread. It's usually a lean cut of beef that's been slow cooked until it's tender over charcoal and sliced deli thin.

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Chap's Pit Beef serves it, along with burgers, hot dogs, smoked sausage, ribs, pork, bacon, and other meats. Enjoy river views along with your seafood and cocktails at Nick's Fish House and Grill.

They have a raw bar and serve up anything a seafood-lover could desire (and have options for non-fish-eaters as well) but definitely make a point to try the crab cakes... you are in Maryland, after all! Known for their massive and creative subs (which are named after battleships), they have tons of vegetarian dishes and offer a delicious brunch and dinner menu as well.

This is BBQ country, so make a point to stop off and sample the local delicacies. The 100-year-old farmhouse is the perfect setting for enjoying smokey, delicious ribs and pulled pork, topped with their famous, top-secret mustard BBQ sauce.

The Metro Diner will serve you a good breakfast or lunch of classic American fare: think chicken and waffles (trust me, hot sauce and syrup DO go together), shrimp and grits, burgers, meatloaf, and more. They also serve coffee cake, lox, egg creams, and huge deli sandwiches.

Whether you're on spring break vacation or just looking for a new place to eat in your state, these Interstate 70 eateries are worth the stop. If you're looking for a pizza place to feed a bunch of growling stomachs, Idaho Springs, Colorado, is your best bet.

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Whether you're attracted to Beau Jo's commitment to go green or their Colorado Legendary 14er challenge pizza, everyone can find a slice they like. Brewing Co. occupy the same space, so the dining room atmosphere is a blend between rustic bar and classy diner.

This Russell Stover factory right off I-70 also has an outlet store that sells homemade fudge, ice cream, coffee drinks, and ugly discount chocolates called “bloopers” in bulk. It's a great place to get your chocolate fix, and my mom claims they have some of the cleanest bathrooms from Denver to Kansas City.

With three locations in Columbia, Missouri, Shakespeare's Pizza makes a great place to catch up with Mizzou friends and get a bite to eat. Their claim to fame is having some of the best tacos in the state, but they also sport other authentic Mexican eats and an impressive bar.

Upscale yet affordable clean eating starts in Ohio at Alchemy Juice Bar and Café. Not only do they serve smoothie bowls and sandwiches, but they also have a registered dietitian on staff who provides nutrition services.

Speaking of dessert, you can get your sweet tooth fixed on I-70 east with Summit Diner's homemade pies. Sarah Arrays I-70 winds to an end on the East Coast, settle in for a home-cooked meal at Hagerstown, Maryland's, Mango Grill.

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They're experts at delivering authentic, delicious Indian and Thai meals with 100 percent halal and kosher meat. Wherever your travels take you in the US (be it across the continent or across the county), if you're getting there by Interstate 70, great food experiences in every state are just waiting to be discovered.

Recognizing that fertile ground, visionary chefs and restaurateurs, like Frank Bonanza, Kevin Taylor, Jennifer Babinski, Josh Wilson, Dave Query, and Troy Guard began building a modern restaurant industry that today stands as a Mile High beacon of anything-goes innovation. This list, in all honesty, covers just the tip of the iceberg (or, more aptly, Rocky Mountain); for every place on it, five deserving others await your discovery, with five imminent arrivals peeking out behind them.

On the other, it’s an adventure, with a seasonal menu that sometimes colors way outside the lines of traditional Italian cuisine and an uncommon, uncompromising wine list that makes grape geeks swoon. The offerings change all the time, but signatures include creamy housemate ricotta with pillow-soft rosemary focaccia; elk tartar; and Colorado-raised goat, which might be braised over mascarpone plenty with premolars or confined to fill agnolotti in a light herb sauce with corn.

The signature blistered Shinto peppers, set in a pool of sesame caramel and topped with chunks of fried pig’s ear, proves a winning study in contrasts. Sade’s Fruition Farms grows produce and makes cheese for the restaurant, and charcuterie is a focus at Mercantile, so start with anything that showcases those items.

The powerhouse Culinary Creative Group has set a glamorous stage for contemporary French cuisine, as envisioned by supremely talented chef-partner Max MacKissock. Picnic tables line the sunny space, a wall mural depicts Frida Kahlo, and garage doors open to a small patio.

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Then again, you probably wouldn’t be here in the first place if you didn’t already know: this weekday lunch counter is run by immigrant women from the surrounding neighborhoods, all of whom are in training to open their own restaurants. Monday through Thursday there's a Mexican feast: tacos on homemade tortillas and entrées that range from green Chile–chicken tamales to zucchini stuffed with mushrooms, corn, and AQADER cheese.

On Fridays, it’s all about Syrian food: puff pastry filled with lamb and rice, roast chicken in garlicky yogurt sauce, or perhaps nutty, earthy McNamara. But you never know: The menus evolve with the cooks as they graduate from the nonprofit program and newcomers take their place, so just as Salvadoran and Ethiopian specialties have been featured here in the past, other cuisines could appear in the future.

At least that’s what it feels like, as the high ceilings, giant windows, massive concrete pillars, marble floors, and sleek banquettes come together to create an aura of sophistication and privilege. There’s a yin-and-yang energy to Mensa’s food, a wonderful tension between the earthy and the ethereal that you can taste for yourself when you order what may be his two greatest hits: the umami bombs that are the French onion soup dumplings and an elevated take on Singaporean kaya toast that comes with a frothy “egg cloud” for dipping.

Helmed by culinary director Jeremy Kitten, the kitchen deftly parlays its talent for eclectic, artistic tapas into a format more appropriate for brunch. Eighteen seats, plus eight courses, plus one prepaid-reservation system equals a destination the likes of which staunchly casual Dendrites had never seen before Beckon opened in a converted RINO bungalow in late 2018.

If you want a real taste of Biker Jim’s, get the elk-jalapeño-cheddar dog topped with cream cheese and caramelized onions; after all, it’s what transformed this place from a humble street cart into a brick-and-mortar institution. A visit here is something of a Denver rite of passage, which means you’ll find a cross-section of the city. Tourists cram between gaggles of Rockies fans en route to Coors Field just a few blocks away; families chow down alongside students; and on weekends, when the doors remain open until 3 a.m., carousers taking a breather from their bar crawls fill every inch with available space.

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As the James Beard Award-winning team behind France Food and Wine in Boulder, Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson and Bobby Turkey had a high bar to hurdle when they opened this Italian ode to la dolce vita, located at the edge of a Union Station railway platform, in 2017. Even the simplest dish on chef DE cuisine Cody Cheetham's seasonal, pan-regional menu will convey his attention to detail, be it his unusually delicate vitally tornado or the roast chicken for two, itself a wonder of textures, from the crisp skin to the juicy meat to the velvety potatoes cooked in pan drippings.

At Hop Alley, the kitchen crew treats Chinese cooking with due respect while adding their own spin, and it shows in the balanced complexity of the food. Take the signature steamed eggplant in Sichuan bean sauce: Topped with a slaw-like salad, the dish exhilarates and soothes by turns.

Seasonally, you might find pork loin with green tomatoes and peaches, capturing the essence of China’s sweet-and-sour dishes, or map tofu reimagined with mole Afro-American and pickled apricots; fried rice enriched with bone marrow is a year-round indulgence. Taking its design cues from the historic architecture of Union Station, Ultras, a tapas bar from James Beard Award-winning chef Jennifer Babinski and her partner Beth Glitch, positively radiates Old World glamour.

Babinski and exec chef Adam Brand do the classics justice, so if you’ve got a hankering for cantatas braves or pan con tomato accompanied by Jason Iberian DE ballot sliced to order off the leg, knock yourself out. Humming with activity from early morning until bedtime, this ambitious yet welcoming café, bakery, and restaurant in a former book bindery plays the part of a neighborly hangout throughout the day.

Owners Coy and Rachael Webb bill their style as “Colorado Craft BBQ,” and the tight space reflects as much in pops of Southwestern turquoise and decorations that include a painted state flag, local license plates, and a buffalo pelt. The Webb's' woods of choice, Texas pecan and oak, lend a softer, gentler smokiness to everything from wings to brisket to ribs to daily specials like pork-belly burnt ends.

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Way out west in the suburb of Lakewood, there’s a building in the parking lot of a bowling alley that looks like it might house a generic Mexican restaurant. Cassava, semolina, plantains, and yams all come boiled, pounded, and served in the form of a doughy ball known as FFU, a soothing counterpart to the flavor blasts from the stews.

Other, less spicy options include moi moi, spongy black-eyed pea puddings; bejeweled, fried, sliced sweet plantains; and Beaufort, akin to doughnut holes. In a notoriously male-dominated industry, in a town long ignored by the national food media, Jennifer Babinski was the first Denver ite to break the Mile High glass ceiling and win a James Beard Award for Best Chef Southwest in 2013.

Located in swanky Cherry Creek, this longtime Northern Italian destination stands as a bastion of refinement on Denver’s ultra-casual scene; you'll begin feeling indulged just walking in. Though chef Darrel Truest takes a decidedly contemporary approach to his seasonal menu, he doesn’t stray outside Italy's border; fusion this is not.

With an exuberant style and as precise aim, she lends clarity to even the most complex dish, be it crunchy-soft pig-trotter fritters atop garlic-chile sauce or airy, tarragon-scented gnocchi with pulled rabbit. RINO was already making headlines as one of the nation’s hottest food and drink neighborhoods in 2018 when it scored not one, not two, but three coups in the form of James Beard Award-winning arrivals: Texas’ Tyson Cole (see: CHI), New York–based partners David Kaplan and Alex Day (see: Death & Co.) , and New Orleans mega-star Along Sheila.

Famed for his modern take on the cuisines of the Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa, the Israeli-born Sheila opened Santa at The Source Hotel last summer to instant acclaim, and its following has only grown larger and more fervent since. Rightly so: Santa, which means grandmother in Hebrew, turns out Sheila's famous wood-fired pita bread and impossibly creamy hummus topped with your choice of options like cauliflower and onions or lamb reign as a prelude to a whole menu evocative of the land of milk and honey.

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But if he's taking advantage of all the city has to offer, he's also contributing to it immensely: Since its opening in Fall 2018, CHI has raised the local bar for Japanese cooking. Ritzy and homogenous Cherry Creek is the last place most Dendrites would expect to find a Chinese restaurant with an avid cult following.

Kelly Whitaker, one of Denver’s most forward-thinking chef-restaurateurs to date, has pulled together a team of like-minded talents to realize his vision of breaking ground in every sense of the phrase: growing as many vegetables and herbs as possible and utilizing whole animals, all in service of a zero-waste culinary program. Dana Rodriguez’s flair for combining Mexican and American influences in a high-energy environment quickly came to define the culinary dynamism of this city.

After establishing Work and Class, she and partner Tony Macing unveiled Super Mega Bain in 2018, a rollicking spot splashed with street posters and images of folk heroes (from Lucia Libra wrestlers to Bruce Lee). Beyond signatures like Cuban ropey Vaisey and Brazilian curried coconut-shrimp soup, you might luck into sweet-potato moles (mass fritters), black-bean or zucchini-manchego popular, or brussels sprouts gratings in Parmesan béchamel and almond pesto.

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