Best Single Outlet Surge Protector

Daniel Brown
• Thursday, 12 November, 2020
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Electrical power surges are very common in most parts of the world due to lightning and bad weather. Power surges destroy the tiny microprocessors present in most electronic devices like TVs, computers, refrigerators, washing machines, hairdryers, etc.

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So that when the lightning strikes, it won’t fry up the appliances connected to the power supply. Welkin is a big name in the consumer electronics industry and rightly so as they always come up with great products.

Also, since it is a wall-mounted surge protector, it plugs directly to the AC outlet and saves a lot of space. If you are looking for surge protection for hard to reach places like behind large appliances (For example, the refrigerator and washing machines) then this protector is a perfect choice because it comes with a loud 88-decibel alarm that alerts you whenever it needs replacement.

Other than the alarm it provides 1080 Joules of surge protection to the device connected to it. Overpower surge protectors are known for their great capacity to protect your heavy electronic equipment like television, refrigerator, laptop, etc.

This tiny device has a surge suppression rating of 900 Joules, which can be considered pretty outstanding in this segment. It is fully capable of blocking and diverting the voltage during electricity spikes so that your equipment doesn’t go through any impairment.

This noise filter eliminates high-frequency electromagnetic sound in power lines. The LED indicator is useful for knowing if the device is working and protecting properly.

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It is a very common misconception among people that a refrigerator does not need a surge protector because there is no sensitive electronic circuitry in it. Well, it is true to some extent but during power surges, an excessive amount of heat is generated which can harm the internal parts of the refrigerator.

The three main parts that are under constant threat are the compressor, ice maker, and the control board. Moreover, the compressor is an expensive component, and you may end up paying a lot of money for a replacement if it gets damaged.

This surge protector from Nippon America is one of the bestsingleoutletsurge protectors for refrigerators and other large appliances that use current up to 15 amps. This safety cycle switches off the appliance to protect the electronic parts from getting damaged for that period of time (3 minutes) during voltage surge.

Moreover, it has 3 LED indicators that inform you about the current status of the connected appliance. This Trip Lite protector is a normal surge protector but other than electronic devices, it also protects the modem and telephone equipment.

It features a built-in tel/DSL (RJ11) jack that lets you connect the telephone or modem to it and save them from power surges. Though little on the expensive side, GE Ultrapar singleoutletsurgeprotector might be the best choice for the safety of your essential equipment.

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The protector is designed in such a way that it can be easily set in the wall sockets that are behind large devices. This surge protector doesn’t have a LED indicator, but it features an 88 decibels alarm.

It means that the adapter is working fine, grounded properly and there is no risk involved. People have showered very good reviews on this product because of its utility and attractive price.

Also, the surge suppression rating is pretty less when compared to other protectors on the list. Single socket surge protectors are a great alternative to surge protector strips as they are cordless and are easy to carry around.

However, if you want protection for your refrigerator and other large appliances then the surge protector from Nippon America is the best choice. Though singlesurgeoutlet protectors lack plugs, it is best for single devices and carrying when you tour.

The bestsurgeprotector will protect your equipment from random power spikes, so don’t wait for disaster to strike. Consider as well other factors like USB ports, voice compatibility, and rugged protective housing, which are available on some models.

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And, to protect your computer even more, it's also worth considering adding an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS). And if you are willing to pay more, you’ll benefit from knowing that this model is rated at a sufficient 1710 joules of protection.

Functionality-wise it’s near-identical, offering voice control and scheduling support for owners of Amazon Alexa and Google Voice-compatible devices. Similarly to the Double surge protector, its three USB ports automatically prioritize charging speed depending on how many gadgets are connected.

Its 1000 joule rating is enough to cope with most average electronic devices, and you get the added benefit of having five USB Type-A ports for charging smartphones, tablets and suchlike. Four of those use Smart IC tech that distributes power evenly, so the fewer appliances that are connected, the faster they charge.

Two power buttons turn banks of six outlets on and off at a time, so there’s no option to them off individually which could pose a problem for control freaks. If you’re looking at rocking out with a heavy metal surge protector, this 6- outlet model from Trip Lite fits the bill.

With a compact design, what it lacks in space to accommodate larger transformers it makes up for in safety features. In addition to thermal fusing for fail-safe protection and a multi-component firewall, the model packs a high 3330-joule rating and a solid metal housing to prevent it from bursting into flames in the event of a major electrical spike.

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With its grey-and-black two-tone design, it’s arguably one of the more aesthetically appealing beefy surge protectors, so it won’t look out of place in home or office. Reasons to avoid While there are sturdier surge protectors out there, this basic plastic model from Amazon offers the highest joule rating on our list for the lowest cost.

Its power switch integrates with a 15Amp overload reset table circuit breaker, and built-in LEDs indicate when devices are protected, and wiring is grounded. While this is reassuring, those lights are permanently on and shine like green beacons in the dark which could irritate you when trying to get to sleep.

If you’re seeking a surge protector that lets you control sockets and appliances with your voice, this model from Pecking is by far the more affordable option on our list. Something to consider is that this model supports a maximum 10-amp load, versus the TP-Link’s 15 amps, and Pecking for reasons unknown hasn’t specified its surgeprotector’s joule rating.

Schneider knows that bending down to unplug appliances can be a pain, which is why it’s given this Desk Mount surge protector a nifty bookable design. If you’re going to sling this unconventional surge protector over a desk or partition, just be aware that Schneider recommends it has a thickness of 9.98 – 2.4 inches for an optimal fit.

Other features include diagnostic LEDs that warn when surge suppression has kicked in, and child safety covers for peace of mind. With 3-line basic surge protection at a rating of 200 joules, this AmazonBasics model is suitable for connecting small appliances such as phones, lamps and other bedside gadgets.

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If an electrical spike occurs, the surgeprotector’s red status LED indicator will switch off to let you know that it’s done its job and needs replacing; which won’t be an issue, as Amazon sends you two in the box. Reasons to avoid Surge protectors with multiple outlets aren’t always needed or practical, especially when on the move.

Welkin has done well to squeeze those plugs into a compact design, which on the flip side means there’s less room to connect larger transformers compared to rival 12- outlet models. It features power filtration to operate at whisper-quiet volumes even under full load, and if you want to place it out of sight and earshot then that won’t be a problem thanks to its long 8ft cable.

If you have a desktop computer, a home theater, a laptop, wireless earbuds, or any other number of gadgets gathered in one spot for use or for charging, you probably have them plugged into a power strip. But not all multi- outlet strips are created equal, and if you haven’t attended to it in a while, there’s a chance yours is ripe for a replacement.

Trip Lite may not be a household name, but they’ve been making quality power devices for decades. It also contains an automatic shutoff mechanism that stops delivering power once its surge protection has worn out, so you know when it’s time to buy a new one.

If no other surge protector seems to have room for your giant power bricks, you’ll want the Welkin Pivot Plug. Note that unlike the Trip Lite models, it won’t automatically shut off when it’s worn down.

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When the power goes out, your computer and other equipment run off the unit’s battery for a few minutes, giving you enough time to save your work and shut down safely. This Overpower model can handle up to 450 watts of gear, and has a handy LCD to let you know how much power it’s currently drawing.

Just remember to replace the battery every couple of years, or they won’t hold enough of a charge when you need them (and they’ll start to swell).

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