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David Lawrence
• Sunday, 13 December, 2020
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You can fight off the zombies to a limited degree and make your brief stay among the undead at least a bit more pleasant. Project Zombie is one of the best games at capturing the sense of despair and futility in surviving the apocalypse.

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The game places a lot of emphasis on building a crew of survivors. Combined with the difficulty of navigating zombies, this makes for a tenser experience than most of what players will find out there.

Dead State is a fairly unique among the zombie survival set due to its pacing. While quite a bit of the game takes place in real time, all the combat is turn-based.

This makes combat much more studied and focused, stripping it of some of the panic that is inherent in the genre. Dead State is a game about survival, and most of the danger comes from the fact that society has fallen apart.

These games are often a test of teamwork and skill, but they allow players a chance to fight back against zombies in a unique and satisfying way. Zombies have become a strangely major part of Call of Duty, especially considering the early games’ attempts at realism.

Call of Duty’s zombies have moved from being a weird distraction to being a surprisingly deep story of their own. While there are a few twists and turns in the narrative, the most important part is still being able to mow down zombies with impunity.

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This is a pure power fantasy, one that takes a lot of the bite out of the zombies themselves. With that said, it’s a ton of fun and worth playing for those who need a bit of zombie catharsis.

In short order, the player becomes exposed to the truth behind the zombie outbreak and must fight to survive. Dying Light has received a significant amount of support after its initial release.

Left 4 Dead is a game about team work above all else, with a huge emphasis on helping one another survive. Left 4 Dead also allows for a competitive mode in which some players can play as the special empowered zombies.

While these zombies go down a fair bit easier than the human protagonists, there’s more of a chance to cause trouble for the main team. All it takes is one death to bring things to a close, after all, and zombies tend to have the advantage on any map.

It’s set in an alternate universe, it’s an RTS, and at the end of the day, it’s about blowing stuff up. Given the generally selfish nature of most of the games, that’s a really nice change of pace.

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You’ll only have the usual tools of Fallout to deal with the Undead, which can actually make for a fairly amusing time. As you fight, you’ll be struck by the fact that time really is counting down for this world.

There’s horrifying gore, but the truly rough stuff is saved for how relationships fall apart. This is a game that pulls no emotional punches and delights in putting players through the wringer.

From the classics to some of the more recent releases, these games offer the most immersive zombie survival experiences ever printed. Featuring both its own rule set and a d20 conversion, it’s fairly easy to pick up and play.

The human characters, called Heroes, are given a scenario objective to complete. The zombies have their own objective, but can win simply by either outlasting the Heroes or by killing them all.

Players don’t need much skill to play, but they do need a cool head and a sense of humor. An incredibly stylish and stylized game of horror, Unhallowed Metropolis moves the zombie apocalypse to a Victorian setting.

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Stripped of modern conveniences and weaponry, this makes for a very different kind of survival experience. Particularly deep when it comes to role-playing, this is a game for people who have a bit of tabletop experience under their belts.

Unhallowed Metropolis goes a long way to show that a zombie apocalypse doesn’t need to necessarily take place in the present day. There’s a lot of ground yet to cover in the genre, and hopefully more games like this will find their way into the wild.

Billing itself as a zombie survival simulator, this game takes players into a present-day outbreak. This game strives for realism, so it’s very easy to adapt your real world self into an in-game persona.

There’s something about putting yourself into the shoes of a survivor that really speaks to players, so it’s likely that these games will be around for years to come. Whether you want to test your mettle, brush up on your survival skills or just take a chainsaw to some undead, there are enough games in this genre to last you a lifetime.

Get hooked on a zombie RPG and immerse yourself in an interactive post-apocalyptic adventure. Zombie role-playing games will unleash you into a world of deadly viruses and infected monsters.

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Explore, escape, and strategize to survive in these action-packed interactive escapades. See foresee fewer Zombies have been a trend for a long time.

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