Best Surge Protector In Nigeria

Christina Perez
• Friday, 04 December, 2020
• 5 min read

The APC Surgeries® Performance series provides our highest level of surge protection for professional computers, high-end electronics, and other sensitive equipment. Typical applications for the Surge Arrest Performance series of power strips include high-end PCs, refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, and sound systems.

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Key features include USB outlets to charge your mobile devices and LED indicators for clear status identification. Typical applications for the Surge Arrest Essential series of power strips include entry level PCs, routers, modems, home network, cable boxes, and streaming media players.

Collated Volt shield stabilizers Switchers, protect your appliances against power surge fluctuations voltage damage with an inbuilt surge protector /suppressor. sold bycitiforce nig ltd overview description APC essential surge arrest 5 outlets with phone protection 230v lightning and power surges can permanently ruin your electronic equipment.

2 APC surge ares protector with 4port output for protection of your desktop, laptop or any device against fire sparkling 1 Ensure maximum protection of your electronic devices like laptops, printers, computers, phones, televisions and standing fans with the mercury 6240u surge protector.

The APC Surge Arrest/ SurgeProtector will give adequate protection to all your home and office appliances. It has been designed to give the best protection for your electronic devices likes phones, computers, laptops, printer...

Go to Shop Back to list The thermocouple 30a power surge protector for ACS up to 3hp Home Necessities is manufactured by Hear and was added around August 2019. The product is sold at 1 online shop in Nigeria in Lagos, Kano,Ibadan, Benin,Abuja.

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We always strive to achieve low prices and good quality, and promised insured and return service. Features The HDMI surge protector is used to protect the HDMI devices from Electrostatic discharge, Cable Discharge Events or Lightning.

It is active on all MDS channels and will act as a final defense for ESD and lightning surge. Protect HDMI Input and Output for ESD and lighting surge.

With compact portable design, and easy to use, support plug and play. Insert the male HDMI jack of the protector to the HDMI out of the Source(DVD,PS3.etc) 2.

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