Best Surge Protector For Home Theater

Earl Hamilton
• Thursday, 17 December, 2020
• 8 min read

A good surge protector is an item many people overlook, yet a small investment can save you thousands of dollars. Modern electronics are sensitive, and power fluctuations can destroy vital circuits in a fraction of a second.

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If you're ready to buy a surge protector, our top five cover a wide variety of needs and offer excellent performance and value. If you need more information, the following surge protector shopping guide covers the subject in detail.

In theory, the electrical supply to your house should be nice and smooth. Most of the time its small imbalances at the power generating company or in your home that upset things.

Even quite modest bursts of voltage can turn their internal circuitry into crispy fried junk. MOVE: This type of surge protector uses the same principle of diverting power when it reaches an unacceptable level, but it uses a sandwich of metal oxide between two semiconductor layers.

When high voltage hits, resistance drops dramatically, and current flows harmlessly away to earth. When the surge has passed, resistance goes up again, and power goes back down the live wire.

MOVE surge protectors are easier and less expensive to make, so this is the type commonly found for home use. Unlike the MOVE or GDP, the fuse can’t return to its previous state.

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Some surge protectors block the current if either of these things happens, meaning a plugged-in device will no longer work. Some stay “open,” allowing current to flow, so your devices still operate even though they are no longer protected.

In that case, it's important to buy a surge protector with an indicator light, so you can check that it's functioning properly or be alerted to the fact it needs replacement. Experts tell us the recommended minimum is 600 joules, but it's really a question of the more the merrier.

The surge protectors discussed here are small, convenient devices that you plug into a household socket. To cover your entire home, you might need two or three, depending on how your electronic equipment is distributed.

The units are much more expensive, and fitting them is a job for a properly qualified electrician. One is often fitted in conjunction with a lightning rod, and may be the optimum solution in areas prone to frequent storms.

If that sounds like where you live, consult a professional for proper advice. Considering the potential cost of having to replace your expensive electronic gadgets, a surge protector is a remarkably cheap investment, ranging in price from $10 to $200.

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Models with two or three outlets offering protection at 900 or 1,000 joules can be found for $10 or $15. The price goes up pretty much in line with the level of protection and the number of outlets you want.

Well-known brands command a small premium, but even the bestsurgeprotector we tested costs between $15 and $30. For safety’s sake, never “daisy chain” surge protectors or plug one into an extension cord, or vice versa.

The power company must do the testing, and many perform the service free of charge. They will compensate you in the event your equipment is damaged while properly attached to their device.

Whatever devices you're plugging in now, there's a good chance you'll add something later (or you forgot to include one, like your phone charger). Even external rods and cabling aren’t 100% guaranteed to prevent damage.

A small device like a surge protector doesn't stand a chance of containing or diverting all that power. While direct hits are relatively rare, even a close strike can be damaging.

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The safest course of action if you know a major storm is coming is to unplug your devices, so they don't provide a path to earth for the lightning to follow. A power strip simply gives you multiple outlets to plug into.

FOLLOW TECH NEWS FROM GEAR LIVE Defend your home theater equipment with this Insignia™ NS-HW502 6-outlet surge protector that features a 4' power cord to enable flexible placement options.

I wanted to protect my products such as my 50’ 4K Roku TV, PlayStation, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. I live in Florida and with it being the hurricane season I needed something to ensure me some safety.

If you ever needed a cheap but reliable surge protector you can find one here at Best buy! I would recommend this to a friend Report Brand response from InsigniaCustomerSupport Hi, Thank you for writing a review for our Surge Protector.

I have all of my chargers, cables, you name it connected to this surge box. I lost my power strip due to a work mix-up and needed something in stock before bedtime.

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I found a handful in my local store, but this one labeled by Insignia (I don't know who actually makes it) was what I picked for a variety of reasons, mostly the price but just under that was the color being Black to match the nightstand. The power strip offers plenty of plugs for what I need, it has a longer cord than my old one which is a huge help, and it was at a lower price than most of the others which is a key feature for me.

Only been using it for a little while now, but it looks and works well, like I said the cord is long enough to be able to maneuver the power strip wherever I need it, and because it's black like my night stand it matches and camouflages in with the surroundings. The power button light isn't excessively bright either (and its green, not sure if that is a make or break for anyone, but I'll leave that information here for whoever cares.... I don't) so it won't keep you up if you need to keep it near your side of the bed.

The cord is of an acceptable length, very hardy and doesn't kink. One of the main reasons I purchased this surge protector was for it's size dimensions.

I haven't had any issues with my electronics being plugged into this surge protector. It is so convenient, and I can put it underneath my dorm bed, so it is out of the way.

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