Best Sniper Build Xcom Enemy Unknown

James Smith
• Monday, 28 December, 2020
• 21 min read

Here's Why, Mainly Because I Found a Little Maneuver In The Game That Completely Negates The Entire Use of Snap Shot Mainly Because It's So Simple. Now Imagine Being In a Turn Sequence and You See Some Aliens That You Want Your Sniper To Move and Take out Or Overwatch Possibly.

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But with Squad Site You Should Not Even Be Moving Your Sniper Around When He Should Be Stationary Ready To Shoot At All Times. See When You Overwatch Your Sniper With The Pistol, and it Pans Over To One Of The Soldiers With Unused Action Points.

Now Armed With The Information Of This Rough But Simple Guide You Will No Longer Have To Endanger Your Sniper In The Field Of Battle While He Sides Everything The Aliens Throw At You Halfway Cross the Map (Squad Site) and Is Elevated Above Them To Get Increased Aim and Defense as Well as Possible Higher Critical Strike On the plus side, utilizing Squad sight effectively will result in every sniper shot being fired with maximum aim and critical strike chance.

In open maps, a properly positioned Squad sight sniper may be able to see every single enemy unit within the squad's visual radius. In the same vein, Squad sight snipers tend to stay on their first nest and get separated from the squad, making them easy strangling targets for Seekers.

It also makes the sidearm of a Sniper caught in close ranges a viable weapon rather than a desperation tactic; a pistol with the proper upgrades in the Foundry wielded by a Gunslinger is only a small step behind an assault rifle of the same tech level. Works well with Squad sight, as it will often allow the sniper to stay in one location for extended sessions and provide cover for the squad.

Snap Shot snipers also benefit from this, arguably more than Squad sight one's thanks to the Aim penalty after moving, such as when climbing or grappling to a high perch, and the defense comes in handy since they can't shoot from an unseen position. If coupled with Damn Good Ground alongside Squad sight, this will effectively allow the sniper to fire against enemies when first engaged and before they move to cover.

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It works especially well against Chrysalis and Drones in Terror Site missions, as these units are relatively weak (both can be killed in one standard shot by the Plasma Sniper Rifle) but numerous and tend to kill civilians easily and in large numbers when left unchecked thanks to the Chrysalis's stupendous mobility and the Drone's flight ability. A heavily damaged high-priority enemy such as a Method, Cyberdisc or Second can be taken down in little more than an afterthought so long as the sniper can land their shot, which they should due to their high Aim (and optimally, height advantage).

, Reaper Rounds, Laser Pistol, Archangel Armor Upgrades Tactical Rigging, Ammo Conservation, Improved Pistol (I / II / III), Mimetic Skin, Hyper Reactive Pupils Tactics All-round great “general purpose” sniper build for all difficulties -- perfect for Covert Operations -- yet still remains the cheapest, most effective, and most reliable damage dealer at any stage in the game. Skills Squad sight, Damn Good Ground, Battle Scanner, Opportunist, In The Zone Equipment S.C.O.P.E.

, Chitin Plating, Laser Sniper Rifle, Ghost Armor Upgrades Tactical Rigging, Ammo Conservation, S.C.O.P.E. The key point is to combine hit-and-run tactics, flanking and crossfire maneuvers with bounding Overwatch, without putting your soldier at risk.

Excels in Terror Site and Council Missions where enemies (usually Thin Men) will drop in and flank from the side, often outside of cover. Skills Squad sight, Damn Good Ground, Disabling Shot, Opportunist, Double Tap Equipment S.C.O.P.E.

, Chitin Plating, Plasma Sniper Rifle, Psi Armor Upgrades Tactical Rigging, Ammo Conservation, S.C.O.P.E. Upgrade, Neural Feedback, Adrenal Neuropathy, Mimetic Skin, Muscle Fiber Density, Depth Perception, Mind fray, Psi Panic, Mind Control Tactics Extremely powerful dominance sniper, perfectly designed to terminate all weaklings, before disabling or mind-controlling high-valued targets.

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This build is recommended to have Archangel armor when possible; at the mission start, immediately move your recon units forward and simply “fly” with your sniper. This is also incredibly effective against Seconds end game, since you can hit them with a disabling shot, followed up by a near 100% critical headshot.

Depending on the map in question, this is extremely useful on Terror Missions and abductions; however, it is only marginally useful if there are no buildings or elevated ground. Any mid-flight position one “floor” above the targeted enemy counts as a perch for a sniper wearing Archangel Armor.

Ghost armor allows snipers to take advantage of higher ground and remain there with impunity thanks to the ability to cloak. Is mandatory and extremely useful for Snipers of all ranks and builds, as they maintain the furthest distance from foes than any other class.

Tactical Rigging EW allows for Reaper Rounds, Grenades, Chitin Plating or a Medici to allow for patching up wounded squad mates when regrouping. The Respirator Implant EW provide immunity to Seeker strangulation, as a lone sniper far from the team tends to be under the most threat from these units.

Ghost Grenades EW allow easy escape for a sniper ambushed by a Floater or enemy reinforcements. Depth Perception confers +5 Aim and Critical for height advantage; Squad sight snipers build “nests” on high ground.

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Muscle Fiber Density helps snipers reach their “nests”; normally requiring a ladder, drain pipe or grapple. Mimetic Skin greatly increases the viability of the Snap Shot and Low Profile; since This requires access to full cover.

Mimetic Skin becomes infinitely more valuable on fully indoor maps with numerous obstacles: snipers often wastes a turn repositioning upon entering the next room; invisibility, allows them to remain undetected during that turn, and can potentially set up an easy Double Tap or In The Zone spree. While the abilities for your soldiers in Enemy Within are very similar to their Unknown counterparts, it's good to take another look at how all the abilities can work together on your soldier now that Enemy Within has added more goodies.

I usually save this shot for attempting to take out big enemies such as the Mutton Elite or a Cyberdisc. Snapshot lets you use your sniper like any other soldier, allowing them to move then shoot or go into Overwatch.

This allows you to reposition the sniper at the last minute and still take a Headshot with them if needed, or put them in a very powerful Overwatch position after seeing where all the enemies have moved. The idea behind this ability is that any enemy you can see with any squad member will also be visible by the sniper.

This ability is far stronger on open area maps that allow the sniper to see targets at incredibly far distances. Combine this with the Archangel armor, and you should not have to worry about many obstacles to your line of sight.

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This allows the sniper to still have significant damage potential on a turn they moved by using their pistol instead. Damn Good Ground gives you +10 Aim and +10 Defense when you have the height advantage over your enemy.

This ability combos with the Archangel armor and Squad sight to give you a sniper that can shoot nearly anything on the map. You can disable a weapon before running in front of a dangerous enemy that's on Overwatch.

You can also disable a weapon on a mutton or other dangerous enemy if your squad simply can't escape their line of sight before the end of your turn. It allows you to use your snipers action to throw a scanner that gives line of sight to your squad.

The scanner will also allow a sniper with Squad sight to see those enemies as if a squad member was there. If you can catch a group of enemies with the scanner, they will all likely be without cover, making them excellent targets.

Since you get to move around more and still set up Overwatch, it goes a long way by removing the Aim penalty on reaction shots and also gives them the ability to cause critical. Nothing beats an Overwatch shot critical that takes out a huge enemy that could have flanked your squad.

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Your sniper doesn't lose an action to kill a flanked or uncovered target. He can't use it later if your squad manages to push an enemy into his sight.

My sniper from above has the build with Squad sight, Damn Good Ground, Disabling Shot, Opportunist, and In the Zone. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within COM : EnemyUnknown.

Every soldier who joins the COM project starts out as a mere rookie. Armed with only a basic assault rifle and a single frag grenade, these inexperienced lads and layettes have to be clever and careful if they want to survive.

* Will is increased by 1-6+2 for every rank up, plus an additional 1-4+2 with the Iron Will perk** The information in this table does not apply if the Second Wave modifier Not Created Equally is selected upon starting a new game RECOMMENDED BACKPACK ITEMS It probably won't save them from dying to a critical hit, but early on that +2 bonuses to health can easily make the difference between injury and death.

Those Seconds you encounter early on can be hard to hit when they are in high cover or far away. Alternatively, giving your rookies Frag Grenades can make surviving early missions considerably easier.

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While certainly effective at killing aliens they also destroy the artifacts we're hoping to recover from their bodies. Only ever give a rookie a Medici to hold if your squad does not have a Support soldier.

Giving it to anyone else will effectively waste their valuable item slot, hurting their chances. The aggressive Assault class is great for recon, flanking, blitz tactics and capturing aliens alive with the Arc Thrower .

They are not as durable as the Heavy, but their nimbleness paired with their defensive abilities keeps them alive even if they get caught in alien crossfire. * The information in this table does not apply if the Second Wave modifier Hidden Potential is selected upon starting a new game Run & Gun Allows firing or Overwatch after dashing on the turn Run & Gun is activated.

Lightning Reflexes Forces the first reaction shot against this unit each turn to miss. Close & Personal Confers +30% critical chance against adjacent targets.

Rapid Fire Take two shots against a single target in quick succession. Bring ‘Em On Adds 1 damage on critical hits for each enemy the squad can see (up to 5).

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Extra Conditioning Confers bonus health based on which type of armor is equipped. Killer Instinct Activating Run & Gun now also grants +50% critical damage for the rest of the turn.

Being front-line fighters, Assaults need all the extra defense they can get, especially on higher difficulties where aliens receive bonuses to Aim. With it, you can force an enemy in Overwatch to waste its reaction shot on you without taking any damage.

Close & Personal is a solid choice for a second, more damage-oriented Assault, especially if you did not take Aggression at corporal rank. The damage potential is huge, and at short distances the -15 penalty to Aim is negligible.

You can even trick Berserkers into charging you by shooting them from a distance; if they close to within 4 tiles you get a shot at them for free. Bring 'Em On is a solid choice for the more offensive Assault, especially if you went with Close & Personal at sergeant rank.

The enemies don't even have to be in the Assault's direct line of sight for the damage bonus to work, making this a potentially powerful offensive ability. At higher difficulties, chances an alien will score a CRT against you increase dramatically.

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If you use Run & Gun to dash right up to the enemy and then Rapid Fire at point-blank range, this deadly combination of abilities pretty much guarantees two critical hits at 150% damage, plus 1 damage for each enemy your squad can see. Good defense is a necessity and because of this, equipping your Assault with either a Nanoweber Vest or Chitin Plating is a must.

Chitin Plating is an absolute no-brainer on terror missions and will help you deal with those pesky Chrysalis. The Assault's proximity to the enemy makes them ideal candidates for carrying the Arc Thrower into battle.

Be advised that the Arc Thrower isn't considered a weapon and therefore cannot be used with the Run & Gun ability. Combat Stems are another great choice for Assaults to carry, especially for those that prefer offensive abilities.

The Heavy is a hulking powerhouse, capable of dealing massive amounts of damage to synthetic enemies. And pretty much everything else around them. Armed with a light machine gun and a rocket launcher, these bad boys carve a path through obstacles like no other.

* The information in this table does not apply if the Second Wave modifier Hidden Potential is selected upon starting a new game Fire Rocket Fire a rocket using an equipped launcher. Bullet Swarm Firing the primary weapon as the first action no longer ends the turn.

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Grenadier Allows carrying 2 grenades in a single inventory slot. Danger Zone Increases hit area of rockets and suppression by 2 tiles.

Mayhem Confers additional damage based on weapon tech level to Suppression and all area-effect abilities. Use it to dispose of cover, exposing the enemy, or to blow up explosive objects such as cars.

Whether facing a zero rush of Chrysalis or a small army of Futons, Shredder Rocket is your ticket out of a sticky situation. Suppression is not a terrible ability, but it consumes ammo both when you activate it and if the Heavy takes a reaction shot.

With this, chances are good the Heavy won't get hit for more than his armor can shrug off, meaning no more visits to the infirmary! On top of that, the +3 Mobility bonuses allows the Heavy to run farther, enabling him to get in close and shoot the enemy from point-blank range, negating the need for that S.C.O.P.E.

Scaling buildings or taking to the skies in Archangel Armor to find that perfect vantage point, they oversee the entire mission area. * The information in this table does not apply if the Second Wave modifier Hidden Potential is selected upon starting a new game Headshot Fire a shot with +30% critical chance and extra damage on critical hits based on the tech level of the sniper rifle.

Snap Shot Removes the sniper rifle’s restriction on firing and Overwatch after moving. Battle Scanner Scanning device, when thrown creates a new source of vision for 2 turns.

In The Zone Killing a flanked or uncovered target with the sniper rifle does not cost an action. Once every three turns you can fire a shot with a 30% increased CRT chance and extra damage based on weapon tech.

It pairs really well with Double Tap and Ghost Armor for landing two massive cries in a row. Without it, you have to waste valuable time setting your Sniper up on a good vantage point.

Disabling Shot allows you to waste the alien's turn by making it reload to fix its gun. It's great for peaking around corners without exposing yourself, but it has limited uses and does not work as well for Snipers that like to keep their distance.

In The Zone is excellent for those while open spaces where you are going up against Cyberdiscs, Floaters, Drones, Chrysalis, Zombies or Berserkers, pretty much any enemy that does not take cover. Double Tap works just fine with all special shots and if you use it with Ghost Armor and Headshot, you can score two huge cries in a row.

Sometimes things can get ugly; soldiers start taking hits and go down, or panic in the face of overwhelming odds. The Support is there to patch them up, strengthen their resolve and help them get back into the fight.

These strong-willed warriors have good aim and run like the wind, providing covering fire for their squad or going the distance to flank enemies. The smoke confers +20 defense to all units, not just allies, and lasts during the enemy turn.

Covering Fire Allows reaction shot to trigger on enemy attacks, not just movement. Field Medic Allows medicine to be used 3 times per battle instead of once.

Combat Drugs Smoke Grenades now contain powerful stimulants that grant +20 Will and +10% Critical Chance for all units in the cloud. Deep Pockets Confers an additional item slot in inventory.

Watching a wounded soldier bleed out because you used your one Medici on a paper cut is rough; don't put yourself in that position. You could argue that having 2 Smoke Grenades per mission would allow you to prevent those wounds in the first place, but relying that heavily on Smoke Grenades is risky, especially on higher difficulty levels where the aliens receive bonuses to Aim.

It's essential, especially in those Iron man games where every veteran soldier is worth his weight in gold. A suppressed alien knows better than to move when under fire, and at higher difficulty levels chances are good they will still hit you, even at a -30 penalty to Aim.

You could carry both a Medici and an Arc Thrower, or Chitin Plating and a Mind Shield, or any other combination of offensive, defensive and utility items. Deep Pockets is a defining ability for the Support, and it makes them the most versatile class by far.

Supports are the best at healing squad members and their Deep Pockets ability allows them to carry another, more directly beneficial item as well. Also, the Medici grants immunity to poison, which is excellent when fighting Thin Men.

The Arc Thrower is another great item choice for Supports, especially if you took the Sprinter ability. Supports can run long distances, making it easy for them to get into stun range.

Later, when capturing aliens alive is no longer a priority or even completely unnecessary, you could replace the Arc Thrower with any item you want. Mind Shield will help your Support overcome psionic attacks.

Psionic can get inside the minds of their enemies, causing them to panic and fire on their allies. The most powerful Psionic can even deflect bullets with their mind, or make an alien do their bidding.

Note that Psionic soldiers can only gain ranks and access new abilities by actively using their powers. Mind fray Causes the target to lose grip on reality, inflicting penalties to Aim, Will and mobility, and doing 5 base damage.

Being able to bolster your squad's defense against mental attacks is vital, and strengthening their Will to prevent panic is also important. There's simply no telling what a panicked enemy might do: he could run away in fear, attack his own allies, or he could go berserk and fire on you again instead.

This ability will save your squad from Seconds and Mutton Elites more than a few times before the alien invasion is over. Mind Control is an amazingly powerful ability that can really turn the tide in battle.

With the right combination of gear, items and abilities, you could even use it to mind control an Ethereal, which will grant you an achievement if you succeed. It's intended purpose is to shield the wearer from offensive psi attacks, but it can also be used to power the user's own Psionic abilities.

Use it together with Psi Armor to have a real shot at mind controlling those darn Ethereal. Going with Combat Stems is good if you can't build the Mind Shield yet.

Of course, you could argue that a Psionic has plenty of mental defenses as it is, especially if wearing Psi Armor. You could therefore decide to bolster his physical defense, and that's where Chitin Plating comes in handy.

Psi Armor grants a +20 bonuses to Will, making it that much more likely your Psionic powers will work successfully. In this section you will find some tips that all tie in directly to your squad members and their abilities in some way.

There are four different classes in COM: EnemyUnknown, and there's a total of six spots on your team. They aren't the strongest fighters, but they are accurate and their versatility makes them an excellent addition to your team.

Ideally, you will want one of them to focus on healing abilities, and let the other one take perks like Combat Drugs and Sentinel. Assaults are the perfect counter against Chrysalis and Berserkers, and with Ghost Armor they make excellent spotters for your Sniper, too.

Give them both Squad Sight and maybe a suit of Archangel Armor, and use the rest of your team as spotters. Snipers can deal a stupid amount of damage from afar and if one of them specializes in Double Tap and the other one takes In The Zone, they can lay waste to an entire army of aliens between the two of them.

Soldiers can and will miss shots despite great odds at the absolute worst of times, and you will want to make sure they don't get caught with their pants down. You could argue that dashing is safe unless you are already engaged in a fight, but it's a bad habit regardless.

If any aliens are on Overwatch beyond your line of sight, you have a good chance of wasting their reaction shot with the Assault's Lightning Reflexes. Should your squad stumble upon some aliens, taking an 'active' shot before the end of your turn is always more efficient than reaction fire from Overwatch, especially so if your Sniper knows In The Zone or Double Tap.

Chances are more uninvited guest will crash your party, and that is going to make life really hard for you on higher difficulties. If you don't, your soldiers could be out of ammo halfway through the next firefight, just when they're up against a Second and a small army of Futons.

Consider color-coding your soldiers based on class to distinguish between them on the battlefield more easily. If aliens are cowering in full cover, blow it up with a grenade or a rocket.

Futons and Cyberdiscs will use this tactic against you if they get the chance, so don't huddle up your soldiers too close when facing them. Cars, trucks and UFO Power Sources make great bombs.

If you need to close in on an alien, so you can flank or stun them next turn, minimize the risk of getting hurt by hunkering down behind cover. Hunker Down doubles your cover bonus and confers immunity to critical hits, which by itself can make all the difference.

Learning to recognize the sounds that aliens make could provide you with important clues as to what you are about to face, and where the threat will be coming from. Give your fastest runner a suit of Ghost Armor and have him scout ahead in stealth.

This way you can start picking off aliens with your Sniper (s) from as far away as the Sky ranger's LA. On terror missions, be as aggressive as possible without putting your soldiers at great risk.

Ain't No Cavalry Coming' Have a soldier survive every mission in a full game. All it takes is for one of your original squad of four soldiers to come along for every mission in an entire play through.

If you take good care of your Sniper and keep him out of harm's way, this achievement should not be too difficult to acquire. Note that you can still do this if the soldier you depend on is hospitalized, as long as he is back on active duty before the start of the next mission.

Your Psionic soldier has to have a very high Will stat to be able to do it, and even then it's going to take plenty of buffs to even have a decent chance of success. Stack as many Will buffs as you can before attempting the Mind Control to maximize your chances of success.

However, an Ethereal is extremely hard to hit with Mind fray, so it might be more worthwhile to try other things. Lone Wolf Clear a UFO crash site with one soldier on Classic or Impossible difficulty.

This way, it's going to be him against 4 Seconds and 1 Outsider, which should give you a pretty good chance of success. Take one gifted soldier with Mind Control (preferably a Heavy) and use this ability to create allies for yourself.

Mutton Elites make the best candidates for Mind Control because they are easy to overcome and can deal hideous damage to their comrades. I am extremely grateful to the team at Fir axis for making this wonderful reimagining of an absolute classic.

They have allowed me to experience the greatness of a franchise that I was way too young to appreciate when the original game came out. I've never properly played X-COM: UFO Defense and chances are that I never will, but thanks to COM: EnemyUnknown I now finally understand what made that game so special.

If you find something to like in this guide and if it was helpful to you, it would mean a lot to me if you took the time to drop a line in the comment section or leave a 'like' so that others might see and enjoy it.

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