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And although they are a bit expensive than the local surge protectors, they are worth relying on. Talking about the Indian market, there are numerous branded and local surge protectors that you can buy for yourself.

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The first in our list of the best surge protectors in India is the Tarsus Smart Surge APS12AP-50. Along with the four power outlets, the surge protector also has two USB 2.0 ports that make it a great buy for the entertainment lovers.

Brilliantly build product Good efficiency Ideal for the gaming centers and PCs In case you are looking for a portable, yet a highly efficient surge protector for your home, then this product from Honeywell would be a brilliant choice for you.

Efficient and has a master switch to control all devices at once Reliable enough to connect expensive electrical gadgets Anchor has been a renowned name in terms of electrical switches in India.

Another brilliant surge protector for the PC and gaming console owner is the Portions POR-671. With three high-quality sockets and 4 USB outlets, this is one of the most reliable surge protectors for the PC owners in the list.

5A sockets to make it easier to connect large appliances and gadgets like heavy-duty monitors and printers High-quality plastic body With brilliant build quality, practical design and great response time, this is one of the best surge protectors you can buy right now.

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There are no USB ports Not mentioned bright LED to know whether the surge protector is on Welkin surge protector has 13,000 Amps maximum spike current which prevents your device from large overvoltages, it is one of the best devices for your workshop, home office, entertainment center and everyday household electronics.

ELF SurgeProtector and Spike Guard has a maximum power capacity of 1000W, Voltage of 240 V and Current of 10 amperes. Master switch with auto cutoff feature which provides protection against overheating, short circuits, spikes, surges and overloading.

On/Off switch with light which controls the integrated circuit breaker for overload protection. The maximum surge protection capacity of the device is 700 joules and 20,000 amperes.

It is compatible with TVs, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and iPods. Good choice of surge protector for expensive electronic gadgets.

Syria 3 Way 2 Meters Extension Board SurgeProtector is compatible with a wide range of devices manufactured both in India and abroad due to universal sockets. As said, the Indian market is full of numerous types of surge protectors.

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So, here are a few points that can help you buy a good quality Surge protector for your home. These three things can help you buy the bestsurgeprotector for your electronic equipment.

However, if you are still confused about the product that you should buy for your home, then here are the Top Ten surge protectors available in the Indian market. Your socket need also depends on the number of components you need or decide to plug in the extension.

Joule rating is one of the most important factors to consider while buying a surge protector. Trusted brands like APC surgeprotectorIndia or ELF surge protector and spike guard tend to offer a high joule rating.

On the other hand, a spike guard protects the appliances in case there is a sudden surge. It is always advisable to have a surge protector, but a stabilizer is not of much use until you experience frequent power swing.

A power strip does not have a circuit breaker, and it can be an extension for wall outlets. On the other hand, a surge protector already has a circuit breaker, offering device protection.

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It is natural for a surge guard to deliver faulty performance over time with regular use. All of them work perfectly and provide the ultimate protection against the electrical surges.

So, if you are looking to add an extra layer of protection or just want to connect more than one device to a single outlet, the above surge protectors will be the best to rely on. At any given point of time in any Indian household, the typical voltage output from a power socket is around 250 Volts.

All major appliances such as the TV, Refrigerator or the air condition are plugged to this. Such outputs could cause severe and catastrophic damage to your devices plugged into these outlets.

Illiterate about the difference, you will end up buying a cheap power strip which, will not only not have a proper surge prevention circuitry, but its faulty wiring would ACTUALLY CAUSE a voltage spike or low. Our 3-day research has finally paid off and can be seen in the detailed buying guide that we have attached to this article.

Now let us move on and review the top and best surge protectors available in India. The first product in our list is from Welkin, a popular brand for electronic appliances, mobile, and computer accessories.

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It features first in the list because of its great performance and excellent features like 3 line protection that offers extra safety to your devices, and has a response time of less than a nanosecond, making it very reliable for the protection of electronic devices. It is simple, easy to carry and versatile to accommodate most of your devices and appliances.

This protector can be carried easily as it is lightweight and has good build quality. This is probably one of the best surge protectors you can get for your laptop, computer, refrigerator or even a microwave oven.

This is ideal for the people who use heavy electronic appliances on a daily basis. Additional benefits include damage coverage of 20,000 rupees, and also a lifetime warranty of up to 5 years that covers any kind of damage caused by a spike, surge or lightning strike.

The only drawback of this surge protector is that its cable length is only 1.5 meters which might be a bummer for some people. It features, super build quality, multiple sockets, LED indicator, Power switch, high-quality plastic, that makes it one of the best protector in India.

It comes second in the list because of its reliable performance and features like 6 international sockets, that are compatible with all kinds of plugs, and a master switch which works as ON/OFF button. Six sockets can be used to connect six different devices at the same time, which is very useful for the people who use a lot of electronic types of equipment.

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It adds beauty to your house due to its glowing LED edge lights, that indicates when the device is switched on. This protector has 6500A spike current along with lightening absorption, that provides long-lasting surge protection.

We can connect different plugs to the protector with ease, as there is ample space between the sockets. The only downside of this product is that the edge light is too bright which makes it difficult to sleep during a night when the device is turned on.

It features 4 universal sockets which are compatible with all types of plugs and different appliances. It comes with a master switch that can be used to on/off the protector It also has LED light which indicates whether there is any power supply and to know the life of the product.

This one also is equipped with thermal overload trip unlike others, to power off the system, thereby saving all the connected devices in the event of a severe current usage. If you are looking for a protector that offers good performance and is enabled with top protection features, then you should check this out.

If there is an overload, the protector will trip to switch off position, and you can return to safe function mode just by pressing the red button. A 6 socket surge protector from Bull, the S3060 comes with individual switches and has silver contact for all its buttons.

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The company claims that there is no other brand that gives a silver button contact. Silver coated contact helps better transfer and propagation of electricity and most importantly, promises longer life.

Coming to the technical specifications, it consumes about 2500 watts of power and has no internal wiring. All of its internals are made out of brass to make sure that there is no short circuit shenanigans.

Hard to press switches Certain C type chargers may find the socket not so easy to fit in The next product in our list comes from a brand called Honeywell that is known to provide some quality home appliances.

This protector has a maximum spike current of 6500 amps and features a210 joule energy rating, which is good enough for use with normal capacity electronic components. The power cord length is two meters which makes it very convenient to use for most of the people.

The on/off button present on the device makes it simple to turn off the protector when not in use. It is worth noting that it provides warranty coverage of 15,000 rs in case of damages.

The only problem with this device is that it is a bit expensive when compared with other similar models. If you are looking for convenience for a spike with individual switches and great length, then Bell SG505X 5 is the best guard extension board for you.

The 5-way socket generates the power of 2500W that will be applicable for running PCs, or TV, Refrigerator or micro oven all together. The Best Quality Copper Wires with the flame-retardant protection reduces the flame intensity in case of fire mishaps.

The ¾ Way socket provides overload protection, which will automatically cut off the power. The cord length is 3 meters, which will help you to cover isolated without socket corner of your room that has the most electrical appliances.

This is so because, even though with surge protection circuitry inside it, it is more of an economic power strip extension board. First up, let us tell you that for a 4 socket extension board, it is reasonably and economically priced and moreover, has a durable body made out of plastic.

This means that once you have plugged in to them, you need not worry of them falling off of the sockets. Having said all of that, we feel that it is a responsibility on our part to mention that the fuse of this product is not of the highest quality.

No warranty Small 1.5 meter chord length Frequent fuse issues The USB ports are present to one side of the device whereas the 4 sockets are normally placed like any other surge protector or power strip.

Power strips and surge protectors look similar, but the former is just a multi-outlet device that works as an expansion of a wall outlet. They do contain a circuit breaker, but most power strips don’t offer any protection to your devices.

But each time a surge protector is hit by a voltage surge, its effectiveness is reduced. Whenever they are hit with any voltage surge, their net effectiveness reduces and falls down.

Power strip surge protectors: These are small miniature versions. You will understand more of this in detail once you’ve understood how surge protectors actually work.

It is advisable to go for the protectors that have high absorption rating, since they measure the amount of energy, a device can absorb. It is defined as the time taken by the surge protector to restart in case there is a power surge.

It is best to go for the protector that comes with inbuilt LED light, they indicate the power supply and also the protection status of the devices. Omitting all the science mumbo jumbo, I’m going to explain the operation in as simple way as possible.

Any rapid increase or slowing down of electricity will lead to failure. Controlling or detecting these surges is not easy as they happen from milliseconds to just 1 second time.

Now there is no literal ground present in socket based surge protectors. Instead, there is a heavy copper winding called a “FUSE” present within the circuitry.

Typical surge protectors can handle unto 1000 joules of energy in a single go. If you use heavy machinery and for heavier work places, it is advised that you go for bigger joule number surge protectors.

A power strip is a device that can be used as an extension of wall outlets but doesn’t feature circuit breakers that offers protection, whereas surge protectors come with a circuit breaker that offers protection to your devices. Yes, it is advisable to go for the protector that comes with LED lights, that indicates the power supply.

6. Can I use high power appliances like an iron box and water heater with protectors? Power strip surge protectors need no specific cleaning.

You just need to unplug the device and then dust it out using a dry cotton cloth (do not use silk as it will create static electricity) This could give you extra room for more sockets to be placed and more devices to be connected.

Voltage fluctuations are unpredictable phenomena and at nights, always unplug all devices from the surge protector and the power strip itself from the main socket. This is in accordance to save the devices from any unpredictable current spikes.

Usually found in circuits by the bathroom or kitchen appliances, it protects and covers for any surges that happen. But make sure that the current flows in accordance and does not cause any tripping of power and prove to be counterproductive. The difference between a FCI device and a FCI outlet is that a device helps control the outflow whereas the FCI outlet prevents any surge in current by not letting it pass through it.

Even extension cords with surge protectors need to be handled with care, and they will provide you with a safe electrical user experience. Apart from the fact that they have shorter cord length, Welkin Essential Multi-Socket Surge Protectors are perfect with their lifetime warranty, capability to withstand eve 13000 amperes of current, 3 line protection and a super build quality.

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