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Danielle Fletcher
• Thursday, 10 December, 2020
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The various Weapons, Armor and Drone Modules will all comprise a particular build. Players can share their customized builds using the provided template.

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I found the optimization of The Surge fascinating and wanted to share my knowledge with others. I believe you will find the answer of your question if it's not already explain in the build presentation.

I encourage you to increase your Core Power if you can equip better version of the implants. They also serve for delimiting what implants can be obtained in the different areas of the game.

Fourth : Please take a look at the Core Power page to understand how to improve your build through leveling. Fifth : I intentional avoided to use paid DLC content for the builds that could be made without. The reason is that the most acquired Steam achievement related to the DLC A Walk in the Park, as been acquired by only 7,3% of the owners.

Sixth : If you possess the DLC “The Good, the Bad and the Augmented” you can replace the Sunglasses by the Shades of Black/Gold. Having a proper build in The Surge 2 makes all the difference between defeat and victory against enemies and bosses.

There are certain builds that work best against certain bosses and enemies and suit different play styles. This is The Surge 2 build is designed to stun enemies by repeatedly striking them and dealing NATO Damage at the same time.

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As for the Chrysalis Set, you can acquire is early in the game, and it adds substantial NATO Affliction damage. In other words, a Spear or a Staff will allow you to stun and deal NATO affliction multiple enemies at the same time.

As the name suggests, this Surge 2 build is designed to kill bosses but, it is also very effective against normal enemies if there is such a thing in the game. Aside from the damage, this build also provides significant armor so that you can survive longer against a boss.

The following are the armor sets, weapons, and implants required for this The Surge 2 build. That’s why you need the Liquidator Set as it will protect you against status effects and also reduces NATO Affliction damage.

Another recommendation for this build is The NATO Ward Set which reduces the cost of blocking. Faster weapons are quick when it comes to directional blocking, and they don’t even use much of your stamina.

Description: As for other implants, experiment which suits or complements your build best, you still have options to increase your damage and/or defensive capabilities. The attack speed boost from the Angel VI set paired with the boost from the 2 implants make Code name: Valkyrie dishes out a ton of damage in a very short time, and just to facilitate the aggressive, “headfirst into chaos” play style and give players some safety during combat, the Reinforce Converter helps you to keep your health at a safe level at all times, besides the already good defense of the Angel set.

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It is a core power-heavy setup, so don't expect to be able to pull it off under 64 CP, but the set should perform great in late-NG or subsequent NG+ cycles. Description: This build can only be accessed in late game or NG+ due to the required armor and weapons.

By using the Muscular-Enhancement injection, you also give yourself additional electric damage from all your attacks, helping you in situations where there are multiple enemies you may need to stun. In these scenarios, all you need to do is swap to a fire based weapon and the GAIA laser drone, both of which should still benefit from the armor and implants in this build.

Description: The purpose of this build is to maximize drone damage output by giving as much support as possible to the VULC-88 Panther Rotary Gun. The other half of your armor should be the WRAITH set, as it increases your OFNI cell capacity (more ammo = more damage over time).

Your booster implants are all about making the most of your drone, especially in close quarters, allowing you to completely remove armor or limbs by itself with minimal effort. So long as your drone is close to its target, it will continue to rain down a torrent of damage that few enemies have a means of escaping.

It has a TON plugs, cable and Ethernet protector. It seems Heavy duty and is handling my entire Home Theater Entertainment power needs; TV, Audio Receiver, Cable Box, LED TV backlights, Xbox, router and some other things I'm forgetting.

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I would recommend this to a friend Report This is not a traditional “leveling build ”, but rather a framework that shows you some of the most commonly used setups for each role.

This enables you to pick and choose from a list and mix and match how you like, thus preventing you from feeling like you have a static leveling progression! Templar’s make a great first character for new players due to the fact that they have a dedicated healing line, and new players can utilize that out in their adventures helping them stay alive through tough quests.

Just keep in mind you’ll have some drawbacks associated with it such as higher skill costs, weakness to fire and less health regeneration. Another cool trick is if you have abilities on a skill bar you want to level up, you can switch to that bar when handing in a quest or completing a dungeon to give them and their skill lines a surge of experience.

Purifying light is a good ability to use when you’re going to deal big damage to your enemy! Note: The gear weight spread is a recommendation, not a strict rule for leveling.

If you get better pieces as you level, feel free to replace them (just try to have more of the main gear weigh than the others)! Werewolf: Worth choosing if you’re going to be making a PVP focused werewolf build, or if your PVP build only needs 1 ultimate (you can then backbar the ult for the extra stamina recovery).

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Vampires: Doesn't give that much benefit for stamina DPS outside niche situations. Another cool trick is if you have abilities on a skill bar you want to level up, you can switch to that bar when handing in a quest or completing a dungeon to give them and their skill lines a surge of experience.

Food: Not mandatory, but if you can find some, try to get stuff that increases either your attributes or give you recovery Another cool trick is if you have abilities on a skill bar you want to level up, you can switch to that bar when handing in a quest or completing a dungeon to give them and their skill lines a surge of experience.

Cedric Spear Dawns Wrath Restoring Light Racial Heavy Armor 1h/Shield Optional: Destruction Staff Tanks don't have set rotations like DPS, use things in your kit as you need them.

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