Best Surge Protector Canada

Danielle Fletcher
• Saturday, 16 January, 2021
• 11 min read

A surge protector is designed to sacrifice itself in order to protect your expensive electronics. When a power surge and spike in voltage comes down the line, the best surge protectors will sense it immediately.

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They stop the voltage spike from damaging power supplies or completely frying your electronic item’s circuit board beyond repair. The best surge protectors will also include some sort of insurance, so that in the rare case that they fail, there is replacement money to help you get back up and running (although it’s likely a long and difficult process).

Like a bike helmet, put it on before you crash to save you the hassle and cost of buying new equipment, and the possibility of irreplaceable loss of data. And, if you encountered a major surge or lightning strike, chances are high that your surge protector would do nothing to save your expensive and delicate electronics.

Frankly, we didn’t care if the device looked ugly (sorry Welkin!) APC provides all the protection you'll need, and backs it up with a $300,000 connected equipment warranty making this our choice for the bestsurgeprotector.

Auto-shutoff only works on complete protection failure, but it features prominent LEDs indicating a wiring problem With an indestructible metal housing, this Trip Lite Isobar is the bestsurgeprotector option for professional protection.

With 12 outlets and an 8-foot power chord this surge protector is ready to handle everything you need protected. This Pivotal Welkin surge protector is one of the best surge protectors by providing clamping voltage spikes at 330 V, and giving over 4000 joules of power absorption.

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All of this from a reliable company with a good history of customer satisfaction, and for a reasonable price. This surge protector design is a little dated, however, because it has phone line and cable protection, but doesn't provide and USB power outlets.

Although the price is great, the AmazonBasics surge protector didn't make it into our top picks because it doesn't shut the power off if the protection feature is no longer working. It does have a decent joule rating and has great reviews, so we did add it here as a budget pick.

If you need surge protection for mid-range devices (something like a gaming console that doesn't have sensitive data), then this would provide it. However, I wouldn't trust this on high-end home audio/video equipment, or office computers with important or sensitive data.

Tech Hive ranked it as the #1 on their list claiming it was the 'Ultimate Smart SurgeProtector in their product review. They like the smart features of this surge protector, but don't talk about the quality of surge protection it provides.

The Joule rating of a surge protector is the ability for the device to absorb and dissipate the energy surge. A unit with a 1000 joule rating is considered average, while a rating over 1000 joules is good surge protection for devices like office equipment or power tools or any of the best laptops in Canada.

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